December 31, 2009

Tamil Padam Rocks

Its the biggest spoof film in tamil movies..Tamil Padam was already making waves in print ads. The trailer just sets the expectations roaring..and Oh..Maha Zeeya song rocks.
Eagerly awaiting the movie's release.

December 24, 2009

December Season

December season is something that is unique to chennai. Carnatic Music is in the air..and residing just behind Music Academy, there is no escaping the joyous spirit (and the traffic snarls!). Yet to see any live concert this year ;-(

Aruna Sairam is one of my favorites - You can enjoy the Marathi Abang here - Vrindavani. While flipping channels, Podhigai came up with something on the lines of Krishna Jayanthi celebrations with the audience mainly children dressed as krishna and Radha..And I saw Aruna Sairam delivering Vrindavani Venu..with such gusto that you wanted to dance to the mesmerizing tune. Njoy!

Shibu Soren - the new King

Just three years ago, Shibu Soren had the dubious distinction of being the first union minister to be convicted. Now, he rules the roost at Jharkhand. In the recent assembly elections, people have handed over a fractured mandate, which places Shibu Shoren in a comfortable position where his word is the command.
"I do not want to be kingmaker, I want to be king. It's not important now what Arjun Munda (of the BJP) and Babulal Marandi (of the JVM-P) are stating. Now everything depends on me," Soren told reporters in Bokaro - IBNLive..
- Vaazhga Jananayagham!

December 10, 2009

Kailash Parbhat @ Velachery

Kailash Parbhat is the latest food joint to set up shop in velachery. It operates out of Naihaa complex on 100 ft road, along with Noodle House and French Loaf. Around a month back my friend and I weren't impressed much with the first tryst. Wanted to play safe and ordered Kailash Parbhat special - it looked good with lots of yummy curd but it was too spicy for my taste, emptied almost two glasses of water before finishing off the dish. My friend had ordered corn basket and that was a joke with just a smattering of corn here and there.The place was also full of flies..did not suit the upmarket chain image they are part of. But it was a different experience the second time around. We had Samosa, Channa tikki, dahi papdi everything was damn good. Did I tell you.. the chaats.. all have a distinct flavour that is different from everything else in chennai (gangotri comes a distant second). The pricing is a tad expensive. A third visit would help me decide to give a thumbs up or down ;-))

December 07, 2009

Child's Mind

My friend's six year old son wanted to become a doctor. I kind of told him, you need to really slog, get amazing marks to become a doctor..The kid considered this fact and quipped " OK..let me not become the big doctor..Hmmm..may be I shall become a children's doctor" ;-)

November 18, 2009

Talakona Waterfalls - Andhra

Finally we stepped out of TamilNadu!! Went to Talakona - Eco Forest for the weekend. It is near Tirupathi. It was Dheeru's [my 16 month old son] first outing, so I was a liitle bit edgy. Thanks to my friends at office, things fell in place and by saturday afternoon, we were vroomingg across thiruvalur, puthur, chandragiri..and reached a wet thalakona forest. Talakona does not have any shops, so if you want to buy anything plan it before and stock it.

Surprisingly the government guest house accommodation was very neat and clean. The food needs to be ordered at a local hotel [it is better that you don't actually see the kitchen], they bring it to the rooms. The guest house by itself doesn't have cooking options. The food was typical Andhra - lot of kaaram. On sunday, we set out to tackle the waterfalls - a 2 km difficult trek. With a kid in tow, it becomes all the more difficult. Caution: The place is full of aggressive monkeys. Any sign of plastic cover is sure to get a friendly attack from one of those ever watchful vaanara padais. The waterfalls was a scenic sight. But when compared to kutralam, the water was less [inspite of the rains] but was very forceful. . So don't have high expectations. Next we decided to hit the Forest dept' Eco-tourism division. I opted out of it because Dheeru was sound asleep. The team came back after an hour and half, by then Dheeru got up and we were ready to go for it. The canopy walk was long and good - it cut across some awesome trees with medicinal value. Boating was a farce, it was some huge swimming pool kind. Didn't go for it. The forest dept guesthouses were different - hut kind of structures. Saw some siddha college students take a study tour inside the forests. Atleast their educational tours have some meaning unlike our engg. educational tours to Ooty, Kodaikanal and Goa.

Left the place around 3.30 p.m and reached chennai at 8.30 p.m. Had dinner in Jain Motel in Poonamallee [ actually very good food and ambiance for a roadside motel..would love to go back there]...Guess overall a nice experience. But not one of those great places you want to go again and again.
Our organizer - Ranjith's blog on Talakona visit.

November 17, 2009

Behind the car...

Well..Well..somebody got mighty romantic and declared it to the whole world.
saw this quote[in very big font] behind a car,
"Without Wife
No Life"

November 10, 2009

Windsurfing on Road?

You can try windsurfing with your bikes in velachery roads! Continuous rains have once again successfully converted even the main roads into oceans with wave effects. The place you see is Halda junction - near Raj Bhavan.

November 09, 2009


"Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right... It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego."

This quote popped up in facebook today. After a major showdown, now peace reigns. period.

November 02, 2009

Agassi comes OPEN

Agassi is in the limelight again. His autobiography - OPEN has infact opened a pandora box of secrets . He has admitted that he took drugs, lied abt it, and well..his oh-so-great hairstyle was one big wig. [Getty Images] But then..Agassi has scripted one of the wonderful comebacks in the game - at the age of 33 , he was the oldest man ever to hold the No 1 ranking.

I'm sure this book with the all the publicity it is generating would join the all time best sellers list.

October 29, 2009

Harris Jayaraj - Haunting Melodies

Harris Jayaraj = Consistent Performer

The latest song that has possessed me is Vaaraaiyo Vaaraaiyo kaadhal kolla excellently rendered by Unnikrishnan & Chinmayee from Aadhavan.

Just reflecting back, it struck me that Harris has an almost enviable 100% track record in tamil films. Starting from Minnale - to the latest Aadhavan - his albums come under the 'most of the songs are really good'. Top of my mind blockbuster albums - Minnale, kaakha kaakha, chellame, anniyan, ghajini, vettaiyaadu vilayaadu, pachaikili muthucharam, unnale unnale, vaaranam aayiram, ayan. Even in a dud like bheema , mudhal mazhai was a block buster..may be satyam was one of his rare flops (even in that En Anbe was hummable)..May be the negatives will include a certain repetitive thread that runs along his songs.

I'm no expert in from a layman perspective - I think his forte is simple - rhythmic - most importantly 'any body-can-sing-along' tunes - no complicated stuff.

October 23, 2009

Velachery's Uncle Mess

With Mami's mess cornering all the glory in the food world, can Uncle's mess be far behind? For long, Uncle's mess has been famous in velachery - catering to the ever burgeoning bachelor population. They were previously operating out of Dhaneshwaram and the current place is behind ICICI bank, Vijay Nagar bus terminus. We went around 12. 45 p.m, there were few people around. But by 1 pm, the mess became very crowded. Guess.. North Indian culinary has an the upper hand. Soft chappathis with two very tasty subjis, sambar vada, poriyal, mor kozhambu, rasam, curd completed the simple menu. I would have preferred a sambar, extra poriyal/kootu. Anyways, the food had the home-made feel and a certain freshness associated with it. Overall Rs.45/- well spent. The 'Uncle' sits with the curd cups and appalams. He seems to be very shrewd, he could spot me as a new customer and in the course of our meal, he kind-a of urged me to come in the evening to taste aloo paratha (which uncle's mess is famous for).

October 20, 2009


Couldn't resist from posting - From's State Film Award for Uliyin Osai.. The debate has slowed down because of another award - Obama's nobel peace prize.

October 12, 2009

Kalapirar - Tamil History

களப்பிரர் - Kalabhras come into Tamil history around 3rd century. They ruled over the tamil heartland for over three centuries. Later from the 7th century onwards, we get to see the dominance of Pallavas, Pandyas and cholas. Unfortunately, there is very little "popular" historic details about this clan. Very easily the historians have skipped three hundred years and termed it as an interregnum - இருண்ட காலம். The joke is, the most famous tamil literature - Thirukural is from this period. Other classics are Naaladiyar, Inna Narpathu, Iniyavai Narpathu..and many such much for being இருண்ட காலம்!

Jeyamohan, in one of his recent blogs - களப்பிரர் has undermined the importance of researching about this period and why the three hundred years of history has been showcased as a virtual black hole. Interesting read for history enthusiasts.

October 07, 2009

Velachery's Chocolate Room

Chocolate is Good for you!
The above said board welcomes you to the newly opened The Chocolate Room at velachery[100 feet road - opp to spencers/foodworld]

Yummy! For all those choco addicts and for those not so fond of chocolates too, The Chocolate Room offers quite a handful. Very impressive decor. The menu itself was interesting, the detailed history behind the breads, drinks etc was neatly laid out. We tried out assorted stuff like Greek Salad (dressing was great ++, too much onions --ve), vegetable stuffings [all had fancy names], Hot chocolate with pancake, chocolate with icecream, mocktail..everything was simply great. Diet flew out of the window and we ransacked the entire 'room'.

A welcome addition to the ever widening foodline in velachery.

October 05, 2009

Cholas & Deepankudi

Deepankudi is a little hamlet in Thiruvarur dist, Tamilnadu. A new inscription belonging to the later cholas, 11th century has been found there.

The inscription belonging to the period of Rajendra II, is found in a pillar of six ft height in the temple premises which is under renovation. Inscription is engraved in all the four sides of the pillar. It starts with the praising of the King. It registers about donations offered to the presiding deity, Kailasanatha of Siva temple by Arulmozhinangai, sister of Rajendra II and the daughter of Rajendra I. On her behalf, it was inscribed by Aramabanandi, a Jain who belonged to Deepankudi temple. The inscription also records about the donations for offering rice, vegetables and curd rice daily for the presiding deity. The Jain temple of Deepankudi is in worship now.

An inscription found in Sttambur near Chenji in Tamil Nadu speaks about a Jain known as Aramanandi.

Way back in 2005, similar pillars with inscriptions have been found.

Well, another titbit - Deepankudi is the place where Jayamkondar, the author of "Kalingathu Parani" - a massive collection of war poems, was born.

October 03, 2009

Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol

Announcing a competition in this blog... How many times would have Dan Brown used the words- Mystery, Secret in his latest thriller novel - The Lost Symbol.... Dan Brown has definitely got a knack to narrate a simple sequence in a loaded mystic manner.
Immediate thoughts after finishing the novel [not going to reveal anything abt the plot]
  • Nice hard bound book - sleek looking . Comfortable font
  • The story is within the 24 hrs limit. Same pattern of events
  • Dan Brown tries hard to fit in the GenX - iPhone, Twitter...Hmm..
  • Robert Langdon looks almost like an atheist - questioning every possible theory proposed. But guess Dan Brown has become more religious - 'scientifically' accepting faith healing was the limit.
  • Langdon actually solves very little of the mystery.. Less action..He actually admits that he did nothing much.
  • Other characters tutor Langdon on the next course of action, he is almost like the vodafone puppy.
  • Masons - would be the next wikipedia search that everybody would do after reading Lost symbol
  • The villain is powerful, pitiable and likeable (!)
  • Dan Brown has read abt India & Hindus, so touches upon Hindu mythology - U might smile knowingly when u read the references to Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Ganesh, Vedas, Bindhi in the forehead and Kubera Kolam of all things!!!!!!.
  • Dan Brown is painting a bigger canvas - u can see the movie in the making
  • EQ is very low
  • The mystery is gripping...I had every mind to turn to the penultimate chapter to know how the events met its logical end
  • I had figured out the villain's identity earlier itself, so was more interested in knowing how he would steer the story.
  • Science and Religion make a heady potent mix
  • The 'truth' is very simple
  • Washington DC would get another tour - the lost symbol route
  • Somehow, the destination is very subdued when compared to the thrilling journey - I felt the same in Da Vinci Code too...the climax is a downer.
  • The joke was not on 'myth' but on 'science' - Faith healing, power of mind to move physical bodies, collective mind power and the likes. Experiments are conducted to analyse the human soul..fine..but the eurekha moment is when the human soul is weighed. YUCK....[I couldn't resist this plot stuff]
  • All in all, not an earth shattering book. But nevertheless, an interesting read.

October 01, 2009

Goonj - Old Clothes have Diginity

Over the past two weeks, I came across 'Goonj' through various links. [Unfortunately, I think, their website was under virus attack, but now seems to have recovered]
Goonj is an NGO which channels our old clothes to the poorest of the poor in remote villages across India. Its easy to type this sentence, but the logistics behind this effort is mind blowing. GoodNewsIndia has a very insightful writeup on Anshu, Meenakshi and Goonj
Till three years ago, the collection used to arrive in Gupta's small house, where volunteers and paid staff processed the clothes. [Goonj has a separate office and work place now]. Intimate wear is rejected. Torn clothes are set aside for conversion into usable products. Good but dirty clothes are removed for washing. Then, requisitions from organisations are taken up. These contain requirement by gender, age and size. These are selected and packed in used sacks. Sacks are numbered and the numbers recorded in a database. And finally they are on their way to close to 200 destinations around the country. No cloth is ever wasted. They are converted to school bags, tote bags, quilts, and mats. A great quantity is converted into narrow tapes to be used as drawstrings for petticoats. The ultimate, unusable waste is chopped up and stuffed into pillows and quilts. Perhaps, the most poignant of all products that Goonj makes are sanitary napkins of its own design.
Now, you know whom to call for giving away your old clothes. There might be pride in giving, but we should not forget that there is dignity in receiving too.

September 29, 2009

Noodle House - Velachery

Decided to hit Noodle House for lunch. Noodle House is located in 100 ft road, velachery - Naihaa complex...French Loaf was also there, but it was closed for renovation. The interiors were good and the ambiance - very 'china'. The menu was exhaustive but for a poor veg - the scope was very limited. Decided to play it safe and ordered a combo - clear soup, fried rice, icecream [decent - rs. 125]. Starters - Veg rolls, Dumplings tasted good. One of my friend had ordered spinach noodles..that was yummy... All the combo deliveries were good..but an order of Hongkong noodles [some non-veg stuff] proved to be a downer. Icecream was ok..but fruit salad was pathetic [served in the smallest bowl I have ever seen]. Overall, once in a while its ok to come to this place, just for the heck of trying out a different cuisine and definitely, it was not a disaster like kumarkom. But for a staunch veggie, Noodle house may not be a good hangout.

September 24, 2009

Fashion & Fusion - Alwarpet

One of the strong marketing tools of textile shops is window display. Two shops that come to my mind are Her Choice - Opp Sankara Hall - TTK road and another one - Fashion & Fusion on K.B.Dasan road, (near SIET)...They have theme based display - very eye catchy..I have actually got a couple of salwar suits from Her Choice. They have a very good variety of salwar materials and stiched ones too. Off late, I have been traveling by the SIET road, so Fashion & Fusion would be on my mind whenever I pass through that shop. One fine day, I decided to check it out..Excellent work but exorbitant prices. A choli with kutch work costs around 2500/- only. [blouse-e indha velai-na..Sarees??...]So..just skimmed through the dresses there and made a hasty retreat...The shop is for people with deeeeeep pockets and for people who have parties to attend wearing those expensive clothes. [nammaku rendume illa..]

Tailpiece: You might be wondering ..who is this K.B.Dasan?..well the authorities decided to shorten Kavingar Bharathidasan as K.B.Dasan. Tamil Vaazgha!!!

September 16, 2009

No Salad Bars in Chennai?

I am a die-hard fan of Namdhari salads [another link] in Bangalore, Sadashivnagar. There are quite a few outlets that cater to healthy eating in Bangalore. But somehow, the concept of salad bars has failed to reach chennai. There are a few organic vegetables and fruits outlets thats all...The Pizza Hut garden fresh salad is the best that I have tasted in chennai. Subway salads are overrated.
Wanted: Salad bars in Chennai..Is somebody hearing?

September 15, 2009

Aadhavan - HasiliFisiliye - Lyrics

Which is more irritating?
Inane lyrics that have no meaning like
Hasili Fisiliye yen rasamani
or supposedly romantic lyrics like
nan unnaku pookalin uppuma [I'm a flower uppuma to you..ughhh]..or is the lyrics something else..?
Full lyrics of this current blockbuster song [thanks to]
Anbe unnal manam freezing
adada kaadhal endrum amazing
excuse let me tell you something
Ne sirithaal Iphone tring tring
Ne pesum ambu yenmel paaya
Kaadhal vandhu yennai aala
varuvayo yennai kapaatra
vandhaal madisaaiven vazha

ulllalala lelele luma luma
ulllalala lelele luma luma
ulllalala lelema lema lema le

Hassily Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithithuly

Yennakum unnakum yenoru edaively
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii…………….

Anjanaaaaaaa anjanaaaaaaaaaaaah konjinaaal theyn thaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa….
yenkana yenkanaaaaaaaaaaaaah endrume neethaanaaaa

Hassily Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithithuly

Yennakum unnakum oru edaively
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii…………….

get on me gonna get on me gonna
honna honey
get on me gonna get on me gonna
honna honey

i wanna prechy maka wana taka
hit me buddy
un wanna take me ready gonna shaka
you are the mesmerizer
wanna be kinda gotta be righta

i’m cruising the coast of porto rico
bitme running in the sand of hot jamaica
double up life better be there for the taking a little
till i met you happy sleeping really tighter
and i aint goida away reach out to me

get on me gonna get on me gonna
honna honey
get on me gonna get on me gonna
honna honey

urasaamal alasaamal uyirodu oorudhu aasai
adhillamal idhillamal irundhaalthaan oidhidum osai
iruvizhile yevuganai idhukedhudhaan eduinai
un edaiyo oosi munai undidhidumo seru ennai

yen ennai theendinaai veppama
nan unnaku pookalin oppuma
virallil ullathey nutpama
nee konjam konraai konji thinraai

Anbe unnal manam freezing
adada kaadhal endrum amazing
excuse let me tell you something
Ne sirithaal Iphone tring tring
Ne pesum ambu yenmel paaya
Kaadhal vandhu yennai aala
varuvayo yennai kapaatra
vandhaal madisaaiven vazha

uyirodu uyirodu ennai kolla nerunguhiraaye
viralodu viral serthu edhalukkul iranguhiraaye
yaaridhalil yaaridhalo verthuvidum vengulalo
uchimudhal paadham vari ethaniyo methaihallo

ne aadai paadhiya paadhiye
ne puliyum maanum konda jaadhiya
un azhagin meedhithaan boomiya
ne muthappeya methai theeya

Hassily Fisiliye yen rasamani
un siripinil srithidum kathakally
yen elamayil elamayil paanithithuly

Yennakum unnakum oru edaively
ne iravinil iravinil emai vassi
yen pagalilum pagalilum nadanisai
pudhu rusii…………….

Anjanaaaaaaa anjanaaaaaaaaaaaah konjinaaal theyn thaaanaaaaaaaaaaaa….
yenkana yenkanaaaaaaaaaaaaah endrume neethaanaaaa

September 04, 2009

Fashion Tracker

Some amazing stuff out here-
If you are into fashion, whats in ..whats out, page 3 dressing...this is the place to be..
Really appreciate the people behind this venture, they meticulously track the events and do matching, evaluate the fashion sense and give out their verdicts.

You might get heart-attack to know that the Preen Power Bandage dress worn by Shilpa Shetty costs around - 680 pounds -
just Rs. Fifty Four Thousand plus

September 02, 2009

Onam Sadhya - Kumarakom

We are a bunch of enthus..would never miss an occasion to go out and hog. After some hectic parleys on where to eat out on Onam, we decided to celebrate our national integration feelings at Kumarakom, velachery [None of us are from god's own country..u get the drift?]. At 12.30 p.m kumarakom was brimming with festive crowd..we joined the fun with Rs.200 per head..We managed to find a table for six and I adjusted with an extra chair. With amazing speed plates were served..porclein plate for rice and platic/thermacol (not sure) plates for side dishes !, plastic cups for water!..we should have sensed what was coming..the GRAND ONAM SADHYA was just reduced to just spoonful of assorted kootus, avaiyal and poriyal. It tasted good ok, but the quantity was abysmally less..It was supposed to be unlimited, but getting to serve the extra dish was painful..[can you get that light green dish?] And even though we were mentally prepared for the red-kerala rice, when it was starring at us, we were kind of unsure about our decision. But then there was no option to look back..with some sambar, rasam and buttermilk, we made a mixture of all dishes (didn't know what to eat first, eat with rice or not?) and had a go at it..The worst case was the crowd was building up every minute and the waiters were clueless about managing the crowd [ but they were dressed up nicely, we couldn't differentiate them from the customers who were wearing ethnic dress]..We finished it quickly and were back to office even before the closure of our usual lunch session. The lone consoler was the payasam.
Lesson learnt: Never eat 'onam sadhya' on onam...that too in a restaurant. With a tongue that is eight foot long - nurtured by full plate tamilnadu meals, it was a wrong decision to try out bland coconut stuff.

August 31, 2009


Soon, human race is going to live in the fear of the 'unknown'...I can see it coming...
Passwords...Passwords ...Passwords...Every damn thing on this earth needs a password.
Wish life was simpler with lesser passwords to remember ;-(

August 18, 2009

History Destroyed

Heritage means nothing to most of us. But, ASI's prime job should be to atleast protect the heritage sites that are abundant in India (leave alone restoration, promotion, excavation, research etc). Last month, we saw a report that was tabled in Rajya Sabha, saying 35 monuments, under the 'protection' of central government were not traceable.

In Madurai, Tamilnadu, granite quarrying and vandalism are threatening the ancient Tamil-Brahmi sites. FrontLine reports
SANGAM age Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions on the brows of caves, hundreds of beds known as Jaina beds sculpted on their floors, beautiful bas-reliefs of Jaina tirthankaras and exquisite paintings by prehistoric artists are facing destruction in the hills in the vicinity of Madurai in Tamil Nadu owing to large-scale granite quarrying and vandalism. Real estate sharks have destroyed Iron Age burial sites near these hills. The sites, datable from 2nd century B.C to 3rd century A.D., constitute an invaluable cultural treasure. The inscriptions offer evidence to Tamil’s classical language status and throw light on the advent and spread of Jainism in the Tamil Sangam age and the later period in the region. The sites hold a wealth of information on how kings, chieftains, traders, village chiefs and even ordinary people patronised Jainism and made donations for the sculpting of Jaina beds. They also provide interesting information on the trade guilds that existed during the period because many of these hills lie on the trade routes of that period.

Tiruvadavur is now the most disturbed Tamil-Brahmi site in the State, with a huge quarry situated right at the foot of the hill. Quarrying has progressed so deep that the site looks like an open-cast mine. All round the quarry, for several kilometres, granite blocks as big as a truck or a car, are stacked on either side of the village roads. There is a surreal scene too: a nearby hill has been sliced in half, as if it were a cake. An official of the State Archaeology Department admitted that quarrying was under way within the prohibited/regulated area, that is, within 300 m of the protected limits of the monument.

August 17, 2009

Gangotree Sweets & Snacks - Sucks Big Time

Had a terrible experience at Gangotree sweets and snacks, Gopalapuram. Their Lacha Tokri Chat was foul smelling, after two spoons we realized we were eating some rotten stuff. Badam milk was pathetic and the much hyped 'Gangotree Falooda' was tasting like plain rosemilk. Yuck! The only saving grace was the masala puri chat. I returned the stale chaat at the counter, the staff didn't even bother to hear me out. That's bad customer service.

And I understand, something can go wrong on a really bad day. This was not my first time I was annoyed with them; few months ago, I had got Bhelpuri parcel from them, after coming home, it had mud in it - apparently something was not washed properly. I made it a point to walk back [ a good ten minutes from my house] to the shop, met the manager and gave it back..With a little murmur he gave a new pack.

But now, they have lost a loyal customer. With the all the popularity in the world [ they are still considered the best place in chennai for sweets & snacks], they have lost focus. Quality has definitely taken a back seat.

Its Rainingggg

The skies opened up at Eight in the morning and is relentlessly drizzling from then on [now almost 3.p.m]...It was a pleasant feeling to watch the rains through the windows of my cozy home but I'm not sure if Velachery is prepared for this onslaught. Driving back home is not going to be fun.

August 11, 2009

Swine flu in velachery

It was rather sad to hear that a four year old boy in velachery, chennai had succumbed to Swine flu. His school and residence is very near to my office. Couple of schools in velachery have declared holidays. Our office took some initiative and bought masks for everyone, but guess that is not needed. Only if you have cold and cough it is good to cover your face. Washing your hands frequently will also help. Just keep track of things. At present there is information overload only.

August 05, 2009

Swine Flu Alert

Swine Flu is spreading its tentacles everywhere. The quickness of death is just spine chilling.

Chronology of events (collected from media):
- Rida Shaikh, the 14-year-old in Pune may have contracted the virus at a clinic on the July 23 or 24.
- Rida was admitted to Jehangir Hospital on July 26
- The doctors decided to send her samples to Ruby Hall Clinic on July 29
- After Ruby Hall sent negative reports, the doctors sent the throat and nasal swabs to National Institute of Virology (NIV) the same day.
- She tested positive for H1N1 on July 31. She was put on Oseltamivir or Tamiflu. But unfortunately, she passed away on Aug 3rd.
Its all over within 15 days.

Dilip Bhan, divisional commissioner of Pune, says “Testing can’t be done in every hospital lab. Certain care has to be taken while taking samples. The doctor or the technician has to wear protective gear. If it is not taken carefully, more people could be infected,” he added.

So government hospitals are the only hope.

The dreaded swine flu has no special symptoms, that makes it even more deadlier. The symptoms are like the ordinary flu - Cough, Cold, fever, throat infection, body ache.
So, Be cautious and alert.

July 29, 2009

Amazing Paintings

Its a sight to behold. Artists are doing a brilliant job on the walls of Nandanam YMCA, Cosmopolitan golf club..

July 28, 2009

Butterfly effect - Swiss Knives, 9/11

9/11 had many repercussions. Not even in their wildest dreams, the makers of The Swiss Army knives would have thought their business would see a fall because of a terrorist attack. Post 9/11, all sharp instruments were banned from being taken into airflight. That included the famous Swiss Knife too. CEO of Swiss Knife maker - Victorinox, Carl Elsener Jr says "September 11 was our worst moment because practically from one day to the next our output dropped 30 percent."
Caught this fascinating piece from Ergo.

July 23, 2009

Bajaj Allianz - Jiyo Befikar - Song

With all the talk about recession, selling financial - insurance products is not a rosy affair. But I think Bajaj Allianz has struck gold with its latest Promo.

The jingle - Yeh kis pyaari hifaazat main ho befikrii kii haalat soulful.

M&C Saatchi, the ad firm has invested in the best brains of the industry - Lyrics by Gulzar, Music by Vishal Baradwaj and rendered brilliantly by Sukhwinder Singh. The jingle is making waves in Tamil RadioFMs too. The TVC [ YouTube] is also to the point - "Njoy a carefree life - there is some one to protect you" - a certain freshness is associated with it [ parachute is old though!]. Now they have tied up with Love Aaj Kal - the Saif, Deepika film also. Its also complimenting each other.

"Yeh kis pyaari hifaazat main ho befikrii kii haalat hai,
badi mazabut baahon main ho suraj ki hararat hai,
tumhare vaaste tufaan sehlein muskuraon tum,
jiyo har lamha tumko zindagi pine kii aadat hai…”

What is this lovely safety, Being carefree (not worried about anything) is my state.
On strong arms I'm in, entangled in the sun's rays.
For your sake, I can even bear the storm.
Live each moment, you have a habit of drinking life. [ My friend at office translated this shayari]

July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Its been ages since I went to theater and watched a movie. But Harry Potter is not something that I could give a miss..So, went ahead and indulged in the Harry Potter mania (a night show - just the second time in my life!)

Zoom.. Action starts from Frame one itself. Some splendid visuals - greet us as London is terrorized by the Death Eaters. Let me not go into the story. But list out the superb scenes
1. Opening London attack
2. Prof. Horace Slughorn's intro as an armchair [ Dumbledore observes ' U make a very good Arm Chair']
3. Harry succeeding in making a great potion in the first class itself, when even Hermonie couldn't. The look on Hermonie's face is priceless.
4. Chase between Harry and Bellatrix and the subsequent destruction of Burrow.
5. Ron under Love potion effect
6. The retrieval of the Locket and the last fight against the Inferni, the flames are a great piece of Graphics work.
I love the small nuances like Harry and Ron fighting it out for the Potions book, Harry trying to look occupied when Lavender Brown proclaims her love for Ron on their train compartment door, the girls make a move to inhale the love potion and are disappointed when the lid is closed, Harry twitching his head when he touches the Ring Horcrux, the 'knowing look' on Harry, when Hermione tries her best to remind Ron about his hospital talk [Daniel Radcliffe looks really smart in that scene;-)]

Also, there were some amazing dialogues -
At the weasley twins' store
Ron: how much
Fred: 5 gallons
Ron: I'm your brother
Fred: 10 gallons
After the Slughorn's Party
Ron: How was the party?
Hermione: "Boring, though..pauses...Harry enjoyed the dessert" [ implying Ginny joined the party late during dessert time], much to the embarrassment of Harry.
After some action in the room of requirements
Innocent Ron: Did u and Ginny do it?
Rattled Harry: Whattt?
Again Innocent Brother Ron: Did u hide the book?
Relieved Harry: Oh .Yess
Prof.Slughorn: Students are not supposed to roam around after school hours
Harry under the influence of Good Luck Potion: Why don't you come along with me..
Prof.Filius Flitwick, while doing security check : Tell me your name, Potter
Exasperated Harry: You know me for the past six years
Prof: Rules are rules

Emma Watson simply radiates on the screen, from her intro applause in the theater, one can gauge her popularity. Rupert Grint spreads goofish charm as Ron. And it is hard to differentiate Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe.
Now coming to minuses - obviously it is with comparison to the book
1. I didn't take a liking to Ginny's casting, also the book explores a far more romantic angle.
2. Ron-Lavender Brown- Hermione - scenes are shallow, Ron, Hermione, per say don't have action scenes, they just don't use their wands
3. Many scenes are alerted - I would have preferred the Harry serving detention - misses the crucial match - Ron & Ginny win it big - Harry snogging Ginny - Ron giving a nod to their relationship.

But Harry Potter series is beyond the minuses..You have to simply relish it.

July 18, 2009

Chennai walls become art galleries

For long, the Chennai walls were a riot of colours - a thriving ground for movie publicity and political reminders. But with the digital age and posters, instead of paintings, posters and banners took over.. Sometime back, I think there was a ban on posters too (even now, there are posters, but the numbers have come down significantly).

The OMR road was the first to be dressed up in myriad hues - statues (not like the marina ones - but artistic in nature), paintings, mural works..and what not..., I thought 'why waste so much of money, it would be vandalised soon' but to my pleasant shock, the structures still hold on (1.5 - 2 years since then) [ Flickr photos]

I stumbled upon Cooks Road, Perambur and what a surprise - all the politicians were coming alive on the walls. The immensely talented artists have unleashed their creativity and the likes of Jayalalitha, Vijayakanth retain their larger than life image. Today's TOI has a vijayakanth picture. [A TOI writeup on the artists of Cooks Road]

And, far the past three days, the Anna Salai stretch at Nandanam is getting a face-lift with professional artists painting some scenic stuff on the walls. It is part of the Chennai beautification plan , it seems.

Let see, if Chennai really becomes Singara Chennai ;-)

Nancy Drew

Read this article - Nancy Drew and her Grand Daughters in NYTimes with much interest and lots of flashback to my school days and Easwari Lending Library.

"..Nancy Drew’s popularity persists, even though the series has been rewritten, chopped and churned out with contemporary inflections — like cellphones — that make traditionalists quietly ill. Melanie Rehak, who wrote “Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her,” said that the target age for readers has dropped since the series’ 1930 debut. Originally intended for girls ages 13 to 16, she said, the books are now read by elementary school-age girls."

"Lisa Von Drasek, children’s librarian at the Bank Street College of Education, analyzed the series’ continuing appeal. “Familiar characters, cliffhanging adventures and predictability,” she said. “Everything will be explained in the end. Kids still gobble them like peanuts: they’re viral in the best sense.”

Justice and Lack of Evidence

The whole nation watched the horrific murder of Ujjain professor HS Sabharwal on all the news channels. We saw the entire drama unfold - elections in college annulled - Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) mob enters college - demonstration - and finally the professor is being taken to the hospital almost dead. It was a very shocking footage.

Now, what we get to see in the courts.. the accused are set free citing lack of evidence.

June 19, 2009

Whats happening in Bengal?

Lalgarh is literally cutoff from the rest of the country. It is virtually a challenge to the democracy of this country and what we get to see: another round of shameful politics being played out.

The state ruling party says, opposition is giving tactical support to the protests; wants to avoid another Nandigram (Elections have taught the Reds a bitter lesson). Heights was yesterday, when our beloved home minister PC said 'Use your own forces'. But guess.. better sense prevailed and paramilitary troops have been dispatched.

It all started with an assassination attempt at the CM and police scooped down to harass tribals. People retaliated and maoists found a good reason to push their own agenda. Naxal- Maoists show of strength shows on one hand growing unrest among common people and on the other hand utter collapse of the political machinery.

June 16, 2009

Roger Federer - All time great?

Yes..I would certainly think so...Fedex finally made peace at Roland Garros..would have been happier if the other guy had been Nadal..
p.s: In the euphoria that followed his historic win, I missed the timing of the post..better late than never ;-)

June 12, 2009

June 02, 2009

Tragic demise of Engg. student

Quite upset that human life can be of no value. A first year mechanical engg. student had hanged himself in St.Joseph's Engg hostel. The reason: He was not allowed to appear in the model examination was a punishment for malpractice in an earlier practical exam. He was asked to meet the director for excuse, but couldn't meet him even after three days of standing outside the office room. In his suicide note, he has asked the college management to return his capitation fees and tuition fees to his father.

Really sad, that horror stories are still emerging out of our college. 'Outstanding student' 'office room' 'meet the director' 'bring your parents' 'make them wait outside for three days' 'spy - give ur ID card' 'humiliation' it is just deja-vu - sad memories.

And these people pride themselves on being one among the best colleges in city and parents are falling all over to send their loved ones to this strict atmosphere.

Another aspect to this, is how fragile the young are..these 'punishments' are common there and we were all quite quick to adapt to those and have fun inspite of the draconian rules. All of us had our share of 'office-standing-meet-the-director'. We were thick skinned enough to tide over bad times.

The Hindu-1
The Hindu-2
Times of India

May 21, 2009

Amazon T-Shirt

Anything is possible in the big bad world of Internet...

"A T-shirt has become one of the most popular items sold by online retailer Amazon in the past few weeks. Sales of the kitsch Three Wolf Moon T-shirt shot up 2,300% after a spate of ironic reviews went viral.

The first review gave the shirt five stars, saying it "Fits my girthy frame, has wolves on it, attracts women" but "cannot see wolves with arms crossed".

That prompted hundreds of others to post frivolous reviews, turning the page into an internet phenomenon.

"When I put this T-shirt on for the first time, my wife left me! Thank you, Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt," wrote one wag,
Amazon's senior manager of community content, Russell Dicker, said the T-shirt was currently the top selling item in their clothing store."
More - From BBC

May 20, 2009

May 19, 2009

Blogger introduction

Off late.. I'm hooked to this guy's blog...clear thinking..amazing writing skill..

Wish I could blog in tamil too, but oru vari adika oruman-neram aaghudhu..onbadhu yezhuthu pizhai..sigh!

Vijayakanth ensures DMK's win

So much for policies and campaigning....DMK can now heave a sigh of relief. Shrewdly they left out Vijayakanth from their alliance knowing it would favour them at the end.
DMDK has emerged as a third force, by cutting into AIADMK's vote base and splitting the anti-incumbency votes. In many constituencies DMDK has polled more votes than the winning margin. They have significantly increased the vote share from 8% to 10% - i.e, almost 30 lakh votes. Quite impressive. Tamilnadu has traditionally seen only two party system..a third alternative is welcome.

Now, the comedy circus would begin in Delhi...M.K.Alagiri, M.K.Kanimozhi, Dayanidhi Maran would become ministers and would continue their service to the poor and downtrodden of the tamil community. Long live Democracy.

Eelam Genocide

My colleague Kudi's thoughts


தெற்கு ஆசிய வரைபடத்தில் - இலங்கையை

பள்ளிப்பருவத்தில் பார்த்தபோது
தண்ணீர்த் துளியாய்த் தெரிந்தது !!

கல்லூரி நாட்களில்
கண்ணீர்த் துளியாய்த் தெரிந்தது !!

ரத்தத் துளியாய் மட்டுமே தெரிகிறது !!

May 14, 2009

Vote - anti climax

My name was deleted from the voters list. This is the first election that I didn't get to vote. The process needs serious improvement.

April 24, 2009

1837's Madurai

World Digital Library gives a rare glimpse into 1800s Madurai
This illustrated manuscript made in southern India in 1837 consists of 72 full-color hand-painted images of men and women of the various castes and religious and ethnic groups found in Madura, India, at that time. As indicated on the presentation page, the album was compiled by the Indian writing master at an English school established by American missionaries in Madura, and given to the Reverend William Twining. The manuscript shows the Madura region's Indian dress and jewelry adornment, as they appeared before the onset of Western influences on South Asian dress and style. Each illustrated portrait is captioned in English and in Tamil, and the title page of the work includes English, Tamil, and Telugu.

But interestingly only 'low level' - like kuravan, snakemen etc represent tamil people [they come towards the end of the manuscript], most of the depictions are maharashtrians, punjabis, moghuls etc. Felt odd.

April 16, 2009

Nanayam Vikatan - Zoho

Nanayam Vikatan is the business magazine from vikatan group. This week they have covered Zoho. Good that, they could smell a success story here.

April 10, 2009

Out of mind

Clear signs of being 'out of mind'. Karunanidhi is trying desperately to hold on to 'இனமான காவலர்'tag but failing miserably..his latest statement is sure to add fuel to the fire.
"Even if Prabhakaran loses, treat him like Porus," the DMK patriarch said, pointing to the historical episode involving Alexander the Great and Indian ruler Porus who was treated with dignity and honour by the Greek emperor despite losing against him in a battle. "When asked by Alexander, Porus said he wanted to be treated like a king, which Alexander duly obliged. "It shows the magnanimity of Alexander who gave equal respect (to a man defeated by him)," he said. [ source: chennai online]

Meanwhile, Vijayakanth has fired his next salvo: Vijayakant has said his party was ready to boycott the Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu on Sri Lankan Tamil's issue, if AIADMK and DMK also do so.

All of them are busy scoring brownie points here and the Genocide continues there :-(

April 09, 2009


Read Sujatha's Yavanika recently...It came as a series in Anandha Vikatan..
Its the usual gripping - Ganesh - Vasanth thriller...In the prologue, he says parts of yavanika were written from Apollo hospital. that shows the commitment..

story plot, amazing style akin to slickly edited cinema , humour, the way he takes potshots at tamil film industry, the heroines (i should read kanavu thozhilchalai), and that superb climax (almost looked liked an atheist viewpoint)
My grouses:
Unnecessarily made a local story an international one.. need not have involved international gangs - chumma cinema shooting spot varuvaanghalam - 10 pera sututu poiduvaanghalam..pre-climax could have ended in ganesh- vasanth office- itself...why take ganesh to a building - email - find out that the statue was duplicate - then fight - subham..
also, i felt sujatha was trying to showoff his knowledge - uvamai-lam...over the top, english translation in brackets..trying to fit in 1 or 2 lateral puzzles is O.K..Indha book-le neriya...!!

April 07, 2009

Tamil Cowboy Movie?

Sometime back, I have seen few scenes from a Dabba JaiShankar movie - based on cowboy theme. Hope Simbudevan, (who gave historicals a new lease of life with Imsai Arasan) doesn't dole out one such movie..Irumbu kottai Murattu Singam is the new cowboy movie on the floors. Raghava Lawrence is the hero, sandhya, padmapriya, lakshmi roy are the heroines.

April 06, 2009

Veera Thalapathy

Veera Thalapathy J.K.Ritheesh, the super star in the movie 'Nayagan' gets to fight for LS seat in Ramanathapuram. No more movies from him?..sad..we will miss the fun..

Parenting Bulbs

Bulb No.1. In the process of putting your baby to sleep, the probability that YOU go to sleep FIRST is very high

March 27, 2009

Vijayakanth - Early Bird

While the other parties are still breaking their heads over alliances, Vijayakanth has announced his first list of contestants and has already started his campaign. I was quite surprised to see - K Pandiarajan, founder of Ma Foi Management Consultants limited, as a DMDK candidate for virudhunagar constituency Rolling Eyes

Always thought the input to politics were - 1. political family 2. Film 3. Local gundas who graduate to councilor, வட்டம், மாவட்டம், MLA, Minister.. Confused

March 25, 2009

Adichchanallur - History buried

An eye-opener ...Jeyamohan writes abt his journey to Adichchanallur, near Thirunelveli and his meeting with a local elderly person.
Issues raised:
1. Adichchanullur supersedes Indus valley civilization, why no proper research on this - dravidian - aryan conflict?
2. Why there is no museum in this historical place. no indicator what so ever?
3. All excavated items have been moved to many places, and the area is now buried again.
and many more.
The elderly person raises all these issues, cites tamil literature but the surprise is, he is not a learned person but a person who looks after cattle!!

March 21, 2009


May be I'm fashion-challenged??

I tried deciphering the fashion/sense behind these lovely creations, No Luck...;-(

Photos taken from MSN Lifestyle..Showcased in the Will LifeStyle India Fashion Week, that's currently going on in Delhi.

BJP's Google Adwords Campaign

Advani for PM
A Leader Committed to
Clean Politics, Good Governance
Reasonably good Adword optimization! for Indian Politics - keyword search
LK Advani's Official Blog
Shri Advani shares his thoughts
on issues of national importance.

Ad for keyword - LokSabha Elections

So, you have people sitting in BJP's office trying all options to get the best CostPerClick, impressions and conversion... But they are coming on top for all such keywords - simple, they are the only people bidding for these keywords!!

Wonder ..what would be BJP's adwords budget!!!

March 12, 2009

SundaraRamasami to Sujatha

Casually opened the State board Class XI Tamil supplementary reader that my mother had got, was pleasantly surprised to see short stories from eminent people in the literary world. It covered the entire gamut - Pudhumai Pithan, SundaraRamasami, Vanna Nilavan, Sivasankari, Thopil Muhamed Meeran, Dr.Mu.Va, Jayakanthan, Sujatha...
How lucky are the present set of students..they get initiated into a world of books so early..(heard from 9th class itself they have these kind of stories).
For a CBSE student, who had tamil till Xth class only (that too some boring mundane stuff), this came a whiff of fresh air
What more entire textbooks are available online

March 06, 2009

Houses get brighter

Nowadays, there is a trend in Chennai, to paint houses in fluorescent colors esp. in yellows and oranges. Why would people who painstakingly build houses, paint it so garishly. It seems they are vaastu colours :-(

March 02, 2009

Used Syringes - Barbaric act

This one left me shocked for words.
Used Syringes racket has left 64 dead due to hepatitis B in Gujarat. Seven Pharma companies have been identified and five doctors have been booked till now. Is the lure of money so big??? This rattles the already weak faith on humanity.
Was surprised to see a wiki entry on this issue.

Medical Scan Industry

Yes, you read it right. The medical scans and imaging is a $100 billion a year industry in US. And the 'stomach-burning' news...
..recent studies show that as many as 20 percent to 50 percent of the procedures should never have been done because their results did not help diagnose ailments or treat patients.

“The system is just totally, totally broken,” said Dr. Vijay Rao, the chairwoman of the radiology department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia.
Radiologists are struck by the wide variation in the quality of scans, and they say there is little patients can do other than to ask why the scan is necessary and, if it is, to ask about accreditation, the credentials of the person reading the scan and the age of the scanner.
Another concern is the growing number of doctors who refer patients for imaging done by scanners they own and profit from.

More at NewYork Times

February 14, 2009

Who is Muthalik?

The latest fad to gain instant political popularity is to project a carefully cultivated 'culture-vulture' image. Muthalik joins the likes of Raj thackerays, who would be so-so's, had they not fed the media with their 'culture-guardian' image. Muthalik should be treated as a normal law-breaker [ in the sense, get a solid case of assault on the rowdy gang that attacked the pub and hand over jail sentence] , the media and the public should shut him out. I'm not for sending pink cards, chaddis etc. The media plays it out and in turn, Muthalik gets a platform to address his rebuttal. These people are like parasites, they thrive on Flash bulbs and mikes. Switch that out, crush them with the strong iron hand of law.
BTW, Who gets to define culture?

January 28, 2009

Aval Vikatan

Aval Vikatan [needs registration] is a popular women's magazine in Tamilnadu. The current issue has an article on the impact of recession on IT sector in chennai. It is OK with me, if few issues are hyped and exaggerated for reader attraction, but this one went over the top. An IT guy went to his ex- Project leader's house who was given the pink slip. It seems the PL's family was reeling in abject poverty and had not eaten for the past three days. As though this was not enough, some more sympathy factor was thrown - the PL's wife was pregnant. Come on.. how more ridiculous it can get.
There should be some journalist ethics while drafting an article. Journos just get carried away, not realizing that many people actually believe what is written.

Apartment Syndrome

Sunlight is the only source of Vitamin D apart from mother's feed. Now, with babies being raised in closed a/c comforts of apartments Vitamin D deficiency is on the raise. As exposure to sunlight is reduced, the bones are affected. The irony is Chennai sees just hot, hotter, hottest climate.
More about Apartment Syndrome

January 21, 2009

Chennai Sangamam - 2009

Had been to Nageshwara park in Mylapore on the penultimate day of Chennai Sangamam - the annual gala of folk arts. The mood was clearly one that of joy and merry making. The park was teaming with the affluent and the common man too. Gypsy song & dance [Narikurava koothu] was going on, I must admit that was a not a pleasant one on the ears ;-( but had a feast for the taste buds ;-). Coimbatore, Madurai and Kumbakonam food specialities were on the offering. To my surprise, the area was clean and the food was hygienic. Then noticed that the stalls were from the likes of Taj, Raintree etc. Kudos to the people who are organizing this massive festival. The popular face behind is Kanimozhi, the now famous daughter of CM. Congrats to the organizational committee for this mammoth effort.[Managing thousands of artists, huge crowds across the length & breadth of chennai is not an easy job].

Anyways looking forward to the next edition.

January 17, 2009

Sanjay Dutt, the politician

On his decision to join SP and contest polls ,
Sanjay Dutt said, "Samajwadi Party offered me the ticket first."

When was the last time you heard such candid statements on political aspirations and principles..Amazing! But he is atleast being honest!

Hail Tamar people

Shibu Shoren's Shameful saga continues..[this post was written way back in 2006...]
But some faith in democracy has been restored by the Tamar assembly constituency people. That by-poll defeat was a grand kick in the butt. After dilly dallying for more than 5 days, he has finally put in his papers. But the issue is yet to settle down...more drama is expected in the next few days.

January 07, 2009

'No' Satyam

Absolute Fiasco at Satyam Computers.

Trying to acquire family company can be an error in judgment, but systematically manipulating the profit numbers is criminal activity.
Giving details of the financial irregularities, Raju said the company's balance sheet as of September 30 carries "inflated (non-existent) cash and bank balances of Rs 5,040 crore (as against Rs 5,361 crore reflected in the books."

The balance sheet also carries "an accrued interest of Rs 376 crore which is non-existent, an understated liability of Rs 1230 crore on account of funds arranged by me (Raju), an overstated debtors position of Rs 490 crore (as against Rs 2651 crore reflected in the books," Raju said. He further said that Satyam reported a revenue of Rs 2700 crore (Rs 27 billion) for the September quarter and an operating margin of Rs 649 crore (24 per cent of revenue) as against the actual revenue of Rs 2112 crore (Rs 21.12 billion) and an actual operating margin of Rs 61 crore (3 per cent of revenue).

"This has resulted in artificial cash and bank balances going up Rs 588 crore in Q2 alone," Raju said. "The gap in the Balance Sheet has arisen purely on account of inflated profits over a period of last several years (limited only to Satyam standalone, books of subsidiaries reflecting true performance)."What started as a marginal gap between actual operating profit and the one reflected in the books of accounts continued to grow over the years," Raju further said.

"It has attained unmanageable proportions as the size of the company operations grew significantly... The differential in the real profits and the one reflected in the books was further accentuated by the fact that the company had to carry additional resources and assets to justify higher level of operations thereby significantly increasing the costs," he said.

"The aborted Maytas acquisition deal was the last attempt to fill the fictitious assets with real ones. Maytas' investors were convinced that this is a good divestment opportunity and a strategic fit. Once Satyam's problem was solved, it was hoped that Maytas' payments can be delayed. But that was not to be," he said.

Should wait and see as to what will happen next. Another thing, if manipulation of this magnitude can happen in Satyam, it is time we have a look at corporate governance of other companies too.

p.s: I actually liked the way the disaster was put in words .."It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten,"

Subhiksha..not so subhiksham

Went to Subhiksha store on TTK road, within seconds, I was outside. The store was full of empty racks with two or three sober looking staff. Subhiksha grew very rapidly and what a fall it had to face. The shopping experience was never great but their discounts were of high value. They made quite an impact in mobile selling also. Alas, they couldn't sustain the growth.
A good business opportunity gone bust!