April 16, 2007

Cycling, Hercules, Elliots Beach

Had been to Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar on sunday morning to participate in the - Hercules Pedal for Health event. ET Madras Plus, in association with Hercules, Indian Terrain and Fitness One conducted this event. Hercules, provided cycles for all participants. I took to the cycle after soooo many years. Hmmm.. It was good fun to pedal thro the scenic streets of besant nagar. The event was organised in a professional manner with pilot vehicles, flag guards at all vantage points, etc., But the reception desk at the beach couldnt handle the crowd..If you have freebies round the corner, the crowd just swells in. The morning walkers at the beach coolly collected the t-shirts, caps, energy snacks pack and walked away. You have to agree..there is no inequality in that..the nearby kuppam people too had a field day.

After a refreshing 20 min cycling stint, thought of hitting the waters. Man...What a scene! The beach looked like a Mega Garbage Dumping yard. The filth was repelling enough ..even for a true blooded chennaiite like me. Yuck..Dont even think of going near the waters!!

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