December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

Would be taking a small break for the extended weekend.

Wishing u all a Rocking 2007!!!

Letz usher in the New Year with an euphoric smile...;-))))

December 26, 2006

Gilli Galatta

Gilli has the spark that ignites the tamizh kurum nal blog-ulaghu. Hats off to u guys for introducing the much needed new blood. I particularly like the fact that there is definitely something for everyone who comes calling. And congrats ;-) for having completed one year.. and let me wish u many more anniversaries.

OK..Let me compile a list of my Fav @ Gilli.

My passion for history found the right inputs here.

A good writeup on Kazhugu Malai and its treasures

Chennapattanam Paarungho

the much talked about video essay on the history of tamil– ur

History as twisted by the religion

In an election year, current affairs had some good jottings

The hero of the election – Vijayakanth

Not many were aware of the other side of the tamil literary world – much publicity was given to the most discussed sandakozhi Vs. Kutty Revathy infighting.

Today’s velachery in a hilarious post (But very true!)

House Rental in chennai

Jesus Calls - An Insider's view point

Bigger thoughts of big men were assimilated here

Periyar and Feminism

Bloggers tribute to the one and only Kalaivanar NSK

Gilli provided a resounding platform to raise social issues

An eye opener blog - Letter to the Chief Minister for affordable Sanitary napkins

Blank Noise Project - Tackling Eve Teasing

Would luv to add more..sometime later though..

December 21, 2006

Sanjay Subramaniam - Live concert

Had the pleasure of listening to the vocal treat of Sanjay Subramaniam at German Hall, yesterday.

It was an enthralling experience of over 2 hours. Even for a carnatic illiterate like me, the show was stupendous. The icing on the cake was the last song - "Orumayudan ninathu thirmalaradi ninaikindra uthamar tham uravu vendum" (Vallalar?). I thoroughly enjoyed the song.

Hmm..Should go to more such kutcheries

December 18, 2006

Kaakum Karangal

Had been to Kaakum Karangal (means Hands that Protect) on Saturday. It was a very humbling experience for me.

We had sponsored dinner to the orphaned old aged inmates (40 + in count) . They were in a very pitiable condition and their existence was merely for the purpose for existence only, with nothing in life to look forward to.

But somehow I felt, the caretaker wasn’t all that caring. Right in front me, she was shockingly rude to certain people…wonder, how it will be if they were alone?

Also, I think, sponsoring food is not a good option. I saw people taking just one Idly for their dinner. May be, sponsoring something like blankets, pillows or things they could use would make more sense.

OK..We have to appreciate the work done by these NGOs.. imagine if even they weren't there.

A visit to such a place would definitely make you think twice before grumbling about your dosa not being as crisp as it should have been.

December 16, 2006

"Take a girl child to work today"

In SouthAfrica, there is yet another silent revolution going on. Its the
"Take a girl child to work today" campaign.

Cell C is the driving force behind the campaign. It is an initiative to "deepen the thinking of the girl child with regard to their infinite roles in society, enhance her self-esteem, inspire and motivate her to reach her full potential and through exposure to diverse careers and positive role models assist her to prepare for the world of work".

The initiative was a joint effort between Government, the Department of Education, business and the public.

I was amazed to know that, Take a Girl Child to Work Day tm has become South Africa,s "largest collaborative act of volunteerism" (The Encylopedia of Brands and Branding in South Africa in association with Sunday Times)

The project was actually started by the Ms. Foundation in the United States where it launched Take our Daughters to work Day R in 1993

The initiative is aimed at girls in Grade 8-12 at a time when they are making career and education choices. The idea is for the child to shadow the host all day. Watching how people solve problems and cope with crises in the workplace is also an important part of the learning experience.

Why girls and not boys? and some more questions from the FAQ Section

December 12, 2006

Parson Valley, Ooty

You have to be really adventurous to plan a team trip to Ooty in the month of December.

Last weekend, we had been to Parson Valley , a good 1-1/2 hrs from Ooty. I would recommend it to people who prefer isolation. I just saw 5-6 people (apart from our crowd) in all of two days.

Life was definitely different - no Cell Phones (signal not available), no TV, no Internet, husband also (oops.. summa oru flow-le vandhuduchu;-))

We reached the resort cum farmhouse on friday afternoon. Evening we went to the all famous - Roja climax bridge & Porti mund dam

Saturday, we were trekking over the meadows n hills. You outrightly feel small when compared to the over-powering Nature around. Felt good that not many people are aware of this place..u can save it for some for time.

Sunday, we were back to ooty, did the customary boating, shopping and soon we were hurtling towards coimbatore.

I'm in no mood to worry abt the mild frost bite on my nose..the experience was worth it.

Some pictures for your eyes only:

December 07, 2006

Ash n Salman

Thought..I should restrict my filmy blogs..but this one is too juicy to let pass..

Aishwarya who had made conscious attempts to miss the parties / functions that Salman Khan attended was seen at the premiere of Amitabh, Salman, John Abraham, Rani starrer - Baabul.
...of course Abhishek was there too ;-))

The media is having a field day!! Rediff has some photos

Whatever..I liked their chemistry in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!

December 04, 2006

Deepam Shots

Taken Yesterday!


Wow! I'm still reeling under the DHOOM Attack..or precisely Hrithik Roshan Hangover ;-)

What a picture that was..!!!!!

I wanted to write a lot abt the movie but there was one blog that summed up my feelings.
Read Is Hrithik Bollywood's future? from spotboy blog .

You do realise they could have made Dhoom:2 for much less money, right? They coulda left out Abhishek, Uday and (while the Baywatch scene is priceless)Bipasha, skimped on hiring a director or a scriptwriter, and even used the same music as last time.

All that all-gloss film really needed were the clothes,and a good cinematographer focussing only exclusively intently on Hrithik Roshan.

Whoa. Talk about a scorching screen presence. Hrithik, in something more music video than film, is a sight to fiercely compelling it's hard to take eyes off him. Perfectly straight men are mesmerised by his effortless style, while women drool on at his perfectly sculpted abs. Superhero,indeed.

I just wanted to add, Aishwarya has proved yet again that she is all plastic. People around have worked so hard to make her look hot (the tanned look, the skimpy clothes)..OK..she looks like a million bucks but there is just no attitude around to match the looks..She looks so damn uncomfortable and carries herself in an awkard manner. Bipasa effortlessly scores over Ash.

Would luv to see the movie again for Hrithik!

December 01, 2006

Pay Packet

Some amazing numbers..

Earnings of top 10 Women in Entertainment Power 100 to be published by The Hollywood Reporter.

1.) Nicole Kidman - $17 million per movie. And is all of 39 years.

2.) Reese Witherspoon, 3.) Renee Zellweger, 4.) Drew Barrymore 5.) Cameron Diaz - All get $15 million per movie.

6) Halle Berry - $14 million

7) Charlize Theron - $10 million

8) Angelina Jolie - $10 million

9)Kirsten Dunst - $8 million to $10 million

10) Jennifer Aniston - $8 million

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! (that is all we can do!!)