September 26, 2006

Cool Coorg

Had been to Coorg for a weekend getaway. Have a look at the pieces of Coorg that I have tried to smuggle in.

September 19, 2006

Nike shoes from Cheyyar, Tamilnadu

TN seems to be going places in attracting Foreign Business. The latest being, Growth Link, a subsidiary of Feng-Tay, the Taiwanese Nike shoe manufacturing major. Growth Link has proposed to set up a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Cheyyar in Tiruvannamalai district and also a shoe manufacturing unit in it at an investment of Rs 300 crore.

The SEZ would be coming up in an area of 275 acres and initially provide employment to 5,000 persons. It would increase to about 15,000 in due course.

I personally like the idea of growth / development away from chennai (chennai is already choking!) and Cheyyar is a small to my 'Pugundha ooru' - vandavasi.

September 18, 2006

Brand Recall

Branding was one of the important domains that should have been discussed in detail, in my mgmt school, but alas..just like the others, we preferred to sleep over it. [actually, we woke up to see our prof fainting in one of the lectures]

But there is simply no excuse for a badly executed image makeover - brand rebuilding.

Naidu Hall,to its credit had an excellent image makeover from a lingerie store to one of Chennai's premium women & children textile chains. Now, they are pushing it too far by changing its brand name to Naihaa. It sounds really dumbo to me (Nai means dog in tamil) and it is not easy on a tamil tongue. Letz wait n see.

But, if I were to confer the worst Brand Name change, Indian (from Indian Airlines) would take the cake ..the oven and the entire kitchen too.. Imagine "Please be informed Indian is delayed by 2 hours".."Indian for the weekend is sold out".."Tourists angry with Indian"

September 13, 2006

Maria Sharapova - Very Rich?

Hmm..Finally some gender justice!

The 2006 US Open women's singles winner Maria Sharapova has won seven grand slam titles less than Roger Federer but she has made more money than him this year

Some dizzy stats here

And I shall blog abt Roger Federer if he misses a Grand Slam. Period.

September 11, 2006

September 09, 2006

BlogCamp - Chennai

Catch all the action at BlogCamp, going on in Tidel Park, Chennai. Zoho is one of the official sponsors of the unconference on blogging in India. I'm keeping track of the events thro Arvind's Maximum Blogging

September 07, 2006

Music Plagiarism

Was seeing Dance with Me movie last week (What a mind blowing dance movie..wish, we get to see some movies of this genre in India)

There is this climax Samba dance competition and the music was great..I had a vague feeling of hearing it somewhere and bingo! I found out is the kalki (KB's movie) movie song (goes something like this..bhumi pandhu suriyana suthude suthude ..kaadhala ..kaadhala)

Deva, the music director always had the notorious reputation of being a copy cat. Hmm is a site wherein you can get details of 'who got it from whom' ..I was shocked to find that some of my favorites were actually inspired ones.

Wiki - Dance Form

Must read wiki post. It is about a great dance form, I bet you will never be able to get these details in any of the research books. is the Dappaankuthu wiki [Hat tip: Meers]

Man..somebody actually took pains to write this up...Bravo!!

Last week we had been to Mayajaal to celebrate my company's tenth anniversary..Towards the evening we had music and dance party..Now..wait..dont get any notions about 'Party'..It was Dappaankuthu all the way. My father would have roasted me alive had he seen me 'partying' ;-)
Well..It was all pure fun..n.. some solid exercise.