March 27, 2009

Vijayakanth - Early Bird

While the other parties are still breaking their heads over alliances, Vijayakanth has announced his first list of contestants and has already started his campaign. I was quite surprised to see - K Pandiarajan, founder of Ma Foi Management Consultants limited, as a DMDK candidate for virudhunagar constituency Rolling Eyes

Always thought the input to politics were - 1. political family 2. Film 3. Local gundas who graduate to councilor, வட்டம், மாவட்டம், MLA, Minister.. Confused

March 25, 2009

Adichchanallur - History buried

An eye-opener ...Jeyamohan writes abt his journey to Adichchanallur, near Thirunelveli and his meeting with a local elderly person.
Issues raised:
1. Adichchanullur supersedes Indus valley civilization, why no proper research on this - dravidian - aryan conflict?
2. Why there is no museum in this historical place. no indicator what so ever?
3. All excavated items have been moved to many places, and the area is now buried again.
and many more.
The elderly person raises all these issues, cites tamil literature but the surprise is, he is not a learned person but a person who looks after cattle!!

March 21, 2009


May be I'm fashion-challenged??

I tried deciphering the fashion/sense behind these lovely creations, No Luck...;-(

Photos taken from MSN Lifestyle..Showcased in the Will LifeStyle India Fashion Week, that's currently going on in Delhi.

BJP's Google Adwords Campaign

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Ad for keyword - LokSabha Elections

So, you have people sitting in BJP's office trying all options to get the best CostPerClick, impressions and conversion... But they are coming on top for all such keywords - simple, they are the only people bidding for these keywords!!

Wonder ..what would be BJP's adwords budget!!!

March 12, 2009

SundaraRamasami to Sujatha

Casually opened the State board Class XI Tamil supplementary reader that my mother had got, was pleasantly surprised to see short stories from eminent people in the literary world. It covered the entire gamut - Pudhumai Pithan, SundaraRamasami, Vanna Nilavan, Sivasankari, Thopil Muhamed Meeran, Dr.Mu.Va, Jayakanthan, Sujatha...
How lucky are the present set of students..they get initiated into a world of books so early..(heard from 9th class itself they have these kind of stories).
For a CBSE student, who had tamil till Xth class only (that too some boring mundane stuff), this came a whiff of fresh air
What more entire textbooks are available online

March 06, 2009

Houses get brighter

Nowadays, there is a trend in Chennai, to paint houses in fluorescent colors esp. in yellows and oranges. Why would people who painstakingly build houses, paint it so garishly. It seems they are vaastu colours :-(

March 02, 2009

Used Syringes - Barbaric act

This one left me shocked for words.
Used Syringes racket has left 64 dead due to hepatitis B in Gujarat. Seven Pharma companies have been identified and five doctors have been booked till now. Is the lure of money so big??? This rattles the already weak faith on humanity.
Was surprised to see a wiki entry on this issue.

Medical Scan Industry

Yes, you read it right. The medical scans and imaging is a $100 billion a year industry in US. And the 'stomach-burning' news...
..recent studies show that as many as 20 percent to 50 percent of the procedures should never have been done because their results did not help diagnose ailments or treat patients.

“The system is just totally, totally broken,” said Dr. Vijay Rao, the chairwoman of the radiology department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia.
Radiologists are struck by the wide variation in the quality of scans, and they say there is little patients can do other than to ask why the scan is necessary and, if it is, to ask about accreditation, the credentials of the person reading the scan and the age of the scanner.
Another concern is the growing number of doctors who refer patients for imaging done by scanners they own and profit from.

More at NewYork Times