July 27, 2006

Mumbai Blasts - Astrology gives answer

Heights of stupidity!

This post is dedicated to all people who login into astrology sites as soon as they come to work n otherwise too..

"As Mumbai limps back to normalcy, we shall see the astrological reasons for the blasts.

1 First of all Mars is 29 degree. Transit of Rahu, Saturn, Ketu Mars in rasi sandhi will bring difficulties like mass death, etc.
2 See where Saturn is placed. Saturn is in the sign of Kataka which is the western direction.
3 Moon and Mars crossed each other in opposition, that is seventh house.
4 Saturn came closer to earth.

So it was clear that the western part of India was vulnerable to mass death. Aslesha nakshatra is generally for snakes which can be translated into railways. It was pratipada of Krishna paksha and added to it, it was a Tuesday.

Basically, most of these attacks take place during Krishna paksha closer to Amvasaya, Poornima, Pratipada, Astami Navami, Sashti, Thryodasi."

Taken from a popular site - chennaionline.com/astrology section

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