August 30, 2008

News in News

Hmm..Nowadays..Sun TV news looks very similar to Jaya TV news...
Sign of fast changing equations.. Anything can happen in TN!!!

August 28, 2008

Washington-il Thirumanam

For long, I kept this book by Savi pending..finally managed to finish it. Man..for the hype surrounding the book, I found it boring. Its a story abt a US lady wanting to conduct an Indian marriage in US - Kind of West meets East line. It failed miserably on its USP - Comedy. I have heard my grandpa saying that AnandaVikatan made roaring business while serializing this story...May be the humor worked in those times..Every single joke was stretched to the maximum. I found the cartoons by Gopulu interesting..thats it.

Boxing Bout

Never gave a second glance at any boxing match on TV..But the hype, for the silver medal match between India and Cuba had me watching it...To my big surprise, boxing matches are held for only EIGHT MINUTES..4 rounds of two minutes each. These eight minutes make or break one's career.. thats a close call..having been used to marathon cricket & tennis matches, this was an eye opener. The cuban was a better player in the end.

August 11, 2008

Golden Moment

Definitely a golden moment in the era of Indian sports. Abhinav Bindra claimed India's first individual gold medal in the 10m air rifle shooting event in the Beijing Olympics.
I'm hoping that Saina also reaches the podium for badminton (she has reached the quarters now)

August 02, 2008

United Nations and Potato

Well..The year 2008 has been declared the International year of the Potato by the United Nations.
Ukkaandhu Yosipaanghalo!!