March 07, 2006

Blank Noise - Music to ears

Something commendable is being done.
Charu in Romeo and Eve on Blank Space gives the pointer to the Blank Noise project.
U have a blog-a-thon 2006 that requests people to tell their stories n views about the problem of street harassment.
The menance has grown to take epic propotions in chennai. I dont remember reading anywhere else of girls dying of eve-teasing. The ugly incidents that shook chennai sometime back continue to this day. Eve Teasing is the classic case where the victim is held guilty of the crime.

Now-a days there is a dangerous trend in Movies - heros after the customary 'saving the heroine from eve-teasers' sermonises on why the dress was responsible for the incident and how girls should behave...TV popularises those clippings & I cringe everytime when I see that. (the Sivakasi scene between vijay & asin).

The movie issue seems very trivial to me, after reading the real time ugly incidents in the comments section of the blog-thon 2006.

Spread the word ..Guys.


born_in_the_woods said...

Yes, awareness is the key.Let the world know...

Charu said...

Hi Suganthi, thanks for spreading the word... I wa sborn and borught up in chennai and went to college there - and I remember a lot of incidents invovling myself and friends on the roads and esp the PTC buses. all that about the way a girl dresses is all crap - even if you are fully clad in a salwar kameez with dupatta, this happens...