March 13, 2006


Dan Brown regained my favour after a rather dull Digital Fortress. Yeah, Courted the Angels & Demons in a marathon reading session over the weekend. The story unveils on the same lines as Da Vinci Code...Robert Langdon is first introduced here...moves on the same lines..
Has a dream - SOS call - a brutal murder - symbols around - dechiper. The plot is of Robert Langdon trying to stop the Illuminati, a legendary secret society, from destroying the Vatican City with the newly-discovered power of antimatter.
The pace is as racy as the TDVC, but I felt there was too much of description like the functioning of the vatican , the conclave history. And the clues are hidden in the no chance of u breaking your head to decipher the code as in TDVC.

Well, the ambigrams that form the crux of the story evolved beautifully.

The clues are hidden in the works of the famous Sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The sculptures were really breath-taking, when I saw them.
Habakkuk & the Angel (EARTH clue)
West Ponente (AIR clue)
St.Peter Basilica - Scene of action
The Ecstasy of St Theresa (FIRE clue)
Four River Fountain (WATER clue)


Palrav said...

U r almost telling the story to the folks who didnt read it ;-) ... I liked Angels and Demons better than DaVinci ..except for the stupid ending .... kind of went overboard... Di Fort was a waste of a book ... stupid encryption stuff got to me :-) .. There is one more book of his, which is quite ok ... It has something to do with Nasa and some meteor .. (wont say more than that) .. read it ..

On a different note .. neenge eppidi irkinga? (did I bludgeon it?) ..

sugan said... chaala santhoshangha unnannu (did I bludgeon it?)..And my spirits are real high when I see Gemini & Teja ;-). vadina gaaru Ella unnaru?..(stand up & clap now!)

And..back to the topic...Angels & Demons was very nice with the twists n turns that I didnt expect..But there were many parts which I couldnt comprehend...ur writing has to be very good if u r describing the happenings visually..I thought Dan could have done more when he describes the first encounter of Langdon with the Hassasin - the fall in the Fire-church..then the final jump from the helicopter..Man,,he really went overboard.

I actually felt cheated after reading Digital fortress. Dan is better off with symobls than computers.

I'm yet to read the others..good..u have read the others also.

BTW,,,ur nostalgia is not working

Palrav said...

Wow ... Telugu baaga Maatladavu .. Maccha eppidi irka? (Hopefully thats right)...

na chaala santhoshangha unnannu
-> "Nenu"... leaving that nee rhomba azaghana Telungu pesere !! (baaga cheppana?)

After that helicopter jump I wanted to throw the book away .. He will be a good writer for our movies ..(chiranjeevi jumped from countless moving things)..Beat that Matrix ;-) ...

BTW The name of the novel is Deception Point. Nostalgia has been down for a while.. Will try to update it soon..

Did u get to see Munich or Crashs? Nice movies...

Rajkumar said...

nice post...different...and i didnt understand...can u give me a clear pic..
ba bye..

Rajkumar said...

give a look in

sugan said...

Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for stopping by, I presume you are not aware of Dan Brown, He is now famous for his 'The Da Vinci Code'.
Angels & Demons was one of his earlier works.
Grab a copy & read it...U will Njoy

Ravi: I'm waiting for ur nostalgia to work ;-)