July 18, 2009

Chennai walls become art galleries

For long, the Chennai walls were a riot of colours - a thriving ground for movie publicity and political reminders. But with the digital age and posters, instead of paintings, posters and banners took over.. Sometime back, I think there was a ban on posters too (even now, there are posters, but the numbers have come down significantly).

The OMR road was the first to be dressed up in myriad hues - statues (not like the marina ones - but artistic in nature), paintings, mural works..and what not..., I thought 'why waste so much of money, it would be vandalised soon' but to my pleasant shock, the structures still hold on (1.5 - 2 years since then) [ Flickr photos]

I stumbled upon Cooks Road, Perambur and what a surprise - all the politicians were coming alive on the walls. The immensely talented artists have unleashed their creativity and the likes of Jayalalitha, Vijayakanth retain their larger than life image. Today's TOI has a vijayakanth picture. [A TOI writeup on the artists of Cooks Road]

And, far the past three days, the Anna Salai stretch at Nandanam is getting a face-lift with professional artists painting some scenic stuff on the walls. It is part of the Chennai beautification plan , it seems.

Let see, if Chennai really becomes Singara Chennai ;-)

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Krishnan said...

yes, any day, they are better than garish posters of film stars and ammas and ayyas :-)