November 18, 2009

Talakona Waterfalls - Andhra

Finally we stepped out of TamilNadu!! Went to Talakona - Eco Forest for the weekend. It is near Tirupathi. It was Dheeru's [my 16 month old son] first outing, so I was a liitle bit edgy. Thanks to my friends at office, things fell in place and by saturday afternoon, we were vroomingg across thiruvalur, puthur, chandragiri..and reached a wet thalakona forest. Talakona does not have any shops, so if you want to buy anything plan it before and stock it.

Surprisingly the government guest house accommodation was very neat and clean. The food needs to be ordered at a local hotel [it is better that you don't actually see the kitchen], they bring it to the rooms. The guest house by itself doesn't have cooking options. The food was typical Andhra - lot of kaaram. On sunday, we set out to tackle the waterfalls - a 2 km difficult trek. With a kid in tow, it becomes all the more difficult. Caution: The place is full of aggressive monkeys. Any sign of plastic cover is sure to get a friendly attack from one of those ever watchful vaanara padais. The waterfalls was a scenic sight. But when compared to kutralam, the water was less [inspite of the rains] but was very forceful. . So don't have high expectations. Next we decided to hit the Forest dept' Eco-tourism division. I opted out of it because Dheeru was sound asleep. The team came back after an hour and half, by then Dheeru got up and we were ready to go for it. The canopy walk was long and good - it cut across some awesome trees with medicinal value. Boating was a farce, it was some huge swimming pool kind. Didn't go for it. The forest dept guesthouses were different - hut kind of structures. Saw some siddha college students take a study tour inside the forests. Atleast their educational tours have some meaning unlike our engg. educational tours to Ooty, Kodaikanal and Goa.

Left the place around 3.30 p.m and reached chennai at 8.30 p.m. Had dinner in Jain Motel in Poonamallee [ actually very good food and ambiance for a roadside motel..would love to go back there]...Guess overall a nice experience. But not one of those great places you want to go again and again.
Our organizer - Ranjith's blog on Talakona visit.

November 17, 2009

Behind the car...

Well..Well..somebody got mighty romantic and declared it to the whole world.
saw this quote[in very big font] behind a car,
"Without Wife
No Life"

November 10, 2009

Windsurfing on Road?

You can try windsurfing with your bikes in velachery roads! Continuous rains have once again successfully converted even the main roads into oceans with wave effects. The place you see is Halda junction - near Raj Bhavan.

November 09, 2009


"Apologizing does not mean that you are wrong and the other one is right... It simply means that you value the relationship much more than your ego."

This quote popped up in facebook today. After a major showdown, now peace reigns. period.

November 02, 2009

Agassi comes OPEN

Agassi is in the limelight again. His autobiography - OPEN has infact opened a pandora box of secrets . He has admitted that he took drugs, lied abt it, and well..his oh-so-great hairstyle was one big wig. [Getty Images] But then..Agassi has scripted one of the wonderful comebacks in the game - at the age of 33 , he was the oldest man ever to hold the No 1 ranking.

I'm sure this book with the all the publicity it is generating would join the all time best sellers list.