September 16, 2010

Anna Centenary Library - South Asia's largest @ Kotturpuram

I'm super excited. The Big library which was opened yesterday is just a stone's throw away from our quarters. Take my word - It IS really massive. But, I guess, need to wait for some more time....
From Deccan Hearld
To start with, four floors of the centrally air-conditioned Library are ready. The more than two-year-long project will take some more time to be fully operational. However, sources said, this delay has been offset by a number of novel and attractive features of world class standards incorporated in the ACL. These include a Braille section for the visually impaired, a captivating separate section for children’s books with a huge replica of the “Tree of Knowledge” rooted in its heart, a 1,280-capacity auditorium, two conference halls to hold major seminars and an amphitheatre that can take in more than 800 people at a time. A food court with a range of cuisine is another facility. All these should attract more youths in particular, officials hoped.

September 03, 2010


I don't like the fact that an article sounding this stupid would get me back to blogging. But..
Swagatham fiasco: Rahman's top 10 duds   got on my nerves.
Any music director worth his name has his share of tunes that didn't click. I'm sure not every single tune of mozart is worth bragging about. So, at the outset, writing a piece on tunes that didn't work, is a lost cause. Worse, putting Rahman's Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya under dud album list clearly shows the writer didn't do any homework. It is one of the best albums to have come out this year and it was both critically and commercially acclaimed. There are many other such factual errors.

Hello..People out there, if this article can be published in, my skills are much better...I'm open to freelance writing.

Disclaimer: I'm not a die-hard fan of A.R.Rahman.

August 04, 2010

Middle Class Crisis

A lengthy but insightful Financial times article on the middle class crisis in America
[Hat tip - Badri]

July 23, 2010

Haven - Sampoorna - Velachery

Sampoorna Global restaurant was in my wish-list for quite sometime. By the time, our gang could attack, they changed their name to Haven Sampoorna. We went there with quick lunch in mind. It's a very small place near Sri Krishna Sweets, 100 ft rd, velachery. The interiors are functional, Hollywood-Quote photographs catch your eye. They are veg and their menu had more of continental stuff...which is actually scarce here. We ordered pasta, baked vegetables, diet lunch, french fries, & lunch combos. The starters were vegetable rolls. My pasta had too much cheese, but baked vegetables was awesome. They give more quantity unlike a saravana bhavan where quantity can be measured in spoons! Diet lunch (2 chappathis, subzi, soup, salad)was good but that was not worth the 115/- they charged. The fruit salad that came with the diet lunch was a winner. The lunch combo came with parathas & veg pulao. It didn't disappoint us. The prices are also not too heavy on the purse. (came to around Rs.150 per head) Overall, its a welcome addition to velachery.

Concrete-il pootha Chinna Hibiscus

July 17, 2010

Gender Stereotypes

Vidya tagged me for ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’...and so..this

Gender Dacolties List
  • Well, women are generally considered to be the most pious creatures on earth. True..most of the temples and their trustees owe their livelyhood to the religiously religious womenfolk who faithfully throng the temples, keep the vrathas and do their daily poojas at home..Somehow, I managed to escape..and lo! became an atheist. I don't remember the last time, I prayed to 'god'...been a very vocal atheist since childhood despite being in orthodox surroundings. Self reasoning guided by Periyar books might hold the clue..!

  • Getting Emotional is something I can't. Cannot even say comforting..soothing words to near and dears who are in distress. People say, I'm awkward while cajoling the Boy. Crying doesn't come easily...still openly gape at people who cry at the drop of the hat.[ made of sterner stuff..or..yerumamaatu thol]

  • No fear...may be the conditioning came with me being an atheist. At home, in any dark, lonely place. [nammala paarthu vera yaaravadhu bayandhathan undu!]

  • State, National politics are my favorite subjects of discussion. An election around the corner gets me mighty excited. Could reel out the 40 constituencies of TN, track VIP election campaign, minute by minute election result announcement, etc..Next, would be history & archeology.

  • Abt cooking..Hmmm..cookery shows are one of my fav. in TV. But never had a passion to enter the kitchen. a big bow to my amma, MIL & husband ;-)

  • Comfortable being the single girl in all boys gang. Always had a big circle of guys to hang out with.

  • Would be the first girl to join the 'dance floor'..match every step with the guys...kuthu..all the way!

  • Would keep my mouth firmly shut, if my hubby is in mood for a can never catch me raising my voice or fighting. No big time drama[ Confession: I irritate the life out!]

  • I'm darn sure of what I want to buy.., my clothes, jewels selections have not been more than a few minutes. I'm most sought out for making bulk purchases in the family ;-)

  • Foot-board travel generally means..standing in bus steps.but, was part of a peculiar specie that sat on the foot-board in the college buses!!
But at the same time, I
  • am fanatically obsessed about a spic and span home. House in disarray would send me into depression. Wet towel on the bed would spoil my entire day.

  • love re-re-re-re-reading Ramanichandran novels (cha..enna book idhu - nu feel pannalum..therupi padipom)...& would be ready to give my right hand for a dreamy romantic Mills&Boons. Sucker for romantic novels

  • believe in Retail Therapy. 'am a match match person...have a fetish for accessories..proud owner of a huge bangle collection,running into dozens.

  • wanted a teetotaler partner..thankfully landed up with one.

  • believe my elixir of life is chit-chatting with friends..into big time gossip.

  • am prone to asking questions like 'don't you think, I have lost a little bit of weight?'...[Rajesh shakes his head which looks like an yes from one angle and a no from another angle!]

  • collect all my gifts and treasure my greeting cards..
Uff..this is one difficult post, sooo.. much of 'I's..which 'I'm not comfortable with!

July 15, 2010

How to write novels?

Kadugu's hilarious take on novel writing for dummies. I particularly liked the conversion of a present day happening into a historic piece of writing.

முதலில் எழுதப்படும் கதை:

"தலப்பாகட்டில் பிரியாணி சாப்பிட்டுவிட்டு ஸ்கூட்டரில் ஏறிச் சென்று கொண்டிருந்த மணியின் பார்வை சட்டென்று எதிர்த் திசையில் சென்று கொண்டிருந்த மாலினியின் மேல் விழுந்தது. அவள் ஒரு பெரிய கட்டடத்தில் நுழைந்தாள். அவள் அணிந்திருந்த `சைனா' புடவை மாலை வெயிலில் பளபளத்தது.

இதை சரித்திரக் கதையாக மாற்றுவது எப்படி?

"பால் சோறும் பலாக்கனியும் உண்டுவிட்டு புரவியில் ஏறிப் பாதை வழியே மெல்ல வந்து கொண்டிருந்த இளவரசன் மார்த்தாண்ட மணிவர்மனின் பார்வை ஒரு கணம் எதிர்ச்சாரியில் மலர்ப் பூங்காவின் பின்புறம் சென்று கொண்டிருந்த ராஜ பாதையின் மேல் சென்றது. அங்கே அழகு மயில் என ஒயிலாகச் சென்றுக் கொண்டிருந்தாள் எழில் மங்கை மாளவிகா. அவள் பூப் போன்ற பாதங்களால் நடக்காமல் அன்னமென மென்காற்றில் மிதந்து செல்வது போல் சென்றாள். அருகே இருந்த மாட மாளிகையின் வேலைப்பாடுகள் அமைந்த மணிக் கதவுகளைத் திறந்து சென்றாள். அவள் அணிந்திருந்த முத்து மாலையும், காதில் நடனமாகிக் கொண்டிருந்த குண்டலமும், சங்குக் கழுத்தை தழுவிய நவரத்னாபரணமும், -இவைகளும் சாவகத்திலிருந்து கொண்டு வரப்பட்ட மென்பட்டாலான மேலங்கியும் அந்தி வெயிலில் தகதகவென்று பளபளத்து ஒரே தேஜோமயமாகக் காட்சி அளித்தது...

June 16, 2010

Paa - Splendid

Saw Paa. Amazing movie.
Amitabh's infuses life into the movie without ever being Amitabh. If you had not heard that Big B is acting in the movie, you will never ever make out that the 13 yr old boy, Auro who impresses you onscreen is a 60+ old man. I think, credit should be shared with the Pa director, Balki and the technical crew to have executed this master piece which on paper would have simply read 'Abhishek plays father to a 13yr old Amitabh'. Divya Balan, acts like a dream and looks like a million bucks in sabyasachi sarees. Abhishek held his own even when pitted against author-backed mom & son roles. Ilaiyaraja's magic returns with haunting melodies. Media bashing was the only off-key note in this outing.

June 02, 2010

Soderling - The Leveller

Last French Open, Robin Soderling removed Nadal from Federer's path to Clay Court Glory. But, this time around, he levelled it by handing out a QF defeat to Federer. Federer's record streak of reaching the semifinals in 23 consecutive major events ended with this!!

Soderling is fast becoming the French Open Shocker Specialist. Would love to see a Soderling Vs Nadal final at Roland Garros.

May 31, 2010

Sri Krishna Sweets - Velachery

Wanted to blog abt this for quite sometime.But.....

Well, The latest addition to the colourful landscape of velachery is Sri Krishna Sweets - on the 100 Ft road - more towards Guru Nanak College. Within a week of it's opening, I landed in the well decorated shop. Parking space is much better than the other shops on the road. They have caught hold of a good corner space. Immediate attraction is the centrally placed - Sweet Buffet Stall...It is really huge and there are upteen varieties of sweets & savouries..Since, I'm on this 'Diet' mode, I skipped the center piece. The restaurant, which is on the periphery, is kind-of cramped with tables and chairs put very closely. I knew the hiccups of a newly opened eatery, so safely ordered a simple - Dosa.

Man, what a disappointment! The waiters had no clue about serving the customers. I had to do a mini-dance to get the attention of a waiter and then gave my 'big' order. Then , I joined the 'There is no sign of the food ordered' fellow people. A good ten minutes passed and I was really getting restless. It would have been OK..if people who came before me were getting their orders. I saw only one pongal, two chaat items being served in a crowded place. After another 5 minutes..the couple who sat before me got their orders. I told the waiter to hurry up - After all, its just a plain dosa. Another five minutes passed, the waiters are running up and down, I wonder for what!I had a good mind to walk away..and finally my dosa arrived ..but...hey..what a pity - it was a cold-dosa. Had it been on another day, I would have returned the dosa..but that would be mean another 15 minutes of argument and was already running late. So, quickly ate the food and made a hasty retreat after paying a 'thendam' 25 Rs.

Would not write them away after the first experience..Another visit would go into the decision making exercise.

April 28, 2010


Looking forward to Hrithik's 'Kites' release ...would complete the 'Jollu'- trilogy of Dhooom2 and Jodha Akbar.

April 20, 2010

Monuments @ the mercy of granite industries

Lot has been written about the threats to the heritage Jain monuments in the hills of Madurai. Justice was quickly met out - Granite Quarrying can happen but not exactly in the heritage site, just few meters further. What an insightful judgment!
Times of India has a big article condemning this ruthless act.
Jainism was present in the region for over 1,300 years and its relics have survived till now,providing evidence of a rich civilization,culture and academic excellence of a bygone era. But their survival is threatened and they may disappear in the next 100 years due to the quest for granite,he says.The Tamil Nadu State Archaeology Department has under its control 16 such monuments,including four Jain caves and four Brahmi culverts in Keelavalavu near Melur,Perumalmalai in Karadipatti and some other places in Madurai,including the one in Thiruvadavur.The site in Thiruvadavur contains Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions and prehistoric paintings that date back to the second century BC.Sources in the office of the assistant director,department of archaeology,say that a survey would be conducted within the next two weeks to see if the two granite quarries had exceeded their limits based on the specification of the gazette notification.

April 19, 2010

Shashi Tharoor - Political journey

I'm looking forward to Shashi Tharoor's Memoirs! Bet that would be rocking entertainment ;-)

April 15, 2010

Chamki Assault

Its omnipresent now, everywhere you turn around, you can spot women sporting chamki work dresses..right from 200 rs salwars to 20000 rs sarees...chamkis..chamkis and more chamkis..Cotton chudidhars are available within the bracket of 1000 rs..but, if you want to get some high end salwars, be prepared for the relentless attack of bling. Inspite of the hot & humid climate of tamilnadu, I pity the women folk who have started wearing those polyster sarees with assorted chamki work. Wish 'The Cotton' makes a grand comeback.

April 08, 2010

Knorr Soupy Noodles

I bet the Kajol-Ad for Knorr Soupy Noodles [ both noodles and soup in one offering] would bag the trophy for the most repeated ad on TV. Off late, there is more of chutti TV, Pogo and their likes in our TV..may be that's one reason why I felt HLL almost carpet bombed the ad on our heads. The effect was so much that I bought a packet to try out the new 'food'.

What a disappointment - it tasted exactly like Maggie Noodles. I usually like maggie noodles with the little slosh effect (rather than the stiff noodles)and knorr gave just the twin-sister act. After Horlicks's Foodles, I am let down by this wannabie new star - Knorr Soupy Noodles. It just reiterates the fact that Maggie is the king..err..queen.

March 30, 2010

Swingers Dance School

Long long long ago..I had attended few dance classes in Swingers Dance school in velachery. Every time they start a new batch, I dutifully get a call from the people at swingers. They politely inform me about the new class and ask me if I want to join. I'm amazed at how strong their contact - knowledge base is and how effectively the system functions. A good point to note for all marketeers.

March 22, 2010

Nigeria & India

I have often quoted Jeyamohan in this blog. But this time, When I read this blog post of his [warning: has disturbing picture], I wanted to bang myself. A reader asks him abt the violence in Nigeria and our man comes out with a terrific theory. Like India, Nigeria too was made up of different races, ancient culture but with the advent of Islam, violence had started. There is a huge following for him which believes every letter he writes and this type of irresponsible reply should be condemned.

"இந்தச் சூழலில் அங்கே அரேபியாவில் இருந்து இஸ்லாம் வந்தது. இஸ்லாம் எல்லா பழங்குடி தெய்வங்களையும் நம்பிக்கைகளையும் அழித்து ஒற்றைநம்பிக்கையை முன்வைத்தது. நைஜீரிய வரலாற்றில் பத்தாம் நூற்றாண்டு முதல் எண்ணூறு வருடம் ஒவ்வொருநாளும் குருதி கொட்டியிருக்கிறது. அதுவும் இந்தியாவைப்போலவே.
இந்தியவரலாற்றில் என்ன வேறுபாடு? இங்குள்ள இஸ்லாம் அல்லாத பேரரசுகள் இஸ்லாமை கட்டுப்படுத்தி பேரழிவில் இருந்து இந்தியாவைக் காத்தன என்பதே. தங்குதடையிலா அதிகாரம் இஸ்லாமுக்கு எப்போதுமே கிடைத்ததில்லை. ராஜபுத்திரர்கள், அதன்பின் விஜயநகரம், அதன் பின் மராட்டியர்கள் என வலுவான எதிர்விசை எப்போதும் இருந்தது. எந்நிலையிலும் போர் நிகழ்ந்துகொண்டே தான் இருந்தது. ஆகவே சமரசம் மூலமே இஸ்லாமியர் ஆளமுடிந்தது. நேரடி ஆட்சி அமையவில்லை, கப்பம் கட்டும் நாடுகளின் தொகையாகவே இஸ்லாமிய ஆட்சி நீடிக்க முடிந்தது.
அதன்பின் நைஜீரியாவில் காலனியாதிக்க காலகட்டம். இந்தியாவைப்போலவே முதலில் போர்ச்சுக்கல்காரர்கள். கடைசியில் பிரிட்டிஷார். இஸ்லாமாகாமல் எஞ்சிய மக்களை காலனியாதிக்க சக்திகள் கிறித்தவர்களாக ஆக்கினார்கள். நைஜீரியாவின் மக்கள்தொகை கிட்டத்தட்ட சரிபாதியாகவே இஸ்லாமியர்களாகவும் கிறிஸ்தவர்களாகவும் ஆகியது. இரண்டுமே தங்களுடையது மட்டுமே மெய் என்ற ஒற்றை தரிசனம் கொண்ட மதங்கள். எந்தவிதமான சமரசத்துக்கும் இடமில்லாதவை.மரபான மதநம்பிக்கை கொண்ட நைஜீரிய சாதிகள் இன்று உதிரிநாடோடிகளாக வரலாறே இல்லாமல் வாழ்கிறார்கள்.
இந்தியாவில் என்ன வேற்றுமை? இந்தியாவை கிறித்தவ மயமாக்கும் காலனியாதிக்க முயற்சிகளை இந்துமதம் அனுமதிக்காமல் எதிர்த்து நின்றது. இஸ்லாமின் ஆதிக்கத்தை வென்றதுபோலவே கிறித்தவ ஊடுருவலையும் அது வென்றது. அதற்கான காரணம் என்ன? மிக எளிய விடைதான் ஏற்கனவே இந்து,சமண,பௌத்த மதங்களால் இந்தியாவின் சிறுவழிபாட்டுமரபுகள் தத்துவார்த்தமாக தொகுக்கப்பட்டுவிட்டிருந்தன. ஆகவே அவை நைஜீரியா போல தனித்தனி வழிபாட்டுக்குழுக்களாக தேங்கி இருக்கவில்லை. ஒன்றுடன் ஒன்று உரையாடி வளர்ந்து ஒருங்கிணைந்த சக்தியாக, வலுவான தத்துவ – வழிபாட்டு அடிபப்டையுடன் விளங்கின. ஆகவேதான் நைஜீரிய பழங்குடி மதங்களுக்கு நிகழ்ந்தது இந்துமதப்பிரிவுகளுக்கு நிகழவில்லை..."

McDonald's @ Velachery

Saturday Lunch was at the newly opened McDonald's at Velachery - a few blocks away from A2B ( towards Pallikaranai). Didn't disappoint.
Surprise: I could spot a sizable school population..(Hmm..flashback..never actually went out for lunch in school uniform...)
Our group ordered the customary Burger (Rs.45), Veg Paneer Wrap (Rs.66),nudgets, ...all of them were good...The meal was an easy option - A burger, finger chips, coke - 95/-..Wish the sauces were more manageable. Didn't like the experience of tearing sachets while eating.. sauce sachets belong to door delivery only.
Inspite of the surging crowds, the place operates like a well oiled machine. It's a duplex structure, so ordering had to be finished downstairs. Not sure what happens, if there is an extra order during the course of the meal..Do we have to go down for every order?
The order and delivery happened quickly and we had a sumptuous lunch with gossip being the main course ;-)

March 12, 2010


Net Thathuvam:
"என்னதான் நீங்க செண்டிமெண்ட் பார்த்தாலும், கப்பல் கெளம்பறதுக்கு முன்னாடி எலுமிச்சம் பழம் எல்லாம் வைக்க முடியாது... சங்கு ஊதிவிட்டுதான் கெளம்பனும்..."

March 11, 2010

Queue in India!

Was taken aback, when I saw random people who were sitting in Mettupaalayam railyway station, suddenly jumping and forming a queue to board a train that had just arrived. I don't remember the last time I saw, queue formation anywhere in India. There were two policemen also.. they regulated the entry of people. Then came to know that the queue was for boarding the unreserved compartment. Things like this also happen in India..Hmmm..

March 03, 2010

Saamiyars Exposed

In tamilnadu, every now and then, there is a news about a saamiyar caught in a scandal..But then, those were local saamiyars (like the madipaakam saamiyar)..of course the greatest scandal would be the arrest of jeyandra sankarachaariyar [Now, the case is nowhere - that's another story by itself]..but yesterday, Nithyananda swaamigal - a bigger league spiritual guru was caught on 'A' -rated video and Sun TV went all out with the expose [My view: SUN TV shouldn't have streamed the video without camouflaging the explicit content...quite a shocker to watch it in living room TV]. Another set of big time 'spiritual gurus' - Kalki Bhagvan and his wife Amma Bhagvan's fraud is the subject of discussion in an Andhra TV.

I just wish, the people who flock to these 'spiritual gurus' pause for a minute and reflect on these developments..

Should wait and watch the next move...

March 01, 2010

Subbunagam Ammal

An interesting anecdote by Mr.Sriram (Madras Heritage and Music blog) in the Hindu -

Here goes the story...In 1895, Subbunagam Ammal, a 16 yr old Brahmin shocked the conservative madras society by converting to Christianity. After the usual uproar, she became the prize catch and along with Ms. Stephans (her mentor), she toured USA in 1900, lecturing abt her conversion. Then in 1905, there's a story about her kidnap, but finally it turned out to be case of 'going back to the roots'.

Quite a personality!

February 22, 2010

Maggie Noodles - Just Two Minutes

Happened to taste the new Horlicks - Foodles yesterday. It tasted just like Maggie noodles... so much for differentiating.

Maggie Noodles is way past its 25 years mark and still happens to be my fav. I vividly remember the day when Maggie was the cause of excitement in our school(then NES, now NPS), we were in our primary class ..all of us were given a packet after a small demonstration and from then on, Maggie is one brand that has stayed with us. The 'Bus Two Minutes' ad jingle was also a rage.

Maggie had everything going for it - Instant food, easy to cook, good taste and it focused on children - A sure shot recipe for success. Top Ramen was a late entrant but I guess, it is still a very distant second.

For all kitchen-challenged people like me, Maggie is a dream come true ;-))

February 17, 2010

The tale of two TV serials

'Madras Eye' forced me to take a day off and I was almost quarantined in my house. By afternoon, boredom had set in and I took to TV surfing.

A scene in a serial
Lady 1: can instantly say, she is the villi. With over the top makeup, garish saree, high tempo BGM, and that iconic creepy looks.. there was no doubt about it.
Lady 1 hands over a small red packet to Lady 2. Lady 2 receives it with equally creepy looks
Lady1 : "This contains a certain drug. Mix it with her food, she is bound to misbehave and create a scene, use this opportunity and throw her out"
Lady 2 nods...Lady1 and Lady2 exchange the 'conspirator' smiles [ atleast 4 closeup shots of each are shown in a loop ]

Yeppa..mudiyale...I change to cricket and move on to other channels..

Another channel, another serial
Lady 1: can instantly say, she is the villi. With over the top makeup, garish saree, high tempo BGM, and that iconic creepy looks.. there was no doubt about it.
Lady 1 hands over a small red bottle to Lady 2. Lady 2 receives it with equally creepy looks
Lady1 : "This contains slow poison. Mix it with her food gradually. she will die after 10 days"
Lady 2 nods..Lady1 and Lady2 exchange the 'conspirator' smiles [atleast 4 closeup shots of each are shown in a loop ]

Enna koduma saravanan idhu!!
The infection in the eye, which had sobered down a little came back with a vengeance..

February 10, 2010

Two States

'Two States' happens to be the second book I have read after Chetan Bhagat's First one - Five Point Someone. 'Thank your stars' that's what my friends, who have read the other books - one night at the call center, three mistakes tell me. I thoroughly enjoyed Five Point Someone and the jokes continue to flow in Two States too. The story as such is not new, but the challenge is the format in which it is presented. Chetan Bhagat is bestowed with amazing sense of humor and he puts it down in a cute manner. My fav. was the campus part of the story and the efforts taken by Krish to impress Ananya's family . But, there are few occasions where he goes overboard like krish buying rings for Ananya's entire family, Ananya solving the cousin's marriage problem, the wedding at mylapore etc. Chetan Bhagat also falters by giving a generic picture of south Indian/ tamilians as veg, music loving, academics oriented people. Can safely say 80% of tamilians are non-veg, and also 95% don't understand Carnatic music ;-)). My verdict: Safe Buy !

January 27, 2010

The Soup and Salad Cafe

Somebody did hear this?

Visited the newly opened Soup and Salad cafe on TTK Road, Alwarpet, opp to Raj Park. Amazing Ambiance is what that struck me first. Was greeted by friendly waiters. The menu was exhaustive, and it is not just Soups and Salads, they have sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, desserts, etc. But the names are mumbo-jumbo! We ordered a Soup-something Italian and Mexian - corn & pepper salad with mayo dressing. Both were awesome. Soup was heated just in front of us. They have a soup & salad counter and we could actually see whats going on.

The first visit culminated with only a soup & salad. Guess, we need to go as a big group to taste all the stuff. And hey, not all salads come under the 'healthy' tag, there were many salads with boiled potato, chips and paneer as ingredients ;-) The prices are a bit expensive - soups 50+, salads - 70+ but OK..when chaat can be 50+, it is worth paying for a salad. And something remarkable happened afterwards, I got a thankyou mail from S&S team. [ I had left my mail-id in the feedback form]. That was a nice touch to customer service.

GRT - Radio FM Ad

Creating Ads is very difficult. Creating Radio Ads are very very difficult. Arresting the attention of listeners with just sound medium is a real challenge. The latest GRT jewelery ad that conveys the simple message that they have opened a new branch in Purasaivakkam gets a thumbsup from me.

I automatically switch off when ads come in between the songs in Radio FMs but GRT ad starts with a lead music to a block buster song. Now, it gears everybody into listen mode, falsely alluring the listener who thinks the song has started and the ads are over. After few seconds there comes the announcement of the new branch. And Nobody misses the ad.

January 20, 2010

Pondicherry Weekend

Had been to Pondicherry for the christmas weekend...One day visit from chennai was the single most factor that tilted our decision towards Pondi. Wanted to enjoy the ECR scenery, but unfortunately, our Van didn't have the permit to use the route, so had to take the NH45..The travel was smooth, went to our native village near tindivanam, enroute to Pondicherry..Around 12 of us were there. lots of fun. Chennai was at it's coolest best during that time, thought Pondicherry would also be cool, packed my boy in full sleeves, full pant..but sun was out in its full force and there was stuffy feeling all around.

First stop was at Auroville, a town by itself. In its own words - Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity." So, the place was teaming with Foreigners and tourists from other states. The Mantrimandir is the center piece for meditation and it was a good 1 km walk so we decided to skip it. I don't fancy herbal products at exorbitant amt. Auroville has a well stocked shop that sells candles, t-shirts, kurthas, soaps, etc and are priced for NRIs and Foreigners. A small video presentation gave us an insight into what Auroville was all about.

It was lunch time and we went to Hotel Ram International - waiting period was a good half-an-hour. The food was good. Next was Aurobindo Ashram. I could see pious devotees all around. I liked the calm atmosphere. Thats it. Wonder, why they converted it into a tourist place..half the crowd didn't know what it was (Heard a man comment : I think, it is some foreign temple built here) Few steps ahead was the Manakula Vinayagar, contrary to the silence we saw earlier, the decibel levels here were high as in a typical south Indian temple...A small elephant was at the entrance and was doing brisk business.

Beach was our last stop. On the way to beach, we had some snacks at Le-Cafe opp to the French Consulate. The masala puri there is divine...try it. The buildings near the ashram were a scream, very majestic. Lovely architecture.

Beach is not like the ones we find in chennai, there is very little of the beach as such..there is small stretch of sand and then the rocks. We were there exactly on Tsunami anniversary.. a small group was seen saying a prayer to the loved ones. We left pondicherry at around 7 pm..reached chennai around 9.30 p.m

Well, Pondi is not a great place for family visit. I think, checking into a resort would have been a better choice. Pondicherry by itself is not alluring for a chennai-vasi..the beaches in chennai are far better than those in Pondicherry...Can be seen once, just for the heck of it.

January 05, 2010

I had always noticed Karishma - Exclusive dress material ads in newspapers, wanted to check it out for a long time..Good that they had a website - Well..the dresses are under the designer label, carry the 'exclusive' tag and therefore way above my budget. Salwar suits range anywhere between Rs.1375 - Rs.9295..Ok..Nice saved a visit to the shop.