June 26, 2006

Tamil to English?

A 2 minute call from my friend at office left me fuming for quite sometime.
He goes like this "[In Tamil] We say 'Enna bet?'[what is the bet] right..what is the English word for the Tamizh word 'Bet'?"

Tamizh Vaazhga!! Tamizh Velgha!!


Bhuvi said...

'Bet' - panthaiyam .... Sugi ... thappunnu sollathae enna panthaiyam

sugan said...

Bhu.. I think u didnt get the essence, my friend thought 'Bet' is tamil & he asked me English translation. so much for tamil in tamilnadu

Gops said...

That is because your friend did not show interest while learning tamil. Ask him/her to read more tamil books or watch movies where people talk tamil, not "tanglish". This is the reason I like Kamal's movies.

Anonymous said...

I cudnt stop laughing Su ! - Me