January 30, 2006

Appa's Retirement

Hmm..Finally the D Day has arrived for my Father...Yeah..He is retiring from Madras University tomorrow after a worthwhile 30 + years of HONEST service.

There is a lot partying to happen tomorrow..I have got some surprises up my sleeves..
Got a cute card for him..It goes like this

"Away from the hsutle and bustle of your busy days,
it's time to take a step into a future,
where happy and peaceful moments are waiting for you.
It's time to relax and appreciate the precious
gifts of life- the pleasure of doing your favourite things,
the happiness of living each day to its fullest
And the love of your dear ones...."

Would blog the happenings on wednesday..Tata


Gops said...

Good luck with your surprise party. Would love to hear the happenings.

sugan said...

Thanks for your wishes Gopi! Surprises started with my hubby & me visiting one of the functions at Madras University..Then tagged along with my Dad to his section...took photos with his collegues (my dad doesnot have a single office photo)...Then hurried back home to give final touches to the dinner party that started at.. can u believe 5 pm and went on till 9.00 p.m, We had a steady stream of visitors (mostly invited by me)..But the glitch is I had planned to get an exercise cycle, which I'm yet to buy. Should definitely make it by this weekend atleast.