January 04, 2006

Stop the dangerous ship - Clemenceau

"Imagine you're the State of France. What do you do with a 27,000-ton warship full of asbestos, PCBs, lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals, which you don't want and no European country is willing or able to scrap for you? Why, you send it off to India to be broken up by hand in a scrapyard where impoverished workers are injured and die every day."

Greenpeace International starts off its crusade with this chilling Q&A. Have a run through this report that documents the 'Tales of the Ghost Ship'

"Clemenceau is one of the largest ships to be sent for scrap but every year a vast decrepit armada bearing a dangerous cargo of toxic substances, asbestos, PCBs and heavy metals, ends up in ship breaking yards in Bangladesh, India, China and Pakistan, where they are cut up in the crudest of fashions, taking a huge toll on human health and the local environment."

The Statesman covers the protests of activists outside the French Embassy,yesterday.

Here is the link to the report given by Green Peace way back in 1999, which details the hazards of Ship Breaking.

Its clear that India has become the favourite dumping yard of the world. Its high time this stops! Lets register our strong protest too.

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