July 18, 2006

BAN - Hell with it

The Government has for sure rubbed the bloggers on the wrong side. It would be prudent on their part to withdraw the ban at the earliest, or else this is going to snowball into a BIG Controversy n Embarrassment.

Thanks to Arvind for pointing out this quote

An Indian political blog is reporting that the ban was initiated by the Indian intelligence service to stop terrorism. According to their source, the terrorists are using blogs to communicate. Not only is this useless (because the terrorists can simply use proxies), it's akin to shutting off the country's telephone service because terrorists talk to each other through phones.

If this is the way we are going to close in on terrorists, I see no hope.

All about the blog ban & its aftermath
http://censorship.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Bloggers _Against_Censorship

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