March 10, 2006

R ur private calls still private?

NDTV has exposed a major scam in the telecom industry. NDTV's Sidharth Pandey went undercover to discover how simple it is to destroy somebody's privacy. The somebody is Barkha Dutt.

"Sidharth also asked the agency to tap Barkha's phone number. At first the detective was a bit wary but agreed to provide details of phone conversations for a price.In seven days, the detective was ready with the details of the people Barkha met and spoke with on her Airtel and Hutch phone lines. There were more than 80 pages for two months of all records.Sidharth then asked for more details, such as the names of the people on the phone records. That too was possible. "You tell me which numbers and I can find out the names and the addresses of the people who called her. It will cost you Rs 250 per number," the detective told Sidharth."


"In a separate operation, a detective agreed to give NDTV's Poonam Agarwal information about her fiancé's bank accounts.He offered bank statements for a fee of Rs 5,000 and said it is easy to break into records of computerised banks. He said only nationalised banks are a problem.Most institutions from phone companies to banks appear to have moles willing to part with private records for just a few thousand rupees."

Read about the entire operation here
Beware, your privacy is under threat!

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