March 17, 2006

Yours Truely, HR

Voila! herez one HR team that knows how to keep employees happy.

Nearly 18,000 Cognizant Technology Solutions employees around the world, were gifted the sleek Cognizant-branded iPod video gadget that comes with a 30GB memory chip and can store 7,500 songs, 12,500 photographs and 75 hours of video recording.

Instead of giving 300$ bounus in cash, U give the employees the feel of having acquired something special.

The Hindu reports the News that's music to the ear

Cognizant's earlier gifting sprees had consisted of cruises to the Bahamas, chartered trains to Pondicherry and chartered flights to Malaysia, all exclusively for its employees.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Other than the coolness factor, it is a over hyped gadget. I wonder how many people have legally paid music in their ipods. Also i am a bit disturbed by this ipod generation and constantly liustening to music with their ears may go deaf... there are reports of this already.. well apple has a good marketing campaign ..

Anonymous said...

sigh @iPod !


Rajkumar said...

thats gr8......i hope they give some to me also here...

abhii said...

I was one of those 'hardly working' (ahem!)employees who recieved the IPOD..and it rocks..!!
Although, i would have appreciated it more, if were just given 300$ in cash..:)
The onscreen clarity is just I can watch al my fav sitcoms on the commute..yipeee!!!

sugan said...

well. to set things straight, I dont work in CTS n I didnt get the iPOD,

Me: Do u have one?

Anon: Rightly said,Apple had hit the bulls eye with iPOD.

Abhii: Njoy ur iPOD,,keep on 'hard working'. Thanks for stopping by.

Mukund said...

Congrats to CTS employees !!!

But I came to hear that there was a cut in the employee's salary on account of this. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Mukund!!

Anonymous said...

well ...first they do not pay you the market salary... then they buy some junk gadget...just for the hype and media publicity and give it to create the HYPE.
Believe adn work wise.,...this company is hopelessly screwed

Anonymous said...

Don't complain about low salary, no company can survive by under paying. So if company is surviving, employees are paid enough.

I think I am paid enough.

As per as iPod is concerned, it’s one of the best gadgets of this decade.