July 21, 2006

Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban

Last week, read Harry Potter - Part III - Prisoner of Azkaban.
Mind boggling action, very racy towards the end. The revelations abt Sirius Black n abt the death of James & Lily Potter were startling. You have to give it to J.K.Rowling for such great imagination. And another thing that I noted is most of the magic revolves around what you think, what you want. Thats healthy magic. For eg. Harry fights the Dementors (who suck out soul, happiness) by concentrating on the happiest moment of his life.
The details abt Azkaban & the Dementors that guard the island had an uncanny resemblence to my college. Man..that place really sucks out your happiness and leaves you with unhappy memories only.

I cant wait to jump to the next - Goblet of Fire.


Palrav said...

Not all unhappy memories I hope !! :-(

sugan said...

Guys..u people are my reality..;-))
But I'm sure u would agree with my Askaban-college part ..right