May 23, 2007

Velachery - Reliance Fresh, Nilgiris, Spencers

A year ago, I had buzzed about Velachery being a marketer's delight while blogging about Ratna cafe's outlet.

Velachery is actually a marketer's delight. But unfortunately, there aren't
any big names in any sphere - be it hotels, theatres, hospitals, textiles,
schools, shopping malls, etc., With new apartments, (50 to 100 houses)
springing up every now and then, the demography of velachery has completely
changed from a sleepy suburb to a haven of software professionals & their
likes. Albeit no facilities. I always wondered, why the biggies in the business
didn't tap the market that is waiting to explod? a Saravana Bhavan
would be a killer in velachery, Hmm.. Ratna Cafe seems to have more market
acumen. But I'm sure the rest will follow suit.

[How long can you keep quoting others ;-)) ...Anyways back to the topic...]

The scene is now rapidly changing with a new store added almost on a daily basis.

Try this..

Reliance fresh opens TWO retail stores on the two parallel main roads - Velachery Main Road (near velachery bus stop) & 100 feet road (in the new KG Building). Spencers is on its way to open its second retail store ( Good marketing tip: Put up the neon nameboard even before you hit the first nail for the store). Nilgiris has found a place in the narrow & crowded velachery bus stop area. Naidu Hall, Nathella Jewellers,

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