March 09, 2006

Cute Marriage Invite

"Crossing over to the other side of bachelordom, has just one advantage,
You now have someone to help you to cope up with all the
problems, you never had in bachelordom"


Rajendran D said...

Thanks for liking it!

There is a hidden puzzly quirk in it. Can you spot it?

P.S:- Clue, think about whose marriage it was, and what was special about it!

sugan said...

Raj,I guess you meant the cross(+)-marriage and the problems that come along with it. Hope the problems subside soon.

Rajendran said...

No. See the words again.
Look at the opening quote.
It starts with a "Cross" and ends with "Om".

Got the message?



sugan said...

Ahh.. Got it..actually I got the cross..missed the 'om'. ;-)