January 03, 2006

Phew! Lots to ponder

A quick run through of the stories that held my attention today..

Happy Moment: The sensex has created history by conquering the 9500 mark. Economic Times shares this good news. 10,000 is not far away ;-)

Sports Roundup: Chennai Open Tennis Championship had a fabulous start yesterday. WWW.Chennaiopen.org has all the action. Prakash Amritraj starts on a winning note. Chennai comes alive during the maarkazhi season ..I guess

Foul play?: NDTV reports that Gudiya, the wife of a soldier gone missing during the Kargil war, died on Monday after a multiple organ failure in a Delhi hospital. Yes, she is the same person who had to decide (nope! the panchayat decided) between her husbands on a sic reality show on TV.

Bright Spot: Stumbled across varalaaru.com(history(tamil).com), some time back. Hats off to the guys who run this. It is one of the few sites that has authentic & extensive information on south Indian history, other the usual "The pallavas ruled over tamilnadu. After that you have the cholas, cheras & pandyas. The end of the story."
My main grouse has been that Tamil Nadu has such a vast history and very little of it has been documented on the Net. NCERT's history book is still under the clouds for various reasons, My take on it would be - you would have only a fleeting reference to south Indian history. More on it in another blog.

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