April 04, 2007

Sivaji Lyrics - athiradee macchan

Recently at a function, AVM Saravanan had said that Valee was the most expensive tamil lyric writer in filmdom. He had charged TWO LAKHS to write one song in the movie - Sivaji - the costliest ever.

I was eagarly waiting to know, what was there in the song for two lakhs.
Utter disappointment after hearing the song :-((

AR Rahman has sure given a rocking number with good beats & rhythm. But even after hearing the song for two days, I was not able to decipher the lyrics.

Well, take a look at the attachment (thanks vikki for fwding the CD cover). Crappy Lines. I'm not looking for any kavidhai here, but some sensible lyrics please.

The song could have been very well in Latin. It made no difference.

Athiradee kaaran macchan macchan macchan di
avanku ellam uccham uccham uccham than di

Rathi...Thee thee thee jaga jyothi jyothi jyothi
tha..la..pathy vaedi jhathi jhathi jhathi
Adi..billa ranga baasha than evan pistal paesum baesha than

Rathi.. thee ..sutta dhakal dhakal damal dumeel
paanja.. saanja.. kaanja.. menja.. thonja ..maanja..ja jaa..ja jaa---

Dil Dhik Dil thendral nenjil
Thithikindra Andril Kunjil
jill jal jill ginger pennil
jhill endru oru gin dhaan kannil
tha.. tha ..thotu konjam
thodha sittu sikudhe ..sokkudhe
oru shock yeram padi showkka..
thota onnu rendu pota ponnu thulludhe thulludhe
vaedi vaetu poda- vizhum flata
Gun Gun en stengun Roger Moor pole - Dhisyum
munnal pen undu ..endhan pinnaal kan undu
fun fun un love fun ..Eddy Murphy pole..naughty
nee endhan
maan than
naan than
don than
Man..Man superman than midnight-le siperman than
NRI undhan eye than ..Jamesbond pola seiyum spy than
cuba pola oru theva ponnu nikudhe.. mukkudhe
endhan tension-um yerum rhombha fast-a
castro pola indha mastro sondham kollava..killava
indha first nighte enna wastea

bun bun nee
sweet bun.. butter jam pole
Naan than undhan maele than
naan otikolla than vaa

1 2 3 4 5 mutham thandale thaen than
en anbe my fair lady- nee than



Anonymous said...

Absolute crap just like the actor

Swetha said...

A small correction...
#"Man..Man superman than midnight-le siperman than"
athu spiderman Suganti siperman illa :)lol It doesnt make any sense anyway
Nice review

coimbatore said...

Two lakhs for this song???
I can write thousands of this kind of songs myself.
Why should we spend so much of our time in writing code?
I am seriously think of a change in my profession.

Anonymous said...

Writing such a lyric is easy..
Aana apdi paadaradhu romba kashtam.

The music and song is impressing a lot.

Indha paatta kaetutu, ennadhan padaranganu therinjukanunu oru aarvam ulla varudhu pathingala.. adhan adhan indha songoda speciality. :).

Rathnavel said...

Many (including enga ooru kaararu) boast that writing those lines is easy! Lemme tell you, its damn tough!

Kudos to Vaali! Would you expect this from a 80 year old man?

It is not crap! It is common sense in disguise!