July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Its been ages since I went to theater and watched a movie. But Harry Potter is not something that I could give a miss..So, went ahead and indulged in the Harry Potter mania (a night show - just the second time in my life!)

Zoom.. Action starts from Frame one itself. Some splendid visuals - greet us as London is terrorized by the Death Eaters. Let me not go into the story. But list out the superb scenes
1. Opening London attack
2. Prof. Horace Slughorn's intro as an armchair [ Dumbledore observes ' U make a very good Arm Chair']
3. Harry succeeding in making a great potion in the first class itself, when even Hermonie couldn't. The look on Hermonie's face is priceless.
4. Chase between Harry and Bellatrix and the subsequent destruction of Burrow.
5. Ron under Love potion effect
6. The retrieval of the Locket and the last fight against the Inferni, the flames are a great piece of Graphics work.
I love the small nuances like Harry and Ron fighting it out for the Potions book, Harry trying to look occupied when Lavender Brown proclaims her love for Ron on their train compartment door, the girls make a move to inhale the love potion and are disappointed when the lid is closed, Harry twitching his head when he touches the Ring Horcrux, the 'knowing look' on Harry, when Hermione tries her best to remind Ron about his hospital talk [Daniel Radcliffe looks really smart in that scene;-)]

Also, there were some amazing dialogues -
At the weasley twins' store
Ron: how much
Fred: 5 gallons
Ron: I'm your brother
Fred: 10 gallons
After the Slughorn's Party
Ron: How was the party?
Hermione: "Boring, though..pauses...Harry enjoyed the dessert" [ implying Ginny joined the party late during dessert time], much to the embarrassment of Harry.
After some action in the room of requirements
Innocent Ron: Did u and Ginny do it?
Rattled Harry: Whattt?
Again Innocent Brother Ron: Did u hide the book?
Relieved Harry: Oh .Yess
Prof.Slughorn: Students are not supposed to roam around after school hours
Harry under the influence of Good Luck Potion: Why don't you come along with me..
Prof.Filius Flitwick, while doing security check : Tell me your name, Potter
Exasperated Harry: You know me for the past six years
Prof: Rules are rules

Emma Watson simply radiates on the screen, from her intro applause in the theater, one can gauge her popularity. Rupert Grint spreads goofish charm as Ron. And it is hard to differentiate Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe.
Now coming to minuses - obviously it is with comparison to the book
1. I didn't take a liking to Ginny's casting, also the book explores a far more romantic angle.
2. Ron-Lavender Brown- Hermione - scenes are shallow, Ron, Hermione, per say don't have action scenes, they just don't use their wands
3. Many scenes are alerted - I would have preferred the Harry serving detention - misses the crucial match - Ron & Ginny win it big - Harry snogging Ginny - Ron giving a nod to their relationship.

But Harry Potter series is beyond the minuses..You have to simply relish it.


Anonymous said...

Good write up Susan! I thought it was more like watching the highlights of HP6. As for the plus.. 2,3 & 5 were splendid. However consolatory it might be Ron's heroics in the Quidditch match was awesome too :)And Ron and Harry's conversation after the Room of Req scene was a saving grace. I thought Ginny looked stone faced for most part of the movie. Also the parts of Ron, Hermoine, Draco etc were very very short.
Had hp6 been made into a 2 part movie it might have been better..
Here's hoping that hp7 lives up to its billing..
Bottom line?? Disappointed :(

sugan said...

Yeah..Aparna, if there were two parts..all the detailing would have gone in..

Marty191 said...


Prof.Filius Flitwick: Names?
Exasperated Harry: You know me for five years...
Prof: No excuses, Potter!

great movie review though, this is so far best HP movie :)