February 14, 2009

Who is Muthalik?

The latest fad to gain instant political popularity is to project a carefully cultivated 'culture-vulture' image. Muthalik joins the likes of Raj thackerays, who would be so-so's, had they not fed the media with their 'culture-guardian' image. Muthalik should be treated as a normal law-breaker [ in the sense, get a solid case of assault on the rowdy gang that attacked the pub and hand over jail sentence] , the media and the public should shut him out. I'm not for sending pink cards, chaddis etc. The media plays it out and in turn, Muthalik gets a platform to address his rebuttal. These people are like parasites, they thrive on Flash bulbs and mikes. Switch that out, crush them with the strong iron hand of law.
BTW, Who gets to define culture?