July 03, 2006

Books for company

Over the last two weeks had a go at three books
1. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
2. What else..Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
3. Tamil - Vairamuthu's Endha Kulathil Kal Yerindhavargal [people who have thrown stones at the lake]

To Kill a Mocking Bird: It is considered as one of the classics. Hmm, but I took more than a month to finish it. May be, I couldnt connect to the basics of the plot. The language was also pretty hard for me to make a fast read...lot of native lingo thrown in.

The book's journey takes us thro the lives of Jem & scout - a brother & sis duo and their father Atticus, a no-nonsense & affectionate lawyer. Jem & Scout always act out Boo Radley, a neighbor whom they have not seen but have heard rumours abt him being scary. The book details the socio economic conditions of the society. Only half way thro the book, the main story starts with a 'black' man wrongly accused of raping a white woman and Atticus takes up the case as defendant to the black man(Tom) ..in the process gains the hatred of his fellow white community. But, as expected the Tom is convicted & later killed on the pretext that he tried to escape. The bogus rape victim's brother tries to wreck vengeance on Atticus for having supported a 'black' man and for arguing against his sister. In the climax, the villan brother tries to kill Jem & scout but Boo Radley saves them.

The author successfully portrays the racial discrimination that was prevalent in the olden times. The enduring theme of the novel is to accept people as they are & treat them equally. And I personally liked the character - Atticus , the book is full of lessons on how to bring up children & Atticus is a dream father.

Harry Potter: I'm must be one of the last bunch of readers to read Harry Potter. Started to read the series just last month. I must say, I have fallen in luv with the magic of Harry Potter. It requires great writing skills to capture the imagination of the readers & to take them to an entirely different world. Full marks to J.K.Rowling. And the movie is also turning out to be my 'seen most number of times' movie. Casting has never been soo apt. Harry Potter, Ron, Hermonie, Dumbeldore, Snape, Hagrid n everyone come alive on screen. The Quidditch matches just took my breath away.
And I particularly liked the way, wizards & witchcrafts are potrayed ..contrary to the existing cultivated beliefs. Whenever, I see Harry fly on his Nimbus 2000, I zoom back to Dan Brown's words on how sacred symbols of Pagan worship were converted into satanic symbols , he quotes the pointed witch hats & the broomsticks in Da Vinci Code. Hmm ..point to be noted.

Vairamuthu's Endha Kulathil Kal Yerindhavargal: I'm half way thro the book. Vairamuthu chronicles the impact of the entire gamut of people who have crossed his life. I first read the chapter on IlayaRaja - the legendary music composer along with whom Vairamuthu reached peak of the fame in Tamil Film world. It was very interesting to see the love-hate relationship they share.


Anonymous said...

never read the harry potter ones, never appealed to me.

sugan said...

You should give it a try, atleast the movies. As much as we have a HP fan club in office, we have a HP hate club too. You have company.

Anonymous said...

Su - Have tried several times to get started with the To kill a mocking bird.. but I guess the language was too strong was me to do a fast read. Iam tempted to try it one more time now that I know the story line ..
Danks Su

- Me