March 02, 2006

Sign of bad times

The students of Deemed Universities in TamilNadu are a worried lot now.

The Hindu reports
"The students and parents are confused on whether or not the deemed universities should abide by the standards and norms set by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), for running engineering programmes. The colleges, too are not coming out categorically on their next move."

We have seen violence erupting in SRM Deemed University and Sathyabama Deemed University. The colleges have been shutdown. I believe violence is not a solution this problem, it just makes it bigger. The concerned parties - AICTE & the colleges should come clean on the status.

Read another report here.


Raja Raman said...

I do not agree to the solution in this blog simply because I think it was unlawful for the DEEMED universities in the first place to have launched programs and admitted thousands of students without coming to an agreement with the AICTE general council.

This just sounds plain weird from a general point of view.I personally see some EVIL background (in terms of money, power, questioning the AICTE's existence) from the Deemed universities management.

This being my opinion, I think the students have the full right to question the Universities simply because most of the students before joining the University must have not know about this problem. The privately run deemed universities
have a history of hiding the backslides and they seem to go to the maximum extent of hiding the reality just for admitting the students. Infact, they are quite successful in doing such sort of sheer BULLYING.

I personally have been cheated by the Satyabama management for not providing the necessary information before joing their college. I had enough aggregate to have gotten a free seat in one of the good colleges in Chennai, but when my father and me approached the Satyabama management they persuaded us that there was no way that I could join a good college as theirs with my marks. We believed them and actually paid Rs. 60,000 in cash immediately to get a management seat in Satyabama.

We knew that we were CHEATED only when we approached the management to return the money back after receiving an invitation letter to attend a free seat counselling from the then TNPCEE board. The SATYABAMA management simply refused to give the money back. But in anycase, I attended the counselling to atleast decide the branch that I could choose (chemical or computer science) and then came to know that I could have got an admission in Venkateswara college (but not Chem. or CSE though) if only we had not succumed to tbe bullying from the management.
Another surprise to me was that they said that I will be admitted to Satyabama Engg. college when we paid the cash. They also said that I will have the liberty to choose between Chemical or Computer science after my first year...
You know what the reality was? I was admitted to St.Joseph's College in Chemical department...we knew it when I went to get admitted in the Satyabama hostel.
By that time the management had the superior hand as all the counselling was over. My father then had approach the management again and pleaded them to give a seat in Computer Science...
after several meetings the management finally agreed to a seat in Computer Science but only in St.Joseph's.
The story actually continued after my first year at St.Joesph's...I do not even want to go into it.

I wanted to write this simply because I know from my personal experience how persuading the bullies are from the management. The students atleast now have to get an upper hand to make the management realize that what they as an institute are doing is simply not the right thing for a professional institute to do.
I want both the management and the students to be successful and I do not think that the management with their narrow mindedness thus far will be able to produce anything fruitful.
They need to change their mindset!!

sugan said...

Hi Rajaraman,

So..u have big story to tell. U are very right in saying the management should change their mindset. But the worst case is the malaise has now spread to all colleges right till Anna University. Read

At the end of the day, the students alone suffer. Already, this controversy has taken a life. Last week, a student of satyabama had commited suicide.

I just wish peace prevails and the affected parties come to a conclusion.