June 19, 2009

Whats happening in Bengal?

Lalgarh is literally cutoff from the rest of the country. It is virtually a challenge to the democracy of this country and what we get to see: another round of shameful politics being played out.

The state ruling party says, opposition is giving tactical support to the protests; wants to avoid another Nandigram (Elections have taught the Reds a bitter lesson). Heights was yesterday, when our beloved home minister PC said 'Use your own forces'. But guess.. better sense prevailed and paramilitary troops have been dispatched.

It all started with an assassination attempt at the CM and police scooped down to harass tribals. People retaliated and maoists found a good reason to push their own agenda. Naxal- Maoists show of strength shows on one hand growing unrest among common people and on the other hand utter collapse of the political machinery.

June 16, 2009

Roger Federer - All time great?

Yes..I would certainly think so...Fedex finally made peace at Roland Garros..would have been happier if the other guy had been Nadal..
p.s: In the euphoria that followed his historic win, I missed the timing of the post..better late than never ;-)

June 12, 2009

June 02, 2009

Tragic demise of Engg. student

Quite upset that human life can be of no value. A first year mechanical engg. student had hanged himself in St.Joseph's Engg hostel. The reason: He was not allowed to appear in the model examination ..it was a punishment for malpractice in an earlier practical exam. He was asked to meet the director for excuse, but couldn't meet him even after three days of standing outside the office room. In his suicide note, he has asked the college management to return his capitation fees and tuition fees to his father.

Really sad, that horror stories are still emerging out of our college. 'Outstanding student' 'office room' 'meet the director' 'bring your parents' 'make them wait outside for three days' 'spy - give ur ID card' 'humiliation' it is just deja-vu - sad memories.

And these people pride themselves on being one among the best colleges in city and parents are falling all over to send their loved ones to this strict atmosphere.

Another aspect to this, is how fragile the young are..these 'punishments' are common there and we were all quite quick to adapt to those and have fun inspite of the draconian rules. All of us had our share of 'office-standing-meet-the-director'. We were thick skinned enough to tide over bad times.

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