May 22, 2007

Train to Pakistan - Khushwant Singh

Read Train to Pakistan over the weekend..I have read Khushwant Singh's articles before..dunno..just thought this guy wrote for publicity. But this book is worth the read. Much of the impact must be credited to the real-life incident, the book focuses on - the gruesome aftermath of the partition of India.

Smooth introduction to the characters, slow buildup to the events - letting you imagine the horror and a fitting finale. It was particularly nice to note that the author did not take sides, never imposed his views and there is a gray tint to all his characters. On the flip side, I found the English translations of native profanity(liberally strewn all over) very very funny.


Yugandhar V said...

not related to this post. saw this?,+zoho

Anonymous said...

sugu , why dont u write something which me like pamara makkal can understand :(

padarein , padipareiyen , pallikoodam nan ariyen ,,,,,,,,,,,:)

sugan said...

Yugandhar: Let me tell you..Zoho is going to give google a tough time..

Jay: Comeon..Do I sound like a nerd??