May 31, 2007

No Tobacco..Please

Today, Radio Mirchi had organised an interesting program at Anna University bus stop. A group of volunteers were seen coaxing smokers to put their cancer sticks into a special Hundiyal, in exchange they got chocolates & pamphlets on tobacco's ill effects. The anti-promotion was organised as part of World - No Tobacco Day.

Also, on air was an interview with Dr.Vidu Balan, a doctor at Adyar Cancer Institute. A pragmatic question asked to her : All smokers don't get cancer, heart attack, but at the same time, non smokers do get cancer. Why so? The answer is probability. The gene pattern decides whether you get cancer or not. It is just that the probability of smokers getting cancer is much higher than non smokers.

Another fact: Passive or second hand smoke is as bad as active smoking. The probability of a smoker's spouse getting lung cancer is 20% higher than that of a non smoker's.

There were many banners having the caption "Your Smoking is injurious to my health".

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