April 20, 2006

Triplicane Ratna's Cafe in Velachery

Good! Finally some decent hotel has planned to open its doors in Velachery. Triplicane Ratna's cafe, famous for it's Idli sambar & filter coffee is opening its third branch in 100 ft bypass road, velachery.

I still remember the first time, I visited Ratna cafe in triplicane. For the hype that my father was building, I imagined it to be a swanky hotel, but the hotel was rather mundane & there were scores of people. But when I tasted their trademark Idli sambar, my views changed drastically. If there is something called heaven, then the sambar was definitely heavenly.

Velachery is actually a marketer's delight. But unfortunately, there arent any big names in any sphere - be it hotels, theatres, hospitals, textiles, schools, shopping malls, etc., With new apartments, with 50 to 100 houses springing up every now and then, the demography of velachery has completely changed from a sleepy suburb to a haven of software professionals & their likes. Albeit no facilities.

I always wondered, why the biggies in the business didnt tap the market that is waiting to explod? I thought, a Saravana Bhavan would be a killer in velachery, Hmm.. Ratna Cafe seems to have more market acumen. But I'm sure the rest will follow suit.


catonthewall said...

Came here via gilli. Glad to know that a well-known establishment is setting up shop in "my paettai" :D

Anonymous said...

Other marketer's are coming up in velachery. Did you notice the new velachery Sony World showroom within walking distance of the Vijaynagar bustand? I think Velachery is becoming a significant shopping area of Chennai.

sugan said...

Ah..finally I went to Ratna Cafe last week. Had the famed Sambar-Vadai. It was definitely nice but I was a bit disappointed bcos the Ratna Cafe Sambar touch was missing. And not to mention the ridiculous pricing. The cafe is getting bad vibes due to heavy rush & callous attitude of the waiters.

Anonymous said...

Yes velachery is the most happening place nowadays

Shankar said...

God! I never knew Vellachery makkall were so dry waiting for any damn place near by to hangout! So many cars and bikes. I was one among who got literally left awe seeing the crowd at initial days of Velachery Rathna Cafe! Worst service, worst food, on top of all no A/C. FYI we didn't wait to eat that day, we simply left the place! Saravana bhavan is my favorite, I dont know why velachery has not got the eyes of SB! Now Rathna Cafe has A/C, good space! all the time buffet! an ok service, but at the blogger said, hell of the price and ok idly sambar!!! Rathna Cafe has become my last preference!!! I like the small restaurant opposite to punjabi hut in taramani road near sony world! Nice little ambience, good service and an ok food! Some of the varieties were tastier!

Shankar said...

Shankar - TechnoPhil@gmail.com

artnavy said...

agree agree on rathna cafe
but they need to improve the service and offer home delivery

check out my post on vibrant velachery?

Anonymous said...

any international schools in Velachery near vijaynagar??

rishi said...

zI have been staying in Velachery since October and this place is developing at amazing speed. Evey sat sun when i take a walk on the 100 feet road atleast 5-6 new shops would have come up.
But Rathna cafe is one of the few bad restaurants i have come across here. Actually i try a new one every week. Rathna people lack hospitality first and foremost thing. next there is nothing special in their food as the hype that surrounds it.
One restaurant i have liked is Kalavara though even their hospitality is bad many times but the food and the karoke makes up for it.today have ordered from Deli express wil tell you peop[le about it once i eat the food

nivash said...

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