January 17, 2006

Knock! Knock! Oolai-chuvadi Irrukka?

This is would be the question that 2,000 NSS volunteers, including 200 from Bharathidasan University, would be asking in all houses in Tiruchi, TamilNadu.

It would mean: Do you have palm manuscripts in your house?

Sign of good times ..I should say.

There is enormous wealth lying idle in the ancient palm manuscripts. Serious organized effort should be put in, to bring those gems outside. Great to hear that Union Ministry of Culture under its `National Mission for Manuscripts' programme, had sanctioned Rs.20 lakh for tracing the manuscripts. I just hope the money is utilized properly & we unearth forgotten history.

This information was shared in a function organized to celebrate the golden jubilee of Tiruchi Tamil Sangam.

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nalliyakkodan said...

great news