March 24, 2006

Students ?

Well, there is a big question mark about the future of the deemed university students in Tamilnadu. Violent incidents have once again marred Sathyabama College. It was painful to see students covering their faces under masks for fear of identification. It's high time the issue is sorted out.
some pointers to the unfortunate events from media
NDTV Report
The Hindu report
And its time for the politicians to make hay - See CPI(M)'s statements
My earlier post on the same issue.

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Rajkumar said... also from that jeppiar trust..the students are afraid to an extent that they cover their faces..the strike is not only bcos of AICTE ..also bcos of strict rules...everything has come out..i had my convocation on 25th in stjosephs...Jeppiar was talking too much like the way he if nothin has happened the day earlier in satyabama...