March 02, 2006

Forbidden Temptations

I knew it was wrong. But I couldn't resist it. The demon inside was on a song 'the righteous path is quite tedious; it is easier to go the forbidden way. Come-on! just once in a while. No harm in it'

Unnecessarily, I remembered the The Alchemist "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. It's called the principle of favorability, beginner's luck." Sucks..I need to think of something else.

Shooted a 'Leaving Early' mail in office and I prepared myself for the eventuality. Reached the appointed place and looked around. Definitely, the universe was conspiring against me. The electricity had taken a short holiday and the entire place was dark!

Even though, I couldn't see clearly, I could sense the presence. Wise men say 'Its in the air'. Candles were lighted, and they added a magical touch to the proceedings. I gave a 'You are very special' Teddy bear as a gift which was purchased after much deliberation.

Things were on the move and there was no escaping it. I came face to face with the Forbidden Temptation.

'Just Once' ..I chanted. No use, it changed to 'Just one more time'. Hopeless, I had taken the plunge. I knew the consequences very well. It just doesnot augur well for me. All of it were buried under desire.

Well, I had finished eating ten hot hot fried potato bhajis made for my hubby's birthday. I'm on the wrong side of the weigh-scale and with two BP patients around, Bhajis were a distant dream in our house.

Belated Happy Birthday - Rajesh!

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Palrav said...

Hey Sug, you know, sometimes you need to let your epicurean person in you and splurge .... :-) ... My person is always out btw... Next time try our Andhra Mirchi Bajji (Mirchi -> Chilli)