June 16, 2010

Paa - Splendid

Saw Paa. Amazing movie.
Amitabh's infuses life into the movie without ever being Amitabh. If you had not heard that Big B is acting in the movie, you will never ever make out that the 13 yr old boy, Auro who impresses you onscreen is a 60+ old man. I think, credit should be shared with the Pa director, Balki and the technical crew to have executed this master piece which on paper would have simply read 'Abhishek plays father to a 13yr old Amitabh'. Divya Balan, acts like a dream and looks like a million bucks in sabyasachi sarees. Abhishek held his own even when pitted against author-backed mom & son roles. Ilaiyaraja's magic returns with haunting melodies. Media bashing was the only off-key note in this outing.

June 02, 2010

Soderling - The Leveller

Last French Open, Robin Soderling removed Nadal from Federer's path to Clay Court Glory. But, this time around, he levelled it by handing out a QF defeat to Federer. Federer's record streak of reaching the semifinals in 23 consecutive major events ended with this!!

Soderling is fast becoming the French Open Shocker Specialist. Would love to see a Soderling Vs Nadal final at Roland Garros.