August 31, 2009


Soon, human race is going to live in the fear of the 'unknown'...I can see it coming...
Passwords...Passwords ...Passwords...Every damn thing on this earth needs a password.
Wish life was simpler with lesser passwords to remember ;-(

August 18, 2009

History Destroyed

Heritage means nothing to most of us. But, ASI's prime job should be to atleast protect the heritage sites that are abundant in India (leave alone restoration, promotion, excavation, research etc). Last month, we saw a report that was tabled in Rajya Sabha, saying 35 monuments, under the 'protection' of central government were not traceable.

In Madurai, Tamilnadu, granite quarrying and vandalism are threatening the ancient Tamil-Brahmi sites. FrontLine reports
SANGAM age Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions on the brows of caves, hundreds of beds known as Jaina beds sculpted on their floors, beautiful bas-reliefs of Jaina tirthankaras and exquisite paintings by prehistoric artists are facing destruction in the hills in the vicinity of Madurai in Tamil Nadu owing to large-scale granite quarrying and vandalism. Real estate sharks have destroyed Iron Age burial sites near these hills. The sites, datable from 2nd century B.C to 3rd century A.D., constitute an invaluable cultural treasure. The inscriptions offer evidence to Tamil’s classical language status and throw light on the advent and spread of Jainism in the Tamil Sangam age and the later period in the region. The sites hold a wealth of information on how kings, chieftains, traders, village chiefs and even ordinary people patronised Jainism and made donations for the sculpting of Jaina beds. They also provide interesting information on the trade guilds that existed during the period because many of these hills lie on the trade routes of that period.

Tiruvadavur is now the most disturbed Tamil-Brahmi site in the State, with a huge quarry situated right at the foot of the hill. Quarrying has progressed so deep that the site looks like an open-cast mine. All round the quarry, for several kilometres, granite blocks as big as a truck or a car, are stacked on either side of the village roads. There is a surreal scene too: a nearby hill has been sliced in half, as if it were a cake. An official of the State Archaeology Department admitted that quarrying was under way within the prohibited/regulated area, that is, within 300 m of the protected limits of the monument.

August 17, 2009

Gangotree Sweets & Snacks - Sucks Big Time

Had a terrible experience at Gangotree sweets and snacks, Gopalapuram. Their Lacha Tokri Chat was foul smelling, after two spoons we realized we were eating some rotten stuff. Badam milk was pathetic and the much hyped 'Gangotree Falooda' was tasting like plain rosemilk. Yuck! The only saving grace was the masala puri chat. I returned the stale chaat at the counter, the staff didn't even bother to hear me out. That's bad customer service.

And I understand, something can go wrong on a really bad day. This was not my first time I was annoyed with them; few months ago, I had got Bhelpuri parcel from them, after coming home, it had mud in it - apparently something was not washed properly. I made it a point to walk back [ a good ten minutes from my house] to the shop, met the manager and gave it back..With a little murmur he gave a new pack.

But now, they have lost a loyal customer. With the all the popularity in the world [ they are still considered the best place in chennai for sweets & snacks], they have lost focus. Quality has definitely taken a back seat.

Its Rainingggg

The skies opened up at Eight in the morning and is relentlessly drizzling from then on [now almost 3.p.m]...It was a pleasant feeling to watch the rains through the windows of my cozy home but I'm not sure if Velachery is prepared for this onslaught. Driving back home is not going to be fun.

August 11, 2009

Swine flu in velachery

It was rather sad to hear that a four year old boy in velachery, chennai had succumbed to Swine flu. His school and residence is very near to my office. Couple of schools in velachery have declared holidays. Our office took some initiative and bought masks for everyone, but guess that is not needed. Only if you have cold and cough it is good to cover your face. Washing your hands frequently will also help. Just keep track of things. At present there is information overload only.

August 05, 2009

Swine Flu Alert

Swine Flu is spreading its tentacles everywhere. The quickness of death is just spine chilling.

Chronology of events (collected from media):
- Rida Shaikh, the 14-year-old in Pune may have contracted the virus at a clinic on the July 23 or 24.
- Rida was admitted to Jehangir Hospital on July 26
- The doctors decided to send her samples to Ruby Hall Clinic on July 29
- After Ruby Hall sent negative reports, the doctors sent the throat and nasal swabs to National Institute of Virology (NIV) the same day.
- She tested positive for H1N1 on July 31. She was put on Oseltamivir or Tamiflu. But unfortunately, she passed away on Aug 3rd.
Its all over within 15 days.

Dilip Bhan, divisional commissioner of Pune, says “Testing can’t be done in every hospital lab. Certain care has to be taken while taking samples. The doctor or the technician has to wear protective gear. If it is not taken carefully, more people could be infected,” he added.

So government hospitals are the only hope.

The dreaded swine flu has no special symptoms, that makes it even more deadlier. The symptoms are like the ordinary flu - Cough, Cold, fever, throat infection, body ache.
So, Be cautious and alert.