January 19, 2006

Sarasvathi Mahal Library - Tanjavur

Long Long ago, Thanjavur was ruled by Maharaja Serfoji II. Serfoji ascended the throne in 1798. Serfoji devoted his life to the pursuit of culture and Thanjavur became renowned as a seat of learning. Serfoji's love of learning and thirst for knowledge led him to enrich Sarasvati(saraswathi?) Mahal Library, which was a Palace Library.

OK..before the monologue becomes boring, let me take u there. Visit the virtual Sarasvathi Mahal

Check out
* Charles Le Brun's Human Physiognomy Charts
* Opthalmic Case Sheets
* The oldest printed book available in this Library is an atlas dated back to 1692, 1693 and 1696.
* Paintings collection.

Wish u had lot of kings like Serfoji!

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