May 11, 2007

Little Secrets - Movie

Blame it on the CAS curse, my inglipish movie watching has drastically reduced. PIX is the only solace now.. happened to watch 'Little Secrets'. A very nice movie.

The movie moves along with the female protagonist, Emily - a vivacious teenager who is very good at playing violin. Her utlimate dream is to get into the San Francisco Youth Orchestra. She gets trained under her mentor Puline. Her parents are expecting and this causes a turmoil in Emily's life [ an explosive secret is revealed later]. Emily also has an interesting hobby - Secret Keeper. The kiddos in the region queue up to offload their little secrets for a fee. [Never ever heard of such a hobby/profession].

A new family comes up in their neighbourhood. There are 2 brothers - Elder one David (things sizzle between Emily & him) and the younger one is Philip (He soon becomes buddy buddy with Emily)..Philips shares a dark secret abt this elder brother , Emily shares secrets abt her friends, their parentsrevealtheir secrets (insecurities)...soon all Secrets are out the open. This causes hatred among the group. In the meanwhile, Emily meets with an accident & misses her audition. The brothers do their bit & secure a place for her..And then subham.

A neat entertainer which gives a peek into the lives of budding adults. Emily & Philip were very endearing in their portrayals. Wonder when they will make tamil films like these???

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 6 on 10 rating.

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