December 31, 2009

Tamil Padam Rocks

Its the biggest spoof film in tamil movies..Tamil Padam was already making waves in print ads. The trailer just sets the expectations roaring..and Oh..Maha Zeeya song rocks.
Eagerly awaiting the movie's release.

December 24, 2009

December Season

December season is something that is unique to chennai. Carnatic Music is in the air..and residing just behind Music Academy, there is no escaping the joyous spirit (and the traffic snarls!). Yet to see any live concert this year ;-(

Aruna Sairam is one of my favorites - You can enjoy the Marathi Abang here - Vrindavani. While flipping channels, Podhigai came up with something on the lines of Krishna Jayanthi celebrations with the audience mainly children dressed as krishna and Radha..And I saw Aruna Sairam delivering Vrindavani Venu..with such gusto that you wanted to dance to the mesmerizing tune. Njoy!

Shibu Soren - the new King

Just three years ago, Shibu Soren had the dubious distinction of being the first union minister to be convicted. Now, he rules the roost at Jharkhand. In the recent assembly elections, people have handed over a fractured mandate, which places Shibu Shoren in a comfortable position where his word is the command.
"I do not want to be kingmaker, I want to be king. It's not important now what Arjun Munda (of the BJP) and Babulal Marandi (of the JVM-P) are stating. Now everything depends on me," Soren told reporters in Bokaro - IBNLive..
- Vaazhga Jananayagham!

December 10, 2009

Kailash Parbhat @ Velachery

Kailash Parbhat is the latest food joint to set up shop in velachery. It operates out of Naihaa complex on 100 ft road, along with Noodle House and French Loaf. Around a month back my friend and I weren't impressed much with the first tryst. Wanted to play safe and ordered Kailash Parbhat special - it looked good with lots of yummy curd but it was too spicy for my taste, emptied almost two glasses of water before finishing off the dish. My friend had ordered corn basket and that was a joke with just a smattering of corn here and there.The place was also full of flies..did not suit the upmarket chain image they are part of. But it was a different experience the second time around. We had Samosa, Channa tikki, dahi papdi everything was damn good. Did I tell you.. the chaats.. all have a distinct flavour that is different from everything else in chennai (gangotri comes a distant second). The pricing is a tad expensive. A third visit would help me decide to give a thumbs up or down ;-))

December 07, 2009

Child's Mind

My friend's six year old son wanted to become a doctor. I kind of told him, you need to really slog, get amazing marks to become a doctor..The kid considered this fact and quipped " OK..let me not become the big doctor..Hmmm..may be I shall become a children's doctor" ;-)