May 14, 2007

SUN eclipsed by SON

Succession politics is being played out in TamilNadu after a long time. Yesterday, the axe fell on Dayanidhi Maran - Former Telecom & IT Union Minister.

Myriad Reasons
- Maran started acting like a parallel power center. Karunanidhi will never let it happen, however close the aspirants are.
- Maran has ruffled quite a few feathers in the DMK..Insiders were waiting for the right moment to pool in their might to collectively oust him. Madurai proved to be a flash point.
- Azhagiri is still a power to reckon with esp in South Tamilnadu. Even though, things are clear that Stalin will take over the mantle (which I think, he can rightly do so.)

Funny thing...the national media is playing up Dayanidhi Maran as a matyr...and is very surprised that Kalaignar wields so much power.....Everything said & done, the old man is still the very much shrewd & in control chief.

I'm inquisitive abt the approach SUN is going to take from now onwards. It is indeed very rare to see the same flash news running in SUN TV & Jaya TV.

But in all these twists & turns, it should not be forgotten that justice must be rendered to those innocent three families who lost their beloved in a family feud.


Vicky said...

// SUN eclipsed by SON


Badri said...

he who lives by the sword,......

Dayanidhi maran got the post thanks to his grand Uncle, who now decided to take it back!

that was a nice roller coaster ride in 3 years