April 16, 2007

Total Recall - Advertising

Happened to watch - Total Recall - Advertising on Times Now channel.

Some of the Ads that were featured
The Fevicol Ad that made Piyush Pandey - Dum Laghake aisa - featuring the elephants & the now famous - Rajkumar Hirani
Luna Ad - once again Rajkumar Hirani
Hamara Bajaj - the different cultures
Kamasutra - Pooja Bedi - truely path breaking
Lehar Pepsi - Remo, Juhi & the Kid rocked - Are you ready for the magic??
And the all time fav - social ads
Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya .. & the ever so popular Mile Sur Mera Tumara. (Good Old..DD)

They also had a small segment on child stars - Cant believe, Shahid Kapoor & Ayesha Takia are the original Complan Boy & Girl and Aftab .. the Farex Baby.

Hmm..quite nostalgic.


prakash said...

remember Jugal Hansraj from bournvita ad? jackie shroff in charminar cigar ad?

sugan said...

Yeah..they had featured Jugal Hansraj too..but I think, it was for iodex - the boy gets drenched in rain - mom scolds - the boy brings out bouquet & wishes her Happy Birthday.
My Fav ad - woodwords gripe water