July 23, 2009

Bajaj Allianz - Jiyo Befikar - Song

With all the talk about recession, selling financial - insurance products is not a rosy affair. But I think Bajaj Allianz has struck gold with its latest Promo.

The jingle - Yeh kis pyaari hifaazat main ho befikrii kii haalat hai..is soulful.

M&C Saatchi, the ad firm has invested in the best brains of the industry - Lyrics by Gulzar, Music by Vishal Baradwaj and rendered brilliantly by Sukhwinder Singh. The jingle is making waves in Tamil RadioFMs too. The TVC [ YouTube] is also to the point - "Njoy a carefree life - there is some one to protect you" - a certain freshness is associated with it [ parachute is old though!]. Now they have tied up with Love Aaj Kal - the Saif, Deepika film also. Its also complimenting each other.

"Yeh kis pyaari hifaazat main ho befikrii kii haalat hai,
badi mazabut baahon main ho suraj ki hararat hai,
tumhare vaaste tufaan sehlein muskuraon tum,
jiyo har lamha tumko zindagi pine kii aadat hai…”

What is this lovely safety, Being carefree (not worried about anything) is my state.
On strong arms I'm in, entangled in the sun's rays.
For your sake, I can even bear the storm.
Live each moment, you have a habit of drinking life. [ My friend at office translated this shayari]


Mafia Inc. said...

hey, nice translation! another thing worth mentioning is that Bajaj Allianz apparently took a risk by shifting to a brand-centric approach, while it was the only company that had a very rational appeal to its advertising. But yes, it has worked wonders for them. The Bajaj Allianz-Love Aaj Kal contest is hosted on http://www.jiyobefikar.com/

Krishnan said...

I quite often love watching ads rather than inane serials.

sugan said...

Mafia Inc: Yeah, I saw the website,, it is poorly done..though

Krishnan: Creating ads is a bigg challenge...

rahul said...

Realy a touching add and a unique advertisment

chaitra said...

Absolutey love this bit...It's amazing how a 45 minute piece can leave such an impression. :)

Infact, I watched Love Aaj Kal for this song, only to realize that it wasn't a part of the movie.

Got to your blog while looking for ways to download this song.

chaitra said...

*45 second piece :)