January 05, 2006

Fallen Spiritual Guru

I can feel the I-Know-this-will happen chuckle when I read abt the exposure of Yoga guru Ramdev's (where do these people get so 'divine'sounding rhyming names?)ayurvedic pill for epilepsy.

Brinda Karat of CPI(M)took him to task for the adulterated herbal medicines produced by his pharmacy. They are found to contain animal parts & human skull powder ! Yuck!

"People take those medicines in full faith. Imagine it containing animal parts and human skull. It's so gross, its a question of ethics," CPI(M) Brinda Karat says.

Poor Swamiji has responsed in the only way he could.."It is possible that Ms Karat provided an adulterated sample to the lab after faking it as a product of my pharmacy,"

Catch the action in IBNlive Interestingly, the comments on the article come down heavily on Mrs.Karat.

Here is the link to an interesting article on the profit economics of Godmen & their channels in the Indian Express.

The list of fallen godmen keeps growing! I am Happy. Period.

Update:Well..Well. Our Laluji has come forward with his support to Ramdev, pointing his finger at the MNCs


Anonymous said...

well according to me dude you actually have no idea about who the guy is and what he has been doing ...cause me not being a follower of his..or even a yoga enthusiast...i have seen him time and again on tv etc.. and trust me this dude is for real he stays away from politics and other such stuff which mainly cause the downfall of these godmen's. He even refuses to go abroad, as according to him he should spread the light in his own country first before enlightening some other country. Unlike all the fallen gurus etc who went abroad at the very first chance they got.
So its uncool of you to make any comments as i think ur actually not apprised of the situation and the kinda guy you talking about ..however everyone has a right to say whatever they want..!

sugan said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. But I disagree, The blog was more on the expose on the herbal drug from Ramdev's pharma. The Health ministry - Govt of India has indeed confirmed that animal & human traces has been found in the medicine. I have not commented on his non-exsistent abroad career.
Follow -http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=60888
Full marks to the yoga practice on TV but what jolted me was the economics behind it. Indian Express had covered it in an another story (present in my main article)

Amit Gaur said...

Hi .. being from Hardwar .. the place of Ramdev gives me a chance to speak about him ... i have been to his ashrams in Kankhal many times 9 with my parents) .. i dont know whats going on behind the scene but about the medcines made i would like to tell that Ramdev himself always say that "i am giving you the formula .prepare medicine yourself.. for those who are old and can not do that we are making medicine " .... anyways he also teaches Yoga and thats helping millions ..

Vinayak said...


Happy new year.

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