April 02, 2007

Chidaral - Thirucharanmalai hillock

Today's RLT (Road Less Travelled) in Hindu, captures the beautiful historical Thirucharanmalai hillock. Chitharal/Chidaral is 55km from Kanyakumari, 36km from Nagercoil

As you go around the wall of rock art, another flight of steps takes you to the imposing ruins of a temple perched right on top of the hill. Most of the deities in the central shrine are believed to be those of the Jain Thirthankaras, namely Parsvanatha and Mahavira.

Was surprised to see a Wiki on these Chitharal Jain Monuments

It is famous for the hillock which has a cave containing rock-cut sculptures of Thirthankaras and attendant deities carved inside and outside dating back to the 9th century A.D. Jain influence in this region was due to the Jain King Mahendra Verman-I (610-640 AD).
But, the RLT, on the face of it seems to be generously inspired from this Hub article

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Justin said...

Iheard about chidharal is on of the jain monuments location. I came to one conclusion about chidharal it is one of the well evidence of Jainism in the south especially for Kanniyakumary District. Long back Nadars also followed this religion(it is not prooved). But they are claim we was as a Jainist during the 9th centuries.