May 31, 2010

Sri Krishna Sweets - Velachery

Wanted to blog abt this for quite sometime.But.....

Well, The latest addition to the colourful landscape of velachery is Sri Krishna Sweets - on the 100 Ft road - more towards Guru Nanak College. Within a week of it's opening, I landed in the well decorated shop. Parking space is much better than the other shops on the road. They have caught hold of a good corner space. Immediate attraction is the centrally placed - Sweet Buffet Stall...It is really huge and there are upteen varieties of sweets & savouries..Since, I'm on this 'Diet' mode, I skipped the center piece. The restaurant, which is on the periphery, is kind-of cramped with tables and chairs put very closely. I knew the hiccups of a newly opened eatery, so safely ordered a simple - Dosa.

Man, what a disappointment! The waiters had no clue about serving the customers. I had to do a mini-dance to get the attention of a waiter and then gave my 'big' order. Then , I joined the 'There is no sign of the food ordered' fellow people. A good ten minutes passed and I was really getting restless. It would have been OK..if people who came before me were getting their orders. I saw only one pongal, two chaat items being served in a crowded place. After another 5 minutes..the couple who sat before me got their orders. I told the waiter to hurry up - After all, its just a plain dosa. Another five minutes passed, the waiters are running up and down, I wonder for what!I had a good mind to walk away..and finally my dosa arrived ..but...hey..what a pity - it was a cold-dosa. Had it been on another day, I would have returned the dosa..but that would be mean another 15 minutes of argument and was already running late. So, quickly ate the food and made a hasty retreat after paying a 'thendam' 25 Rs.

Would not write them away after the first experience..Another visit would go into the decision making exercise.