April 30, 2007

Erode Musings

Had been to a city that was hotter than Chennai. It looks like the sun reserves some special radiation effect for Erode. Chennai, atleast has sea breeze easing the stuffiness around...The trees in Erode (not many) seemed to have joined non-cooperation movement..not a single branch swayed. (Hmm..kodi asaindhadhum kaatru vandhadha?..kaatru vandhadum kodi asaindhadha?)

Kaveri flows like water from a leaky hosepipe. I could visibly see red dye- water flowing into the already depleted waterbed. So much for action against water pollution. Crossed over & went to Pallipalayam. Pallipalayam is famous for garments & chicken. Picked up sizable number of dresses and left the chicken as it is.

Erode by itself doesn't seem to have any tourist attraction. If you have dravidian leanings, you might want to visit Periyar memorial house. If you are god-fearing, u have got some good choices - Mariamman temples, Murugan temples...etc., If you can travel for few Kms, you can visit Bavani sagar dam, Vellode bird sanctuary.

The people of this area have imbibed great level of politeness. Even the auto men say 'sari anna' ..'nandri'. Felt very bad about my own tamil.

Almost every road had Pazhamudhir Nilayams - Fruit Juices Shop. Did our bit too - water melon juice was heavenly..with the sun blasting away like the Aussie team.

Something that made my jaw drop: Price Quote for a single muzham (feet?) of mullai - a variety of jasmine flower was Rs. 30. ammadi!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi sugan wher can i get a copy of Thandai Periyar Thoughts & Speeches

sugan said...

You can try http://www.periyar.org/