November 29, 2006

Shibu Soren's Shameful Saga

Shibu Soren does the classic convicted politician act! (May be I should remove the exclamation mark)

He complained of chest pain after his arrest and is now cooling his heels in AIIMS hospital.

Shibu would be entering the Hall of Fame with his distinction of being the first union minister to be convicted of murder.

Hmm..there is some justice in our judicial system..Shibu Shoren was found guilty of murder of his former secretary Shashi Nath Jha 12 years ago.

Actually, Shibu Shoren was in the eye of the storm for another case. He was asked to resign from his post two years ago, after an arrest warrant was issued in his name in a 30 year old case of killing 11 people. There was much drama after that..He went underground...sent the resignation letter from his hideout ... and finally a high profile surrender..

But, he was reinducted into the cabinet soon (this marred the image of ManMohan Singh in a big way).

Heights was when Jharkand governer called him to form the government in Jharkand (he is the chief of JMM - Jharkand Mukthi Morcha) and was appointed Chief Minister last year. But he couldnt win the vote of confidence..he resigned.

I will not be surprised if this case goes to supreme court and he is able to go scot free (may be Ram Jethmalani will take his case on National Interest )

Last heard, BJP is creating a ruckus in parliament abt this issue..somebody please remind them that years back it was with the help of this very same BJP, Shibu Soren became a RajyaSabha MP.

I would say Shibu Shoren is just plain unlucky to have got the verdict against him..there are scores of lucky asses who are yet to be named in the FIRs, yet to be chargesheeted, yet to have the cases called in the courts, yet to have the arguments completed, yet to have the verdicts given.

No wonder the erstwhile dacoits find politics to be a good career jump option.


Ashok Dhamija said...

Such people always get chest pain just after they have to go to prison. I don't know how many times this story will be repeated! A similar thing happened when a Maharashtra Minister Saroopsingh Naik was sentenced to one month in prison by the Supreme Court about 4-5 months back. In fact, most of this period of 1 month was spent by Naik in JJ Hospital in Mumbai.

Perhaps Shibu Soren may also continue to be in AIIMS till his lawyers can get the bail (if possible) from the higher courts. And, you'll see that the next day he will be alright!

In fact, this morning I had also expressed very similar views on my blog. A rare coincidence! If you so wish, you may see my comments on Shibu Soren on my blog at: ("A few weird thoughts...!").


Dr Ashok Dhamija.

sugan said...

Thank you Dr. Ashol Dhamija for stopping by and letting us know your views. And lot more sentences are happening..sanjay, sidhu..