September 16, 2009

No Salad Bars in Chennai?

I am a die-hard fan of Namdhari salads [another link] in Bangalore, Sadashivnagar. There are quite a few outlets that cater to healthy eating in Bangalore. But somehow, the concept of salad bars has failed to reach chennai. There are a few organic vegetables and fruits outlets thats all...The Pizza Hut garden fresh salad is the best that I have tasted in chennai. Subway salads are overrated.
Wanted: Salad bars in Chennai..Is somebody hearing?


Meera said...

I've seen a salad bar opposite to SIET college.. never been there. I saw it, may be, two years ago... donno its existence now..
Have u tried salad meals in Sri Krishna Sweets, Radha Krishnan Road??

Archana said...

I work close to SIET. Will check that out. And yes, a dire need indeed! Somehow no one has bothered to check it out. Krishna Sweets does not have salad meals anymore. Had it when it was there. Yum! If you are a Isha meditator, you may have a chance to have their 10 course raw food-semi cooked meal on a sunday! yum!

sugan said...

Meers: SIET ..guess it is not there now..SriKrishna salad meals were not that great..
Archana: I have heard abt Isha's raw food culture..I know we can make that home..but I want to just hop in and get to taste variety of salads..When I was on a salad spree, I got red peppers, yellow peppers, celery ...the quantity was more..not what you want for a single salad meal..thats why a salad bar is convenient.

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