July 18, 2009

Nancy Drew

Read this article - Nancy Drew and her Grand Daughters in NYTimes with much interest and lots of flashback to my school days and Easwari Lending Library.

"..Nancy Drew’s popularity persists, even though the series has been rewritten, chopped and churned out with contemporary inflections — like cellphones — that make traditionalists quietly ill. Melanie Rehak, who wrote “Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her,” said that the target age for readers has dropped since the series’ 1930 debut. Originally intended for girls ages 13 to 16, she said, the books are now read by elementary school-age girls."

"Lisa Von Drasek, children’s librarian at the Bank Street College of Education, analyzed the series’ continuing appeal. “Familiar characters, cliffhanging adventures and predictability,” she said. “Everything will be explained in the end. Kids still gobble them like peanuts: they’re viral in the best sense.”

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