December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

Would be taking a small break for the extended weekend.

Wishing u all a Rocking 2007!!!

Letz usher in the New Year with an euphoric smile...;-))))

December 26, 2006

Gilli Galatta

Gilli has the spark that ignites the tamizh kurum nal blog-ulaghu. Hats off to u guys for introducing the much needed new blood. I particularly like the fact that there is definitely something for everyone who comes calling. And congrats ;-) for having completed one year.. and let me wish u many more anniversaries.

OK..Let me compile a list of my Fav @ Gilli.

My passion for history found the right inputs here.

A good writeup on Kazhugu Malai and its treasures

Chennapattanam Paarungho

the much talked about video essay on the history of tamil– ur

History as twisted by the religion

In an election year, current affairs had some good jottings

The hero of the election – Vijayakanth

Not many were aware of the other side of the tamil literary world – much publicity was given to the most discussed sandakozhi Vs. Kutty Revathy infighting.

Today’s velachery in a hilarious post (But very true!)

House Rental in chennai

Jesus Calls - An Insider's view point

Bigger thoughts of big men were assimilated here

Periyar and Feminism

Bloggers tribute to the one and only Kalaivanar NSK

Gilli provided a resounding platform to raise social issues

An eye opener blog - Letter to the Chief Minister for affordable Sanitary napkins

Blank Noise Project - Tackling Eve Teasing

Would luv to add more..sometime later though..

December 21, 2006

Sanjay Subramaniam - Live concert

Had the pleasure of listening to the vocal treat of Sanjay Subramaniam at German Hall, yesterday.

It was an enthralling experience of over 2 hours. Even for a carnatic illiterate like me, the show was stupendous. The icing on the cake was the last song - "Orumayudan ninathu thirmalaradi ninaikindra uthamar tham uravu vendum" (Vallalar?). I thoroughly enjoyed the song.

Hmm..Should go to more such kutcheries

December 18, 2006

Kaakum Karangal

Had been to Kaakum Karangal (means Hands that Protect) on Saturday. It was a very humbling experience for me.

We had sponsored dinner to the orphaned old aged inmates (40 + in count) . They were in a very pitiable condition and their existence was merely for the purpose for existence only, with nothing in life to look forward to.

But somehow I felt, the caretaker wasn’t all that caring. Right in front me, she was shockingly rude to certain people…wonder, how it will be if they were alone?

Also, I think, sponsoring food is not a good option. I saw people taking just one Idly for their dinner. May be, sponsoring something like blankets, pillows or things they could use would make more sense.

OK..We have to appreciate the work done by these NGOs.. imagine if even they weren't there.

A visit to such a place would definitely make you think twice before grumbling about your dosa not being as crisp as it should have been.

December 16, 2006

"Take a girl child to work today"

In SouthAfrica, there is yet another silent revolution going on. Its the
"Take a girl child to work today" campaign.

Cell C is the driving force behind the campaign. It is an initiative to "deepen the thinking of the girl child with regard to their infinite roles in society, enhance her self-esteem, inspire and motivate her to reach her full potential and through exposure to diverse careers and positive role models assist her to prepare for the world of work".

The initiative was a joint effort between Government, the Department of Education, business and the public.

I was amazed to know that, Take a Girl Child to Work Day tm has become South Africa,s "largest collaborative act of volunteerism" (The Encylopedia of Brands and Branding in South Africa in association with Sunday Times)

The project was actually started by the Ms. Foundation in the United States where it launched Take our Daughters to work Day R in 1993

The initiative is aimed at girls in Grade 8-12 at a time when they are making career and education choices. The idea is for the child to shadow the host all day. Watching how people solve problems and cope with crises in the workplace is also an important part of the learning experience.

Why girls and not boys? and some more questions from the FAQ Section

December 12, 2006

Parson Valley, Ooty

You have to be really adventurous to plan a team trip to Ooty in the month of December.

Last weekend, we had been to Parson Valley , a good 1-1/2 hrs from Ooty. I would recommend it to people who prefer isolation. I just saw 5-6 people (apart from our crowd) in all of two days.

Life was definitely different - no Cell Phones (signal not available), no TV, no Internet, husband also (oops.. summa oru flow-le vandhuduchu;-))

We reached the resort cum farmhouse on friday afternoon. Evening we went to the all famous - Roja climax bridge & Porti mund dam

Saturday, we were trekking over the meadows n hills. You outrightly feel small when compared to the over-powering Nature around. Felt good that not many people are aware of this place..u can save it for some for time.

Sunday, we were back to ooty, did the customary boating, shopping and soon we were hurtling towards coimbatore.

I'm in no mood to worry abt the mild frost bite on my nose..the experience was worth it.

Some pictures for your eyes only:

December 07, 2006

Ash n Salman

Thought..I should restrict my filmy blogs..but this one is too juicy to let pass..

Aishwarya who had made conscious attempts to miss the parties / functions that Salman Khan attended was seen at the premiere of Amitabh, Salman, John Abraham, Rani starrer - Baabul.
...of course Abhishek was there too ;-))

The media is having a field day!! Rediff has some photos

Whatever..I liked their chemistry in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!

December 04, 2006

Deepam Shots

Taken Yesterday!


Wow! I'm still reeling under the DHOOM Attack..or precisely Hrithik Roshan Hangover ;-)

What a picture that was..!!!!!

I wanted to write a lot abt the movie but there was one blog that summed up my feelings.
Read Is Hrithik Bollywood's future? from spotboy blog .

You do realise they could have made Dhoom:2 for much less money, right? They coulda left out Abhishek, Uday and (while the Baywatch scene is priceless)Bipasha, skimped on hiring a director or a scriptwriter, and even used the same music as last time.

All that all-gloss film really needed were the clothes,and a good cinematographer focussing only exclusively intently on Hrithik Roshan.

Whoa. Talk about a scorching screen presence. Hrithik, in something more music video than film, is a sight to fiercely compelling it's hard to take eyes off him. Perfectly straight men are mesmerised by his effortless style, while women drool on at his perfectly sculpted abs. Superhero,indeed.

I just wanted to add, Aishwarya has proved yet again that she is all plastic. People around have worked so hard to make her look hot (the tanned look, the skimpy clothes)..OK..she looks like a million bucks but there is just no attitude around to match the looks..She looks so damn uncomfortable and carries herself in an awkard manner. Bipasa effortlessly scores over Ash.

Would luv to see the movie again for Hrithik!

December 01, 2006

Pay Packet

Some amazing numbers..

Earnings of top 10 Women in Entertainment Power 100 to be published by The Hollywood Reporter.

1.) Nicole Kidman - $17 million per movie. And is all of 39 years.

2.) Reese Witherspoon, 3.) Renee Zellweger, 4.) Drew Barrymore 5.) Cameron Diaz - All get $15 million per movie.

6) Halle Berry - $14 million

7) Charlize Theron - $10 million

8) Angelina Jolie - $10 million

9)Kirsten Dunst - $8 million to $10 million

10) Jennifer Aniston - $8 million

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! (that is all we can do!!)

November 30, 2006

Benjarong - Yummy Place

The entire crazy bunch of my team trooped into Benjarong to celebrate our success.

Benjarong is an authentic Thai specialty restaurant on TTK road, Alwarpet.

Man..what an evening it turned out to be!

All of us were in a mood to ransack the restaurant. And the restaurant rose to the occasion superbly.

Thai welcome pan was a great starter. You have to stuff - onion, coconut, ginger, lime, peanuts, red chillies, palm sugar sauce in a spinach kind of leaf..roll it ..then chew it..Heavenly. It is called mei kam (or something like that ;-)

The soups were amazing, we ordered clear thai vegetable soup (Tom Yam Phak) and coconut milk mushroom soup (something on the lines of Tom Khau..). Both were equally good.

The starters were interesting, we got babycorn wrapped in rice tartlets ..the rice tarlets looked like the distant cousin of our vadavams. We ordered some Broccoli stuff and spring rolls. We had a glass noodle & veg salad too..[we ordered another helping of this babycorn starter..much to the chagrin of our PM!]

The main course consisted of noodles (a tad spicy), steamed rice with a green vegetable gravy, Fried rice with broccoli, potato gravy. Everything was pleasing except for the green vegetable gravy, which was too sweet for rice.

[I leave behind my attempt to memorize the nomenclature of the dishes]

The non-veg gang had a field day by terrorizing the bearers with their never-ending orders. But to their credit, the service was very friendly.

The ambience had a very up market feel and the music was at a pleasant level.

Oops ..I forgot to mention that it is very very expensive out there...(U tend to forget that fact, if someone else is giving the treat;-)

On the whole, if you are not bothered abt your purse and want a good gourmet experience, head to Benjarong.

November 29, 2006

Shibu Soren's Shameful Saga

Shibu Soren does the classic convicted politician act! (May be I should remove the exclamation mark)

He complained of chest pain after his arrest and is now cooling his heels in AIIMS hospital.

Shibu would be entering the Hall of Fame with his distinction of being the first union minister to be convicted of murder.

Hmm..there is some justice in our judicial system..Shibu Shoren was found guilty of murder of his former secretary Shashi Nath Jha 12 years ago.

Actually, Shibu Shoren was in the eye of the storm for another case. He was asked to resign from his post two years ago, after an arrest warrant was issued in his name in a 30 year old case of killing 11 people. There was much drama after that..He went underground...sent the resignation letter from his hideout ... and finally a high profile surrender..

But, he was reinducted into the cabinet soon (this marred the image of ManMohan Singh in a big way).

Heights was when Jharkand governer called him to form the government in Jharkand (he is the chief of JMM - Jharkand Mukthi Morcha) and was appointed Chief Minister last year. But he couldnt win the vote of confidence..he resigned.

I will not be surprised if this case goes to supreme court and he is able to go scot free (may be Ram Jethmalani will take his case on National Interest )

Last heard, BJP is creating a ruckus in parliament abt this issue..somebody please remind them that years back it was with the help of this very same BJP, Shibu Soren became a RajyaSabha MP.

I would say Shibu Shoren is just plain unlucky to have got the verdict against him..there are scores of lucky asses who are yet to be named in the FIRs, yet to be chargesheeted, yet to have the cases called in the courts, yet to have the arguments completed, yet to have the verdicts given.

No wonder the erstwhile dacoits find politics to be a good career jump option.

November 27, 2006

Wal-Mart & Bharati Partnership

If everything goes as per the plan, then we are going to see Wal-Mart opening its doors in India.

In the Big Indian Retail war, Sunil Mittal seems to have quipped Reliance.

Economic Times reports that the Bharti-Wal-Mart alliance in the retail sector is all set to be signed and delivered in the next few days, an announcement is expected in the next 48 hrs. As per our law, Wal-Mart cannot do direct business . we have not opened up our front end business but we allow FDI by all other means - Money,logistics, etc.,..some smart law :-(

A good article on the Mittal Vs Ambani tussle.

Already, Bharati has got a bumper opening in today's trade - 2.5% surge

November 22, 2006

Sivappadhikaram - Paruthiveeran

These are the two most awaited films in tamil filmdom (next only to Rajini's Sivaji & Kamal's Dasavatharam).

Sivappadhikaram has Vishal donning the hero mantle and Karu Pazhaniappan (had a dashing debut with parthiban kanavu) at the helm of the affairs. Vidyasaagar is the music director for this film.

Paruthiveeran has Karthik (Surya's younger brother) as hero and Ameer (mounam pasiyadhe & Ram) as director. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director.

Well.. I wanted to blog abt the music of these two films..after a long time, we have folk based albums. Both the albums do full justice to Naatupura paadalgal, as they are popularly known. We actually have native - professional singers doing their job in few songs.

The songs are an absolute riot.

There is a good melody in sivappadhikaram..
"Atrai thingal vaanidam
Alli chendo neeridam
suttrum thendral poovidam
sokkum raagam yaazhidam

kaanukindra kaadhal unnidam
naan thedukindra yaavum unnidam"

Excellently rendered by Sujatha & Madhu Balakrishnan. I'm not sure of the lyricst (Paa.Vijay or Yuga Bharathi)

U can safely add these albums to your collection.

IT, Bachelor, House for rent

A very hilarious take on the rental situation in Chennai..head to Vicky's Dhandora - Bachelor's ku mattum [Tamil]

A gem of a statement at the end of the blog.

can be roughly translated as

"If your Father is not having a house in chennai..its your fate
If your Father-in-law is not having a house..then it is your foolishness"

HatTip - Gilli

Update: not able to view the tamil font, so I have attached the Thathuvam as image ;-)

November 21, 2006

Ian Thorpe Retires

Ian Thorpe, one of the greatest swimmers of all time has announced his retirement..I thought it was rather soon, he is just 24.

More on Ian Thorpe - Herez the wiki

Times of India has a very good writeup on Ian.

November 18, 2006

30 crore insurance

Sabarimala moves ahead!

Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) has insured the Sabarimala Ayyappa shrine for Rs 30 crore, and also introduced a free-of-cost accident insurance project for pilgrims visting the temple.

The scheme was launched as a tie-up up with United India Insurance Company.

Well..that is quite an amount!!

November 10, 2006

Steve Ballmer launches revamped website

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of the all Powerful Microsoft launched the revamped website of a great concern.

Take a guess...
some really splendid MS stuff, techno stuff or charity, US Stuff..

Well, it is none other than our own Bollywood Scion Yash Raj Films website :

IndiaFM reports it.

You should have the right connections .. man.

November 08, 2006

Treat Time

I wanted to yell "I'm the happiest woman in the world"...

Wait..Wait..Dont get carried away..
I just lost 10 kgs of weight in 7 months... Nothing could beat the tingling sensation I got when I saw the scales. Thanks to strict diet, glucose regulators and not so strict exercise ..I pulled it off..Life is much more easier now a days..

Now..this amazing feat called for a hubby took me to Fruit Shop on Greams Road and Subway...Cool places...

I sipped Pomegranate Milk Shake with a vengeance. We have actually taken a liking for FSoGR ...very very good outlet for fresh fruit juices. Would definitely recommend it.

Subway at Beasant Nagar was not that impressive. To start with, it had Prime Rooster (a specialty non veg res) for company..I was a bit irritated to have chickens hanging all over the place ..Subway is well known for its sandwiches. 6 inches Sub - was nice, but Veggie Delite salad was a downer (there was nothing in it for the 80 bucks they charged..Grr..Any day Naamdaari salads, bangalore and pizza hut garden fresh salads win hands down).

Anyways should lose another three kgs to attain that perfect BMI.

November 07, 2006

NewYork Times - Free Access Week

Thanks to Perception Gops, I landed on this goldmine.

From Nov 6-12, NY times is offering free access to selected articles.

Take a look at the Archive sample dating back to ..hold your breath ... 1851

My Fav: [PDF links]

November 02, 2006

ZOHO - what was behind that?

Kiruba Shankar interviews Dr.Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of AdventNet and the spirit behind ZOHO - Web 2.0 Online Office. The Podcost can be accessed here. Proud to have a chennai based company take on the world.

Kiruba Shankar has definitely got his intro right and the interview too.
It's not easy taking on the mighty Google. So, when you come across a man who has the guts to do that, you can't help but admire the man's spirit.

Mutual Funds - Sell / Hold

When the market is at its bullish best, there is a timely article in Economic Times on How to make the most of your MF portfolio.

The below statement hit the nail on the head...made me really ponder

"Most people have a strategy for investing . But they don't have a strategy for selling," says Hemant Rustagi, CEO, Wiseinvest Advisors.

November 01, 2006

Andhra Police - way to go

Not everyday, you get to see the human face of Indian police.

Andhra Pradesh police department magnanimously consented to have eight-year-old Mahak Kothari who has been battling a life-threatening illness over a couple of years, act as a police officer for few hours. It was a dream-come-true for the kid. More info in Hindu

Hats off to those police officers!

October 30, 2006

Parineeta - A classic

Watched Parineeta over the weekend. A very sweet yet powerful movie.

The movie is the adaptation of Saratchandra Chatterjee's Bengali novel - Parineeta (means Married Women). is the same guy who wrote Devadas. The director is Pradeep Sarkar, he has done a good job of adapting the novel on celluloid.

It is a period movie set in the Calcutta of 60s . That itself lends an old world charm to the movie. The story goes like this: Sekar & Lolita are childhood friends, Sekar being the 'rich' boy and Lolita - the orphaned girl-living in uncle's house. There is an unconditional strong emotional bond between the two. Problem sets in the form of Heritage Hotel. Lolita's house has been pledged to Sekar's father, Navin Rai (an unscrupulous - business man). Navin Rai, dreams of building Heritage Hotel knowing very well that the house cannot be redeemed. But the twist comes in the form of Girish, a suave n gentle London steel tycoon (in those days..itself). He falls for Lolita & gradually becomes close to her family. He gives the required money to redeem the house. And this makes Navin Rai very angry. The son is also very angry..for he thinks, Lolita has taken a liking to Girish. Jealousy rears its ugly head. Soon things are sorted out with a spur-of-the-moment marriage between Sekar & Lolita. Due to quirk turn of events, relationship sours between Lolita's family n Sekar's. Lolita's uncle gets a heart attack, and the ever helping Girish steps in and takes them to London. Navin Rai poison's his son's mind and makes him believe that Lolita had married Girish and in a moment of fury, Sekar agrees to his marriage with the girl, his father had chosen. But, on the day of marriage he gets to know the truth (Girish had actually married Lolita's sis) and everything is subham.

Vidya Balan lives as Lolita - the Parineeta. Did somebody say that she was making her debut. It didnt look so. What a powerhouse of a performance! Everything looks so good on her - anger, sadness, love, passion, indignation, happiness... She definitely has a longggg innings in the film world. Watch her eyes when she taunts Saif 'Shaadi shudha hoon..Isliye tho Yisi'

Saif performance was so realistic that u felt like pulling his collar and say Lolita really loves you and not Girish. A very difficult role to essay for a mainstream actor who until recently was not a great actor to be looked upon. He handles the grey shades with aplomb- brings out his insecurity with a rage never seen before. The sizzling chemistry between Vidya and Saif is a treat to watch.

Sanjay Dutt gives a mature performance as Girish. You have to give it to him for carrying of his role with such dignity.

The film's only eyesore was the climax. such a beautiful poetry should have had a subtle and poignant ending. On the contrary, Saif becomes the typical bollywood hero of the 80s and 90s - he literally breaks the wall between the two houses (with thod do..sekar..thod do chants from his friends n mother) and claims his wife. The wife simply hugs him choosing to forget all the insults that were heaped on her. Damn it.

I am going to watch Parineeta again.. just to see Vidhya & Saif Ali Khan enjoying themselves with Piyu bole piya bole ..jaanu na.....Jiya dole hole hole ..kyon yeh dole jaanu na ;-))

October 27, 2006

Chennai - Marooned

Rains have come back with a vengeance...and it is definitely creating havoc. There was some respite yesterday but 'today' seems like a replay of the day before yesterday :-(

What a day that was.... I cheered the rains initially..
everything seems so nice when u r sitting in the cool comfort of ur office & working along with the music of the rains falling on the rooftop. But reality struck, when I had to get back home. Decided to take the office cab at 9.00 p.m (very smart of me to skip the peak hours ..atleast that is what I thought so ..sob..sob)..the cabbie came in at 10.00 p.m (thankfully..had a book to browse thro..didnt mind waiting).

And then The Journey started.

The scene outside was straight out of a hollywood disaster epic...water ..water everywhere...and ofcourse serpentine queues of vehicles. The usual 20 min travel from velachery to kotturpuram took a cool 1 - 1/2 hrs. Mind was not peak hour traffic, but at 10 p.m in the night. I thought, I was better off..there were scores of people on two wheelers, who had to keep their cool and wade thro knee deep water, pouring chill rain and horrible traffic.

Bless these guys who sit at the FM stations ..n.. keep churning out soft melodies to smoothen the frayed nerves. 'Illan kaathu veezuthu', 'ooru sanam' kept me going ..rather sitting.. at the halda junction for over 30 min.

Dunno..whatz in store for today.

October 19, 2006

Happy Hols

After a long time, we have a five day - holiday. Planning to have a blast.
OK. Guys..Chill out..Have fun..Play safe ;-)

Let me leave you with a link to the classics in English Literature - Good One..

October 17, 2006

DesiPundit - Curtains Down?

The folks at DesiPundit have decided to shut down their shop. It is a rather a sudden and sad move...Whatever..DesiPundit will definitely be missed.

October 12, 2006

kannadasan - movie songs lyrics

There is an ongoing discussion in my office blogs abt kannadasan. Came across this site from there

Selected Kannadasan Lyrics

U just have to sit back and njoy the lyrics! And say a silent thanks to the good souls who have compiled the list and made it available to us.

October 05, 2006

Bad Choice

If you are wedded into a god-fearing-family, you need to take occasional pilgrimages to seek the blessings of the almighty. Hence..I had been on a rather long trip to two places in Karnataka - Narasimharajapur (N R Pura), Chickmagalur District; Humbuja - Shimoga District.

Now coming to the point..Humbuja (Humcha) is famous for Padmavathy Amman Jain temple. After a thrilling journey via forests, we were welcomed by a shrill voice - blaring prayers via the big speakers (I think, people know that gods are faraway and more the speakers you have, the more easier it is to connect with it/him/she ;-)

The temple presented a picture of utter negligence inspite of being able to pull good crowd. It was actually not a temple in the real looked like a big old fashioned bangalow. Even that was not maintained properly. After the customary pooja, we decided to venture out to the 1300 yr old pond/lake nearby. On the way, there was this splendid temple left to the ruins. It seems the original temple has been built centuries ago, later there is an addition of the roof structure. Lot of strikingly beautiful statues were lying around with no one to care for. It seems the temple is under the perview of ASI. I could not gather any information abt the history of the temple (some info was given in Kannada .though)The net says ..built between 8th - 11th century in the Chalukyan style.

But what a bad choice these devotees had made, they leave a beautiful temple to rot away and instead build a house-like temple and continue their worship.

Inspite of being a self-confessed atheist, I felt sorry for god!

Makkal TV

Happened to catch glimpses of Makkal TV in the mornings. They seem to have good content for a startup. Daring to do away with filmi stuff, they present prog. on tamilnadu & tamil culture. I have watched 'Sandror Veedhi' (Intellectuals Road)..on the lines of 'Walk the talk'. The anchor is doing a decent job of asking probing questions and making it easier for the audience to 'walk' along. Then comes writer Prabanjan's show where he introduces latest books in tamil literature. Today, there was an interesting discussion between Prabanjan & Munaivar Nirmala on the 'Thali' sentiment. Prabanjan says, the tamil custom of marriage originally did not involve the 'Thali'. He cites 'Aandal Paasuram' for proof, here u have Aandal vividly describing her dream marriage with god. No where 'Thali' comes in..This custom should have cropped up during chola's period seems. And interestingly, in those days, the bridegroom had to wear a ring as an identity of marriage..but that custom seems to have waned away with time (Prabanjan chips in .."for the convenience of men")

Whatever..kalaiyil Nalla Thamizh Kaekka Nalla Iruukku ;-)
p.s: I'm yet to watch the political progs..for record, Makkal TV was started by the PMK.

September 26, 2006

Cool Coorg

Had been to Coorg for a weekend getaway. Have a look at the pieces of Coorg that I have tried to smuggle in.

September 19, 2006

Nike shoes from Cheyyar, Tamilnadu

TN seems to be going places in attracting Foreign Business. The latest being, Growth Link, a subsidiary of Feng-Tay, the Taiwanese Nike shoe manufacturing major. Growth Link has proposed to set up a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Cheyyar in Tiruvannamalai district and also a shoe manufacturing unit in it at an investment of Rs 300 crore.

The SEZ would be coming up in an area of 275 acres and initially provide employment to 5,000 persons. It would increase to about 15,000 in due course.

I personally like the idea of growth / development away from chennai (chennai is already choking!) and Cheyyar is a small to my 'Pugundha ooru' - vandavasi.

September 18, 2006

Brand Recall

Branding was one of the important domains that should have been discussed in detail, in my mgmt school, but alas..just like the others, we preferred to sleep over it. [actually, we woke up to see our prof fainting in one of the lectures]

But there is simply no excuse for a badly executed image makeover - brand rebuilding.

Naidu Hall,to its credit had an excellent image makeover from a lingerie store to one of Chennai's premium women & children textile chains. Now, they are pushing it too far by changing its brand name to Naihaa. It sounds really dumbo to me (Nai means dog in tamil) and it is not easy on a tamil tongue. Letz wait n see.

But, if I were to confer the worst Brand Name change, Indian (from Indian Airlines) would take the cake ..the oven and the entire kitchen too.. Imagine "Please be informed Indian is delayed by 2 hours".."Indian for the weekend is sold out".."Tourists angry with Indian"

September 13, 2006

Maria Sharapova - Very Rich?

Hmm..Finally some gender justice!

The 2006 US Open women's singles winner Maria Sharapova has won seven grand slam titles less than Roger Federer but she has made more money than him this year

Some dizzy stats here

And I shall blog abt Roger Federer if he misses a Grand Slam. Period.

September 11, 2006

September 09, 2006

BlogCamp - Chennai

Catch all the action at BlogCamp, going on in Tidel Park, Chennai. Zoho is one of the official sponsors of the unconference on blogging in India. I'm keeping track of the events thro Arvind's Maximum Blogging

September 07, 2006

Music Plagiarism

Was seeing Dance with Me movie last week (What a mind blowing dance movie..wish, we get to see some movies of this genre in India)

There is this climax Samba dance competition and the music was great..I had a vague feeling of hearing it somewhere and bingo! I found out is the kalki (KB's movie) movie song (goes something like this..bhumi pandhu suriyana suthude suthude ..kaadhala ..kaadhala)

Deva, the music director always had the notorious reputation of being a copy cat. Hmm is a site wherein you can get details of 'who got it from whom' ..I was shocked to find that some of my favorites were actually inspired ones.

Wiki - Dance Form

Must read wiki post. It is about a great dance form, I bet you will never be able to get these details in any of the research books. is the Dappaankuthu wiki [Hat tip: Meers]

Man..somebody actually took pains to write this up...Bravo!!

Last week we had been to Mayajaal to celebrate my company's tenth anniversary..Towards the evening we had music and dance party..Now..wait..dont get any notions about 'Party'..It was Dappaankuthu all the way. My father would have roasted me alive had he seen me 'partying' ;-)
Well..It was all pure fun..n.. some solid exercise.

August 28, 2006

Madras Day Celebrations - Randor Guy

Had been to one of the meetings in P.S.Senior High school, Mylapore. The meeting was organized as part of the Madras Day celebrations. It had Randor Guy, the learned gentleman speaking on Old Madras with timely old movie clippings.

It was an enthralling speech...I should say. For more than an hour, we were transported to the good old days of cleaner madras. The speech by itself was a treasure trove of Madras trivia..I sorely missed taking a pen and paper.

The clippings were from many pre independence movies like En Manaivi, Sabapathi, Thyaga Bhoomi and some oldies like Parasakthi. We could get a glimpse of old time Mylapore, Adayar, Kodambakkam railway station, Port, Egmore railway station and of course the famed beaches. The one thing that stood out was the near absence of traffic in those days. It must be have been great fun to have traveled by Trams in Parrys corner..Hmm..people really had a calm and relaxed life in those days.

I was thrilled, when one the clippings (En Manaivi - early 1940s movie) panned across the very P.S.Senior high school in which the show was being organized. Not much change. Good.
The grand finale had the song Enna paarvai undhan paarvai from the film Kaadhalika neramillai(1964). The song was extensively shot on the Marina beach with the regal Madras University, Presidency college buildings forming the backdrop.

The sadder part of the evening was the poor turnout of youngsters; of the 75+ people, there were hardly 10 who would be below 35. So much for heritage.


The government banned Thyaga Bhoomi, 1939 (written by Kalki) and said there should not be any further shows of the movie, the movie was kindling patriotic feelings amongst people. S.S.Vasan, the starlwart producer, decided to run continuous free for all shows in the erstwhile saffire theatre. The crowds were pouring in to see the continuous shows and the police could not technically carry out the ban; they had to resort to lathi charge inside the theatre. Randor Guy made a sarcastic remark that now days you see lathicharge outside the theatre to control the crowds.

August 23, 2006

Father / Husband's name

I hate every form on this earth that asks me to fill up Father / Husband's name.

There are two things here..
one, being asked to choose between father and husband irks me. I certainly dont want to disown my father by striking his name, just because I got married.

And another is the MCP tinted question that has almost become the correct thing to ask.
I'm no big time feminist wanting 33% reservation. But I strongly feel against these 'small' stuffs that society is made of. Let me see, how many guys fill their wife's name if at all the choice is Father /Wife's name. Wonder why mother is not considered as an entity at all.

Another thing that irritates me to the core is calling the wives as Mrs.Hari..Mrs.Kumar.. as though the wives are prized trophies of the husbands. Talk abt individuality..these womenfolk dont even have a name of their own.

August 21, 2006

Being Sharukh - NDTV's We the People

Happened to watch 'We the People' special on NDTV yesterday night @ 8 pm. The discussion point was on marriages and of course Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

I just had the feeling that the usually reliable Burkha went overboard by focusing the discussion on sharukh and his personal life, when you actually had a bigger problem for discussion.

Questions were like this ..What would you do if the film replicates in your life..will you leave your son if you find your soul mate outside your marriage...Did your wife like the film..

I pity this guy who had to appear on national television and swear that he is pro marriage, he loves his wife n family and that he would never leave his children for anything.

Milk Miracle - Oh.No..Not Again

There are reports in the media that idols are taking in milk offered by devotees.

Wow..the gods do have a strict diet schedule. After 1995, they return back to their drinking days again. Wish they act magnanimous by not taking in milk but by giving milk to mankind.

August 17, 2006

Revolutionary Blog

I came across this path breaking blog -, written by living smile vidya. Living smile vidya is a Thiru Nangai (tamil..till now, I didnt know such a word existed) , generally referred to as Ali/Aravaani. Vidya blogs abt her experiences in trying to lead a normal life. Right now, she is with an NGO in Madurai. Earlier she had been in pune, begging in the trains .. then turned to selling goods in the trains..and now works in IASC in madurai.

Earlier Thenkudu had conducted a contest on the topic death. Vidya had bagged the second prize; the poem is very touching. She pours out the humiliation they face in the society and finally ends with the line

Maranam mattum thaana Maranam (Is death alone death?)..It really moved me.

I salute the power of Blog, a medium that has crossed the boundaries of TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.,No where else, this highly victimized community could dream to open their mouth (leave alone..raising their voice)

August 11, 2006

The original super star returns

The MGR charisma is back...His 1958 film 'Nadodi Mannan' has been released in theaters and it is running to packed houses. I had always wanted to see the Shivaji's fiery Parasakthi, MGR's charismatic Aayirathil Oruvan, Sridhar's comedy riot Kadalikka neram illai on the big screen. Perhaps ..if the main stream cinema halls decides to screen them..

In the meanwhile..wonder how Kabhi Alvidha Naa Kehna is..
Please move aside marketing moghuls..Karan just knows how to market his films..The film is declared to be a super hit just on the basis of advance bookings itself.

August 08, 2006

Cellphone Menace

Apart from AIDS, I guess the fastest spreading menace is the misuse of mobile phones.
In my 20 minute 21L bus journey from kotturpuram to velachery, today I learnt
1. Ganesh Anna has got a new job in teynampet; the family is pleased
2. Pradeep's girlfriend (figure?) had ditched him
3. Kavitha's breakfast was Idli sambar
4. someone-1's visa got rejected
5. someone-2 has got a appa, amma, athai, thambi in srirangam and appa's sugar level is OK..

All the above said is for public consumption; people just forget the basic decency to shut their mouth in public. With abject disregard to the disgust/curiosity shown by the others, people continue to shout on top of their voices & proceed to discuss their personal affairs. OK..a few words on the phone is reasonable ..but continuing a big discussion can be a real 'tension-padithifying' matter.

August 04, 2006

I also know a mole

Well, I intend to write an 'all time-best seller' autobiography. It's always handy to make these kind of statements know ;-)

638 Ways

638 ways to kill Fidel Castro, made an interesting read in today's Hindu. The article ended with a good joke about Mr. Castro's apparent indestructibility . One person, recounted in The New Yorker this week, tells of him being given a present of a Galapagos turtle. Mr. Castro declines it after he learns that it is likely to live only 100 years. "That's the problem with pets," he says. "You get attached to them and then they die on you." —

Hmm..its just an interesting read for us; wonder how it will feel 'being Fidel Castro'

This is going nowhere

Once again, I'm forced to use Grrr...Blogspot has been blocked by VSNL in chennai. I think the 'joke' has gone too is high time the mess is sorted out.

August 03, 2006

Harry Potter & the Goblet of fire

Two weeks back, I had started reading this book at the Blore Railyway station at around I had to board the kaveri express (11.45 p.m..what a time to travel). Nothing prepared me for the shock in the first was no longer a light reading fantasy children book...The tone was dark and the happenings darker.

The major events in this 4th edition are the Quidditch world cup - the death eaters - Triwizard tournament - Harry's mysterious entry into the tournament - the tasks - Mad Eye Moody(The new defense against dark arts teacher) - Rita (paper paparazzi) - bewitched trophy - the raise of 'he-who-must-not-be named'- battle between Harry & Voldemort - the great escape.

Apart from the twists and turns, I liked the emotional undercurrent in this story. There is a rift between Ron & Harry and they dont talk to each other. Then Ron comes over to Harry when he finishes his first task in the tournament, realizing how risky it was. And then, there is this Ball. It was very funny to read how Ron & Harry scout for partners. Both of them are turned down by the girls they like. But somehow, they manage to get Parvati Patel & Padma Patel (Yes..Yes..the Indian link in the story). But Ron turns very jealous when he sees Hermonie with another partner, a star player. And there is this paparazzi reporter, Rita who writes according to her own will and in the process hurting Hermonie, Ron, Hagrid & Potter.

And then there is this talk on equality and compassion, when Hermonie takes up the cause of the house-elfs.

On the whole, the book is very entertaining and I have to read the next book 'Order of Phoenix'.
Cant wait to know, how voldemort plans his comeback.

August 02, 2006

Chennai on the web 2.0 world map

It is a matter of pride to see chennai highlighted in a world map. And to know that your company is the reason.. you have more reasons to smile.

AdventNet's Zoho has captured the imagination of the web 2.0 world with its online weboffice products like Zoho Writer, Zoho Show, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Planner and the list goes on.

Richard MacManus in his Read / Write Web has written an article on the various webapps thats creating interest.

July 28, 2006

Message in Films

A candid observation:

Gunnam Gangaraju, a sensitive Telgu film maker who directed Little Soldiers & produced films like Aithe and Anukokonda Oka Roju in an interview with rediff answer the 'title' question.

Q: Is there a message you want to convey through the film?

A: Not really. The only people who make money on messages, are cellular service providers. The film is an attempt to give the audience the experience I got when I conceived and completed the script: An emotional high.

July 27, 2006

Israel - Lebanon offensive

Mumbai Blasts - Astrology gives answer

Heights of stupidity!

This post is dedicated to all people who login into astrology sites as soon as they come to work n otherwise too..

"As Mumbai limps back to normalcy, we shall see the astrological reasons for the blasts.

1 First of all Mars is 29 degree. Transit of Rahu, Saturn, Ketu Mars in rasi sandhi will bring difficulties like mass death, etc.
2 See where Saturn is placed. Saturn is in the sign of Kataka which is the western direction.
3 Moon and Mars crossed each other in opposition, that is seventh house.
4 Saturn came closer to earth.

So it was clear that the western part of India was vulnerable to mass death. Aslesha nakshatra is generally for snakes which can be translated into railways. It was pratipada of Krishna paksha and added to it, it was a Tuesday.

Basically, most of these attacks take place during Krishna paksha closer to Amvasaya, Poornima, Pratipada, Astami Navami, Sashti, Thryodasi."

Taken from a popular site - section

July 24, 2006

Bangalore - Most Polluted?

Had been to Blore last weekend. I was destined to discover a major part of Blore that I didnt get to view before. From the cozy comforts of IISc, I travelled to meet my buddy at Koramangla..wanted to avoid peak hour traffic n I travelled at 10.00 a.m, reached the over-hyped Forum (anyday Spencers is the big brother) at 11.15 a.m.

After the usual roaming around (picked up a Sherlock Holmes at Landmark), travelled to Hosur road to accompany my friend. From there back to Koramangla - Block 1 (a welcome relief in the middle of this desert odyssey was a sumptuous lunch at Bay Leaf - thanks for the treat ..Me)..Now why I mention that as a desert bcos, I thought I was in the midst of a sand storm....Mud..Dust..smoke...what not.

I really pity the people who commute those roads in and day out..And add to the chaos, the bumper to bumper traffic..

Then my return journey started at around 4.00 p.m, reached IISc just before 6.00 p.m, mind you this was on a non working saturday afternoon. I thought, half my journey was spent at the Signals..which seemed to be never ending.

Did somebody say Bangalore was a Garden City?

July 21, 2006

Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban

Last week, read Harry Potter - Part III - Prisoner of Azkaban.
Mind boggling action, very racy towards the end. The revelations abt Sirius Black n abt the death of James & Lily Potter were startling. You have to give it to J.K.Rowling for such great imagination. And another thing that I noted is most of the magic revolves around what you think, what you want. Thats healthy magic. For eg. Harry fights the Dementors (who suck out soul, happiness) by concentrating on the happiest moment of his life.
The details abt Azkaban & the Dementors that guard the island had an uncanny resemblence to my college. Man..that place really sucks out your happiness and leaves you with unhappy memories only.

I cant wait to jump to the next - Goblet of Fire.

Secret Ambition?

Have u ever thought, what u might be doing if you were given a wish to switch your career..
I have nursed far too many ambitions like that..was very sure I' would become an ace detective when I was reading my daily dose of Nancy Drew Books...then fancied the idea of being a doctor - that went up the smoke with my pathetic score in my 12th & I couldnt stand those rat dissections per say. The list is quite big.

And somewhere in the middle was this interior designing thing too..but nowadays, I catch up with the happenings thro some really wonderful websites like

Some basic stuff
1. whatever u resort to do, jus check for the comfort value in it. spending a bomb on an antique chair & getting a severe back ache later is no good

2. Try to reuse the existing stuff..May be your duppatta might double up for a corner table top

3. Have a focal point in every arrangement.. your showcase in the living room

Taken from
10 Ways to Add Color to a Living Room

1. Paint One Wall -you can add a real punch of color by painting just one wall of your living room. This will really change the focal point of the living room without getting into a major decorating project
2) Throw a Few Pillows Around-Nothing adds color like pillows strategically placed on furniture.
3) Add a Bit of Mother Nature (even if it means trying to fool her!) - put some plants around
4) Add a Whimsical Lamp-Even if you have a traditional classic living room, you can add a point of interest by selecting a lamp or shade that is colorful or whimsical.
5) Put Some Color on the Floor-A colorful throw rug, strategically placed in front of a chair or under a coffee table can add color and texture to a living room.
6) Freshen Up a Chair Cushion-If you have a small chair, such as a desk chair or side chair, consider recovering the seat cushion.
7) Reflecting Color-Try placing a large mirror on a bare, boring wall. Choose an interesting frame or decorate a piece of mirror with cording or braid.
8) Get Artsy-A colorful piece of art placed in a living room not only adds a decorative touch, but also introduces colors and shapes you might not be able to use in a larger area.
9) Paint the Back of a Bookshelf-A great touch of color and interest can be added by painting a bookshelf two colors (or even more!)
10) Snuggle Up With a Throw- A handmade quilt, or cozy, colorful blanket adds interest when draped over the back or arm of a neutral sofa or chair

Blogs Blocked again

Its high time Govt stops playing games. The blogs are not accessible again.

July 20, 2006

Blog Ban Revoked

Hmm.. sense at last. Wonder who was the brain behind this 'super-duper' idea..
Anyway feels like a whiff of fresh air to be back legally... now I can relate to the sufferings of fellow bloggers in china n elsewhere. Strangling freedom of expression is bound to have its repercussions soon.

Warning: Hell hath no fury like a 'BLOGGER' Scorned!

July 18, 2006

BAN - Hell with it

The Government has for sure rubbed the bloggers on the wrong side. It would be prudent on their part to withdraw the ban at the earliest, or else this is going to snowball into a BIG Controversy n Embarrassment.

Thanks to Arvind for pointing out this quote

An Indian political blog is reporting that the ban was initiated by the Indian intelligence service to stop terrorism. According to their source, the terrorists are using blogs to communicate. Not only is this useless (because the terrorists can simply use proxies), it's akin to shutting off the country's telephone service because terrorists talk to each other through phones.

If this is the way we are going to close in on terrorists, I see no hope.

All about the blog ban & its aftermath _Against_Censorship

July 17, 2006

Tamilnadu to Thailand in 2nd Century AD

Wow! A Thai-French team of archaeologists have discovered a 2nd century sherd of inscribed pottery with unique Tamil-Brahmi Inscriptions, during their current excavations at Phu Khao Thong in Thailand.

Iravatham Mahadevan, an expert in Tamil Epigraphy says "Only three letters have survived on the pottery fragment. They read tu Ra o... , possibly part of the Tamil word turavon meaning monk. "

The one & only Rambo

Back after a week's gap..chumma took a break.

Last Friday, Hindu brought back my early memories of films esp. English films....when English Films meant just Sylvester Stallone

Rambo was the first movie I saw of Sylvester Stallone. I was spell-bounded by the Man-Machine. Later saw the Rambo series & Rocky series too (Good Old days...I reserve my wishes for Star Movies n my choicest curses for CAS in chennai)

I never did that before in my hold of a Sylvester Stallone picture from a magazine & stuck it on my cupboard much to the chagrin of my Dad.

On Friday, I took a closer look at the much-faded old picture .. there was not much difference when compared to the one on Friday Review. Some people jus dont seem to grow old...

It was one hell of a surprise to know that my original hero had turned 60. And was even more taken aback when the report said Rocky VI is in the works and is expected to be released during 2006- 2007. His rags to riches story was an eye opener to me. He truely deserves success.

Three Cheers to Sylvester Stallone ;-)))

July 10, 2006

Titans Clash

I'm talking abt the great Wimbledon finals. Never has there been a defeat with so much dignity.
Roger Federer retained his Wimbledon crown after beating Rafael Nadal 6-0, 7-6 (7-5), 6-7 (2-7), 6-3. The numbers speak for themselves, the king of grass was slightly shaken by the king of clay.

What a match that was!

Another interesting thing, that caught my attention was the customary questioning session after the awards ceremony. I have always seen only dumb questions being asked to the cricketers after their matches, It was refreshing to hear the question posed to Roger
"We love this rivalry..[pause]..I guess you are not?"

Roger grins widely and says "Now..I like it"

July 07, 2006

Chennai by the sea

A panoramic view of chennai n its sea, source: Hindu

July 06, 2006


Two clients from Philippines had come to our office. After having finished my interaction with them, I said Thank You. They said Thank You in return and the next moment,they looked like they had commited a big blunder, and quickly blurted out 'Nandri..Nandri'.

July 03, 2006

Books for company

Over the last two weeks had a go at three books
1. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
2. What else..Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3. Tamil - Vairamuthu's Endha Kulathil Kal Yerindhavargal [people who have thrown stones at the lake]

To Kill a Mocking Bird: It is considered as one of the classics. Hmm, but I took more than a month to finish it. May be, I couldnt connect to the basics of the plot. The language was also pretty hard for me to make a fast read...lot of native lingo thrown in.

The book's journey takes us thro the lives of Jem & scout - a brother & sis duo and their father Atticus, a no-nonsense & affectionate lawyer. Jem & Scout always act out Boo Radley, a neighbor whom they have not seen but have heard rumours abt him being scary. The book details the socio economic conditions of the society. Only half way thro the book, the main story starts with a 'black' man wrongly accused of raping a white woman and Atticus takes up the case as defendant to the black man(Tom) the process gains the hatred of his fellow white community. But, as expected the Tom is convicted & later killed on the pretext that he tried to escape. The bogus rape victim's brother tries to wreck vengeance on Atticus for having supported a 'black' man and for arguing against his sister. In the climax, the villan brother tries to kill Jem & scout but Boo Radley saves them.

The author successfully portrays the racial discrimination that was prevalent in the olden times. The enduring theme of the novel is to accept people as they are & treat them equally. And I personally liked the character - Atticus , the book is full of lessons on how to bring up children & Atticus is a dream father.

Harry Potter: I'm must be one of the last bunch of readers to read Harry Potter. Started to read the series just last month. I must say, I have fallen in luv with the magic of Harry Potter. It requires great writing skills to capture the imagination of the readers & to take them to an entirely different world. Full marks to J.K.Rowling. And the movie is also turning out to be my 'seen most number of times' movie. Casting has never been soo apt. Harry Potter, Ron, Hermonie, Dumbeldore, Snape, Hagrid n everyone come alive on screen. The Quidditch matches just took my breath away.
And I particularly liked the way, wizards & witchcrafts are potrayed ..contrary to the existing cultivated beliefs. Whenever, I see Harry fly on his Nimbus 2000, I zoom back to Dan Brown's words on how sacred symbols of Pagan worship were converted into satanic symbols , he quotes the pointed witch hats & the broomsticks in Da Vinci Code. Hmm ..point to be noted.

Vairamuthu's Endha Kulathil Kal Yerindhavargal: I'm half way thro the book. Vairamuthu chronicles the impact of the entire gamut of people who have crossed his life. I first read the chapter on IlayaRaja - the legendary music composer along with whom Vairamuthu reached peak of the fame in Tamil Film world. It was very interesting to see the love-hate relationship they share.

June 30, 2006

Asterix & Obelix

Hats off to our library people for having stocked 'Asterix & Obelix' in our office library. Was feeling elated to read thro the comics yet again. Asterix had always been one of my fav. cartoon characters. Just to think Asterix was created in 1959 is astounding, it has an impact even after sooo many years.

I simply luv the character names..oh so..humourous
Asterix - The star
Obelix - Monolith stone - and also the typographical dagger symbol (†) that is often used to denote the second footnote on a page after an asterisk (*) has been used to reference the first. [This meaning is a straight lift from the wikipedia]
VitalStatistix - The village chief
Getafix - The druid
Geriatix - The village old man
Fulliautomatix - Blacksmith
Unhygienix - Fishmonger
Bacteria - Fishmonger's wife
and many more..

My attempt @ drawing Asterix n Obelix

My other fav are

Tintin, Tom & Jerry, Richie Rich, Donald duck..(didnt have a liking to Mickey mouse - thought it was acting too smart)..

I didnt update myself with the later day cartoons..But now, thanks to Aadhu (my SIL's 4yr old son)..I give a curious glance @ Noddy, Pokeman, power puff girls & their likes

June 27, 2006

Where are the musical hits?

6 months into 2006, I kept adding my favorite songs to a Fav2006 folder in my Laptop. Gosh, there were just 15 songs that made their way to the folder. And 'Thambi' is the only film in which I liked most of the songs.

Where have the hit songs gone? I guess..Tamil Cinema Music industry is at its worst phase. With run of the mill movies being churned out as Assembly line products, where is the scope for good music?

My list

  • Unnai Kandane (Haricharan, Shruti) - Parijatham
  • Namma Kaatile (Ilayaraja, Roshini) - Pattiyal
  • Poi Solla poren (Kaykay, Kanmani) - Thirutu payale
  • Thirutu Payale (Mukesh) - Thirutu payale
  • Idam porul paarthu (Karthik, Sujatha) - Chitiram Paesuthadi
  • Vaazha Meenukum (Gana Ulaghanathan) - Chitiram Paesuthadi
  • October Kaatru (Boni, Maathangi) - Idaya Thirudan
  • Tajmahal Oviya Kaadhal (Vijay Yesudas, Madhumitha) - Kalvanin Kaadhali
  • Eno Kangal (Yuvan, Sadhana Sargam) - Kalvanin Kaadhali
  • Dailamo Dailamo (Sangeetha, Vijay Anthony) - Dhisyum
  • Nenjan Kootil (Jayadev, Rajalakshmi)- Dhisyum
  • Thogai Virithu (Chinmayee) - Kalabha Kaadhalan
  • Laelakku Laelakku (Kaykay, Sujatha) - Aathi
  • Aththi Aththikaai (SPB, Sadhana Sargam) - Aathi
  • Kaadhal Sutrudhe (Naresh, Sadhana Sargam)- Saravana
  • All songs of Thambi(Sudum Nilavu, Ennama devi jakamma, summa kidantha, poovanathil maram undu)

The positive trend that can be noticed is that, the songs are distributed among many new comers and it is not the monopoly of few only.

June 26, 2006

Pushkar in Chennai

Had been to the Pushkar fair in YMCA grounds, Chennai. It was a complete letdown. The fair was organized by the Rajastani folk in chennai. May be I had different expectations from it - the ethnic dress, jewels, crafts etc., Rs.200 for 5 people was the entry ticket. I had pulled in my Grandpa too, thought he would enjoy. At the entrance, there was a village setup with cows, horses, ducks, potter wheel, horse driven gaadis, krishna, arjun painted men (which I thought was cruel, they had to stand still. with people trying all sorts of ricks to make them move).

My grandpa had already started to give me a look of 'why-are-we-looking-at-cows’ for 200/-. Once, inside the vast expanse of YMCA grounds had numerous stalls. We couldn’t go anywhere near the stalls, there was huge crowd milling all around. A quick look at the stalls revealed that there weren’t any ethnic stuff, just the usual beads bag, cotton clothes & jewels (and not to mention the ridiculous price). There was one stall where you can get yourself dressed as a rajasthani boy & take photographs. The entry pass came with a food pass too and we found that free food pass stall was the one that had a serpentine crowd. We managed glasses of Jaljeera.
Oh..I forget, my dad & Grandpa had enough of it & left the fair midway. I had to put a brave face & act as though it was one of the finest things that could happen to chennai. The real saving grace was the cultural show - had some rocking dance shows.
We wanted to cheer ourselves up (the leftover party - mom, me & my friend Uma, so went to the Gangothri stall picked up pani puris & bhel puris. Gobbled it up as we gazed at the pretty sarees, the lovely ladies were wearing. It was actually a very good get together for the North Indian folks ..I guess, the children were enjoying the fair; they seemed to be very happy.

As we were rushing out, gave in to the temptation of mehindi. Man..what a shock, that female didn’t have a clue abt it. Unfortunately, I got to know this fact, after she started her 'training'. She simply squeezed mehindi out of the cone in a rather bizarre design.

Lesson of the day: Do not put mehindi in fairs. You cannot wish it away too ;-(
The rosy side of the fair

Tamil to English?

A 2 minute call from my friend at office left me fuming for quite sometime.
He goes like this "[In Tamil] We say 'Enna bet?'[what is the bet] right..what is the English word for the Tamizh word 'Bet'?"

Tamizh Vaazhga!! Tamizh Velgha!!

June 22, 2006

One Year Journey

Indeed time flies fast. Exactly a year ago, the first words in my jottings pad were written.
Feels good to have the blogs running for a year. Hope to continue with the same spirit.

And a big Thank You to all of you

A roundup of the most popular blogs.

Velachery Real Estate (Jus, by the sheer number of visits to this blog, I can makeout how hot the real estate business is in chennai)
Gana Ulaganathan adds to the popularity
The CTS & IPod saga
Vijayamangalam - Lost Tamil Jain Heritage

Expect More!!!!

June 20, 2006

AIWO - Food for life

Last week, terrorized my friend to take us out for a treat. I wanted to try out AIWO, Nungambakkam for quite sometime..So, the gang of four trooped into AIWO at 9.00 p.m.

Very good ambience and the servers were courteous. The much-touted USP of AIWO is Low-Calorie food in a cool conveyor. The price is not very high at 200/- per head for veg buffet

We ordered a veg buffet comprising of 14 items. The starter was a complete downer, we had three miniature glasses that had 'Rasam - kind of pepper soup'(no salt & bland) and 'buttermilk' . We had tomato soup too.

Then started the rally of dishes via the conveyor belt.
Apple & Tomato salad was great & I scooped up three bowls. Then I realized my tummy was half full & there were 13 more items to attack ;-(

Then we had red cabbage cutlet kind of thing. [Excuse the 'kind of thing' language, bcos, I just didnt know what exactly that was], zucchini & celery; peppered cauliflower; assorted vegetable subzi, Green Bottle gourd chutney - half boiled, Mushroom, Hara Bara kebaab(cutlet yaar!), brinjal kootu, Greens, kidney beans with tomoto & onion, Lemon grass & pepper barley (was a filler like rice balls but good, Elachi Sandesh (bad - imagine having a sweet dessert with no sugar/sweetness what so ever.

All the dishes were bland; the only solace was that it was healthy.

Oops.. Forgot the millet, soya small rotis that were served separately. And we ordered pomegranate juice towards the end - man! That was THE JUICE. These folks really know, how a juice should be made.

I would say, you can try it once in a while. I like to explore different genre in food, so combined with the unique experience of conveyor buffets and healthy food, I would give AIWO a pass mark.(But..Why cant healthy food be mouth-watering?)

Warning: Don’t expect, run of the mill food here, for the tongues that swear by idlis & rotis, don’t be disappointed after landing here.

Hindu Review
Chennai Online Review

P.S: Don’t ever talk ill of an occasional 'sodhapal' in your mom/dad/spouse's cooking. You just paid thro your nose to drink a salt less rasam.